1. Stormy Daniels Dodges Trump Questions on Jimmy Kimmel: ‘I Don’t Know. Did I?’The adult-film star was on after the State of the Union.
  2. Hamilton Actor Not Surprised to Hear of Broadway Sexual-Harassment Allegations“I am well aware of the ubiquity of not just sexual harassment but sexual predation.”
  3. party chat
    Larry David Says Obama’s Golf Game Is Very Presidential“When you play with him, you say, ‘Oh yeah, that guy, I’m glad he’s president.’”
  4. party chats
    Outlander’s Sam Heughan Wants to Time Travel to MarsCaitriona did not choose Venus.
  5. Death Note Director Adam Wingard Is Ready to Talk About WhitewashingAlthough says he was surprised by the criticism of the film.
  6. good ideas
    Jorma Taccone Explains His Idea for a Spicer-Scaramucci Buddy Sitcom“They have to play themselves. They could easily do it.”
  7. british tv
    Female BBC Stars Politely Demand Equal Pay for Equal WorkMore than 40 women are now involved.
  8. Younger Stars on Lying About Their Ages to Get Acting Jobs in HollywoodSutton Foster: “I have never felt the need to lie about it. I feel proud to be 42.”
  9. party reports
    Ansel Elgort Drives Like a Crazy Person in Real Life, Too“I can do a J–turn. I can do a 180-degree turn, I can do the 90 power-out.”
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    The Orange Is the New Black Cast Ate a Lot of Pop-Tarts This Season“As far as I’m concerned, making out on set is not cheating, and eating Pop-Tarts on set is not calories.”
  11. party reports
    John Lithgow Still Regrets Passing on Playing the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman“How’s that for stupid? Actors are not necessarily smart people.”
  12. bookexpo
    Divergent Author Veronica Roth’s Next Movie Will Explore Mental IllnessVeronica Roth’s next movie will be based on her short story “Inertia.”
  13. rescue me from politics
    Denis Leary Wants to Make a Kellyanne Conway MusicalIt’ll be “my Oscar, my Emmy, and my Tony.”
  14. vulture festival
    How Connie Britton Fought to Make Her Characters Reflective of Real WomenIt’s Connie Britton at Vulture Festival, y’all!
  15. vulture festival
    Stephen Colbert: Trump Is a ‘Redolent Turd’ Who Will Probably Resign“Trump will leave and declare leaving office a victory.”
  16. vulture festival
    Don’t Ask Aziz Ansari About Season 3 of Master of None, It Stresses Him Out“I immediately think of a year of very hard work.”
  17. 13 Reasons Why Actor Brandon Flynn Defends Netflix’s Trigger Warnings“If a warning helps people feel more comfortable and they will continue to watch and listen, I’m all for it.”
  18. john legend
    John Legend Sees Silver Lining to Trump’s First 100 Days: No Nuclear War Yet“I can’t say anything nice about the guy.”
  19. party chats
    Caitlin Fitzgerald’s Parting Words to MoS Fans“We went four seasons, so I’m counting us lucky.” 
  20. new york tv festival
    Lena Dunham Sometimes Directs Semi-Naked“I have directed in a weird nude thong and a T-shirt.”
  21. party chat
    Daisy Ridley Uses Jedi Mind Tricks on a Wolf; Speculates on Rey’s Parentage“I went on a moonlit hike with wolves on Sunday at a wolf sanctuary.”
  22. party chats
    Aronofsky’s MaddAddam Not Moving Forward at HBO“We are still in play.”
  23. red carpets
    Robert Pattinson Battled Spiders for City of Z“The crew was like, ‘That is the most potent spider in the world.’”
  24. the strategist
    6 Celebs on the Last Thing They Bought OnlineThis week we learned that Ric Ocasek bought some Alan Vega albums and Dan Abrams ordered a lot of tennis balls.
  25. party chats
    Miles Teller Is Going Duck HuntingJonah Hill: “I’m not a big fan of them.”
  26. musicals
    Amy Heckerling Wants Katy Perry for the Clueless MusicalShe hopes it’ll go up next year.
  27. speeeech!
    Lady Gaga: The Young Artist Award Is the Most Meaningful One of Her LifeComplete with shout-outs to Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic!
  28. party chats
    Rob Marshall: This Definitely Isn’t a Mary Poppins RemakeBut he’d love Julie Andrews to get involved.
  29. vulture lists
    63 Celebrities Recall Their First Concert MemoriesPeruse the memories of celebs ranging from Haim and 50 Cent to Brian Williams and Greta Gerwig.
  30. party chats
    Seth Meyers Would Love to Have Trump on His Show“We’ve had some issues in the past.”
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    Jason Segel’s Advice on How to Read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest“You have to read it in doses.”
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    How Anne Hathaway Picked ‘Wrecking Ball’ for LSB“I’m a big Miley fan. I think she is tremendous.”
  33. chat room
    Kirsten Gillibrand Talks Campus Rape at SundanceShe wants to “flip the incentives” so that universities report sexual assault.
  34. partylines
    Emma Roberts: ‘Scream Queens Will Be Coven-Like’“I pretty much will follow Ryan Murphy anywhere.”
  35. chat room
    Eddie Redmayne on What He Learned From The Theory of Everything“I would be like, ‘No, imagine I was 7 years old. Start at the very beginning: What is a black hole?’”
  36. exit poll
    Poll: Dave Chappelle Fans on His Legacy and Return to the StageInstant reviews gathered before his last show at Radio City Music Hall.
  37. the canon
    A Guide to They Came Together’s Rom-Com ReferencesYou’ve Got Mail, much?
  38. party chat
    Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd Pick Their Favorite Rom-Coms“Does Vacation count as a romantic comedy?”
  39. party chat
    Taymor Made a Midsummer Night’s Dream MovieAnd she hopes to screen it at the Toronto Film Festival.
  40. party chat
    Why Orange Is the New Black’s Flaca Is So ImportantAs explained by Jackie Cruz, the actress who plays her.
  41. party chat
    Why Orange Is the New Black’s Taystee Is So GreatAs explained by Danielle Brooks herself.
  42. party chat
    Mindy Kaling: It’s Better to Be Jim, Not PamWhich is why Danny is now the one who’s pining on The Mindy Project.
  43. party chat
    Tina Fey Says the Mean Girls Musical Will Be Workshopped SoonShe also tells us where Regina George would be, ten years later.
  44. party chat
    Angela Bassett Talks American Horror Story: Freak Show“All I know is I’m not the bearded lady.”
  45. party chat
    Paul Haggis Hates His Films, Too, Sometimes“I couldn’t watch Crash for two and a half years after it was made.”
  46. party chat
    Chris Messina Defends the Mindy Project BreakupBut he teases a big payoff coming in the “very romantic” season finale.
  47. party chat
    Girls’ Jesse Peretz Says the Show Will Shoot in Iowa“Even if we can’t shoot on campus, we will shoot around campus.”
  48. party chat
    How to Make ‘Pretty Jude Law’ Into ‘Approachable Jude Law’He had to gain weight and wear weird mutton chops for Dom Hemingway, and it took some convincing.
  49. party chat
    John Cameron Mitchell Was Surprised by His Girls Death“I thought he might have had a bad Grindr date.”
  50. party chat
    Christian Slater Did Not Use a Butt Double in Nymphomaniac“Yeah, that was my hiney.”
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