1. close reads
    Bridgerton Needs to Decide Whose World It’s Living InThe Netflix series fashions itself as a Regency theme park, but its historical fantasy is built on shaky ground.
  2. comedy review
    In Rothaniel, Jerrod Carmichael Tells Us Who He IsThe special is a deliberate breakdown of performance, a set that reverses the burden of giving and receiving. It’s also so much more.
  3. tv review
    Cozy Up With Julia, a Warm and Welcoming TreatThe new HBO Max series is much like the version of Julia Child it wants to portray: imperfect yet charming — and in love with feeling good.
  4. oscars 2022
    The Oscars Needed More Jokes, ActuallyJokes could have relieved the ceremony’s unbearable tension. Why didn’t the Oscars make more?
  5. highs and lows
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2022 OscarsIn a year when the Oscars pitched themselves as a grand return to normalcy, Hollywood felt more unnatural than ever.
  6. backstories
    Behind the Scenes of Severance’s ‘Very Creepy’ Office Dance PartyStrobe lighting, soldier-marching, and a blood-splotched cashmere sweater: How “Defiant Jazz” captured the chill inherent in corporate-mandated joy.
  7. tv review
    Starstruck Conjures the Magic of Everyday RomanceThe second season of Rose Matafeo’s delightfully off-kilter rom-com carries a distinctive thrill of emotional realism.
  8. knives out
    Let’s Make Is It Cake More ChaoticNetflix’s new meme-based competition series could really benefit from having more people run around blindfolded with knives.
  9. tv review
    Pachinko Builds Epic Family Drama on an Exquisitely Intimate ScaleApple TV+’s adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s generational saga finds satisfying poignance in the space between the remarkable and the ordinary.
  10. tv review
    Amy Schumer’s Life & Beth Feels Like a Prestige-Comedy Hallmark MovieIn the best possible way.
  11. exit interview
    The Baby-Sitters Club Wasn’t Enough for Netflix AnymoreThe show was critically acclaimed and widely watched. The algorithm didn’t care.
  12. tv review
    Minx Is Almost a Good TimeA great setup, vivid porn-world building, Jake Johnson’s leather pants: This show has everything it needs, if only its protagonist would get onboard.
  13. comedy review
    Catherine Cohen’s Destabilizing TwistThe ground is always slipping around underneath Cohen’s Netflix special, playing with which emotions are real and which aren’t.
  14. money can buy you cars
    F1: Drive to Survive Is Just a Secret Real Housewives FranchiseMary Cosby’s cult has been replaced by a weird obsession with Ferrari.
  15. profile
    Taylor Tomlinson’s Off-Trend ComedyHer old-school act is a hit onstage and on TikTok. And she’s only getting bigger.
  16. role call
    Lee Pace Answers All Our Questions About Pushing Daisies“When I got cast in The Hobbit, Peter Jackson said, ‘We loved you in Pushing Daisies. That’s why you’re here.’”
  17. emergency discussion
    Does Winning Time Really Need to Look Like That?A constant-motion visual offense makes sense for this story, but whether it elevates or undermines the viewing experience is up for debate.
  18. tv review
    The Dropout Hits the Scammer Sweet SpotAmanda Seyfried’s take on Elizabeth Holmes taps into the compelling mess that many scam shows promise but few manage to deliver.
  19. i have nobu reservations
    Love Is Blind’s Creator Answers Our Burning Season-Two Finale Questions“There are moments where the air sucked out of that entire room and nobody saw it coming. It’s like I’m at the Super Bowl.”
  20. trends
    The Limits of the Women’s Redemption PlotYou know the story: A previously maligned public figure gets an eight-episode empathy tour.
  21. comedy review
    Ali Wong Embraces UnrelatabilityIn Don Wong, the stand-up is still a master of sex and money jokes. The new challenge is fame.
  22. comedy review
    Ms. Pat Knows You’re ShockedThe stand-up creates fascinating discomfort, but her own special undermines her.
  23. winners and losers
    Who Won and Lost And Just Like That …?Winner: Che Diaz. Loser: Comedy.
  24. tv review
    Murderville Is So Silly, and Doesn’t That Sound Nice Right Now?Turns out Sharon Stone and Marshawn Lynch are very good at wacky improv crime-solving.
  25. tv review
    Pam & Tommy Reveals the Story You Don’t Know — But Also Kind of DoHulu’s miniseries about the internet’s first viral sensation is a satisfying but familiar entry in the expanding genre of ’90s-set redemption tales.
  26. comedy review
    Aziz Ansari’s Empty AuthenticityIf at any point his material reached for the same goals as the look of the special, Nightclub Comedian might be a different experience.
  27. tv review
    The Gilded Age Rings HollowJulian Fellowes’s newest historical confection has ample surface appeal, but when it comes to reasons to care, it comes up short.
  28. small stories
    Snowplow Man, ‘La Campanella,’ and 7 Other Stories About Making Station ElevenOn making a show about a pandemic during a pandemic, caring about each detail, and bringing your tooth to set when the showrunner asks.
  29. exit interview
    How Station Eleven Arrived at Its Final 10 MinutesCreator Patrick Somerville on honoring the show’s much-loved source material while adjusting its core preoccupations.
  30. tv review
    Somebody Somewhere Is a Confident Tale of an Unconfident WomanThe new HBO series from comedian and cabaret singer Bridget Everett asks whether you can find yourself without leaving home.
  31. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: Nobody Puts Shanae-nae in a CornerShanae versus Elizabeth may be the most inane nonsense to grace this franchise since Corinne’s cheese pasta.
  32. together again
    Is Week-to-Week TV Winning After All?In an era when shows and movies must fight to break through, Yellowjackets has sustained a conversation while airing weekly on Showtime.
  33. overnights
    The Bachelor Season-Premiere Recap: Everybody Hates ClaytonThe premiere creates a strong impression that some women just look at Clayton and say, “Yeah, no thanks.” Kind of an interesting move, Bachelor.
  34. vulture recommends
    Why Golden Girls Is the Perfect Show to WatchIn honor of the late, great Betty White, stream the series on Hulu right now.
  35. the year in tree-view
    The Best TV Trees of 2021Pretty trees, violent trees, fake trees, symbolic trees — they’re all great trees!
  36. meta analysis
    2021 Was the Year of Too Much MetaverseWhen everything is a part of something else and nothing ever ends, it all feels so much cheaper.
  37. best of 2021
    The Best Comedy Specials of 2021This year’s most notable releases expanded our definition of what a comedy special can be.
  38. it was tom-atha all along
    Tom Wambsgans Finally Becomes a Real Person, InvolvedThe Roy family’s biggest outsider has turned his chief weakness to his advantage.
  39. best of 2021
    The Best TV of 2021As the television landscape keeps expanding outward, these are the shows that are pushing it forward.
  40. best of 2021
    What Made a TV Show Great in 2021?Our critics break down what goes into naming the best of the year.
  41. hello & goodbye
    The Arrivals and Departures of And Just Like That …Farewell to those who were written out of the Sex and the City revival series, and hello to those who have arrived to fill their places.
  42. backstories
    Deconstructing Station Eleven’s Lush ApocalypseThe series envisions a post-pandemic future that isn’t a total downer.
  43. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the Last 30 Seconds of This Week’s SuccessionThank you to Kendall Roy for this unimpeachable feeling of doom that will hang over us for the next week.
  44. comedy review
    Drew Michael Gets in His Own WayIn Red Blue Green, the stand-up returns to the audience — but even he is not sure if he should.
  45. reality check
    Maybe Wheel of Time Doesn’t Need to Look So RealisticThe series’s elaborate, expensive fantasy world is gorgeous to behold and boring to spend extended time in.
  46. baldy connick jr.
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of Annie Live!So much kicking, several endings, and one very good dog.
  47. close reads
    The Unbearable Sadness of Tom WambsgansAs Succession explores increasingly baroque ways to make nothing happen, one character is poised to break the cycle.
  48. the vulture transcript
    KY Jelly and Lard Ice Cream: Getting Intimate With the Cast of The GreatElle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult dissect all the gory details of the farcical costume dramedy’s second season.
  49. the vulture transcript
    Keeping Up With the Solomons: A 3rd Rock From the Sun ReunionGetting John Lithgow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kristen Johnson, and French Stewart — plus special guests — together for the first time in 20 years.
  50. tv review
    The Brutal, Bloody, Bawdy, Beautiful Return of The GreatSeason two of Hulu’s “occasionally true” drama about the Russian monarch takes its characters to a place of implausible but fully convincing humanity.
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