1. highs and lows
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2021 Emmy AwardsA deafeningly bland, very white return to normalcy.
  2. tv review
    The Morning Show Is Silly, Melodramatic, and Undeniably CaptivatingIn season two of the Apple TV+ series, characters make choices that make no sense whatsoever, with a regularity that’s half the show’s appeal.
  3. tv review
    LuLaRich Is Another Perfectly Adequate Docuseries About Scam CultureThe new four-part Amazon series is LuLaReliable and LuLaRewarding, but not LuLaRadical.
  4. theranos
    A Deeply Creepy GIF Guide to HBO’s Elizabeth Holmes DocumentaryNot for the faint of heart. Or anybody who’s afraid of needles.
  5. best of 2021
    The Best TV of 2021 (So Far)We survey the high points of a sprawling television landscape, from lush cinematic dramas to fleet streaming comedies and all points in between.
  6. best of 2021
    The Best Comedy Specials of 2021 (So Far)After a year of COVID restrictions, many of the best specials this year break from tradition.
  7. tv review
    Impeachment Asks Us to Gaze Upon Our Own DiscomfortThe newest American Crime Story is imperfect but transfixing, pushing the familiar tale of presidential scandal into the realm of American myth.
  8. tv review
    Only Murders in the Building Is a Joyful True-Crime Parody RompThe new Hulu series co-created by Steve Martin sometimes works better in concept than in execution, but its flaws do not make it any less charming.
  9. fall preview 2021
    33 New and Returning Shows to Watch This FallNo matter what, when, or how you like to watch, TV’s got you covered.
  10. the discourse
    Why a Christmas Episode Supercharged the Ted Lasso DebateThat’s serial storytelling for you!
  11. a long talk
    Mike White Accepts the CriticismThe White Lotus creator understands if you feel conflicted about that ending. So does he.
  12. emergency discussion
    WTF Happened to Gossip Girl?It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
  13. tv
    TV’s White Guys Are in CrisisThey’re no longer the main characters, but they’re still around. So what happens to them?
  14. tv review
    Heels Can Be Clunky But Also WinningThe new Starz wrestling drama about brothers-in-well-toned-arms is a show that knows itself but doesn’t trust its audience to figure it out.
  15. tv review
    With A Little Patience, Reservation Dogs Will Enchant YouThis series about a quartet of Indigenous friends in a tiny Oklahoma town operates at its own deliberate pace and on its own distinct wavelength.
  16. highs and lows
    The Best and Worst of the 2021 Olympics So FarBecause in a pandemic Olympics, there’s room for celebration and deep concern.
  17. comedy review
    Tig Notaro Makes the Perfect Cartoon ComedianAn animated stand-up special wouldn’t work for every comedian. Thankfully, Drawn has an ideal star.
  18. vulture bets on berry
    Every Single Reality Show Would Be Better If Matt Berry Were the HostSure, he would hate it, but we would love it.
  19. tv review
    I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No to Schmigadoon!I love this Golden Age Musical pastiche with the helplessness of a protagonist being yanked into an indulgent, unnecessary dream ballet.
  20. awards season
    The Emmys Have Gone Mildly WildThis year’s nominees exemplify a peculiar blend of predictability and chaos that is becoming an Emmys signature.
  21. profile
    Tim Robinson Is Sorry for YellingOn I Think You Should Leave, the comedian’s anxieties fuel a vast world of jerks, idiots, and outright assholes.
  22. tv review
    Gossip Girl Is Having a Very Glamorous Identity CrisisThe new HBO Max sequel series wants to be a revolution, even though it hasn’t the foggiest idea of what that revolution should be.
  23. comedy review
    Rory Scovel’s Live Without Fear Captures What Live Comedy Feels LikeDespite its unnecessary documentary asides, the comedian’s new special goes all-in on how great comedy can feel.
  24. overnights
    The Bachelorette Recap: Solidarity ForeverNow that the Union of Bachelorette Guys has organized, what further havoc will they wreak?
  25. encounter
    Welcome to Charlotte Nicdao’s IslandHow a brief Animal Crossing obsession provided the Mythic Quest star a deeper understanding of Poppy Li.
  26. comedy review
    The Messy, Proud Variety of Pause With Sam JayOn her HBO show, the comedian just wants to shoot the shit.
  27. tv review
    Physical Hurts, Sometimes on PurposeBeneath its superficial pleasures, the Rose Byrne–starring Apple TV+ series is a bottomless hole of bad feelings.
  28. tv review
    Loki Is a Litmus Test for Marvel TVThe MCU’s third Disney+ series makes its debut as a playful storytelling variant, but can it sustain the fun?
  29. endings
    Mare of Easttown Kept It All in the FamilyThe HBO miniseries’ dual fixation on crime-solving and family drama makes for a finale reveal that is startling but also immediately right.
  30. comedy review
    Bo Burnham’s Anguished, Electric Solo VoyageWith Inside, the comedian sketches a pandemic self-portrait.
  31. summer 2021
    29 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to Watch This SummerPlus 127 more debuts worth keeping an eye on.
  32. tv after 2020
    Can a Police Procedural Change?The latest, and final, season of NCIS: New Orleans offers a glimpse of what it looks like when a show tries to.
  33. tv
    How Bluey Became the Best Kids’ Show of Our TimeNo other series gets the strange, hilarious magic of play.
  34. tv review
    In Treatment Plays Therapy Like a Game of Cat and MouseThe season-four revival of the HBO series, which moves Uzo Aduba into the lead role, is beautifully appealing and inevitably a touch disappointing.
  35. tv review
    Halston, An Unwitting Cautionary TaleA Ryan Murphy-produced series about a creator whose brand gets diluted to the point it no longer carries a guarantee of his signature style. Hm.
  36. snl
    Elon Musk’s SNL Wario Was Weaponized NothingnessThe biggest accomplishment of Musk’s SNL episode is how little there is to say about it now.
  37. tv review
    Mythic Quest Returns, Imperfect But Easy to LoveSeason two of the Apple TV+ comedy sets a high creative bar for itself, and even when it doesn’t quite clear it, it’s fun just to watch the attempt.
  38. tv review
    Welcome to Ziwe’s House. Make Yourself Uncomfortable.Ziwe Fumudoh’s interview show makes the jump from Instagram to cable in characteristically iconic fashion.
  39. oscars 2021
    The Highs, Lows, and Very Big Whoas of the 2021 OscarsFrom “Da Butt” to da confusing Best Actor win.
  40. tv
    Um, We Should Talk About That Wild For All Mankind FinaleBet you didn’t think you could be so emotional about the line “I started jogging again.”
  41. tv review
    Shadow and Bone Almost Gets Lost in the DarkNetflix’s adaptation of the Grishaverse novels pulls it together in the end, but only after traversing a vast, foggy muddle of exposition.
  42. tv review
    Philly D.A. Is the Second Coming of The Wire, in Docuseries FormThe sprawling series maps a citywide web of interlocking problems, attempted solutions, and the many individuals caught inside.
  43. tv review
    Trust Me, You Want to Watch Couples TherapyOnce you make peace with its voyeuristic premise, Showtime’s fly-on-the-wall reality show is far and away one of the best docuseries on TV.
  44. tv review
    The Nevers Is an Unimpressive Monument to Joss Whedon’s ObsessionsThe HBO Victoriana fantasy series is deliberately unrealistic, eye-catching, and even occasionally fun. It’s also shoddily produced, shallow nonsense.
  45. vulture bets on berry
    Guess Who We Think Should Write the Definitive COVID Anthem?Go ahead, guess.
  46. late night tv
    A Few Sincere Suggestions for Gutfeld!Let’s punch up the new Fox News late-night comedy show.
  47. tv review
    Chad Tests the Limits of How Funny Awkward Can BeNasim Pedrad’s turn as a teen boy who always says the wrong thing lacks the comedic specificity to overcome the character’s boorishness.
  48. spinoffs
    Organized Crime Is Not What We Need From Law & OrderIt’s also not what Elliot Stabler needs.
  49. good one podcast
    Do We Really Need Documentaries About ‘Women in Comedy’?On this week’s Good One, Vulture critic Kathryn VanArendonk discusses one of comedy’s most exhausting topics.
  50. legends
    The Emotional Transformations of Beverly Cleary’s WorkReading her Ramona series aloud to my daughter, as my mother did before me, feels like accessing a form of double vision.
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