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    Vida Season Finale Recap: A Bar to Call HomeIn its season finale, Vida charts a new and exciting course for Lyn and Emma.
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    Vida Recap: Eddy UnmooredCertain truths about Eddy come to light at an event commemorating Vida.
  3. overnights
    Vida Recap: A Night OutThe sisters take some time apart.
  4. overnights
    Vida Recap: The Wife Left BehindEmma and Lyn’s relationship takes center stage.
  5. overnights
    Vida Recap: The Girls Are Back in TownLyn, Emma, and Eddy aren’t necessarily one big happy family, but they’re determined to fight together.
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    Vida Series Premiere Recap: HomecomingThis Starz show is instantly sure of itself in its very first moments.
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    Orange Is the New Black Season Finale Recap: Unnecessary ForceIs it time for OITNB to hit the reset button?
  8. overnights
    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Bad RomanceIt’s clear that OITNB has no more use for Alex and Piper.
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Outside Lives“Breaking the Fiberglass Ceiling” forces us to take in the riot from differing perspectives.
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: The Problem With PiscatellaThe most perplexing and incoherent episode of the season.
  11. overnights
    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Horror ShowThe Piscatella story line is vacuous, voyeuristic torture porn.
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Manatees Versus SharksWhy did this season wait so long to explore Daya’s story?
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Fleeting PeaceDanielle Brooks effortlessly balances this show’s comedic and dramatic voices.
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: When Taystee Met PousseyTaystee is the beating heart of this ambitious but messy season.
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: The Game Is Rigged“Sing It, White Effie” gets the flashback formula right.
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Who’s Got the Gun?“Litchfield’s Got Talent” bends over backwards to push its jokes.
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Power EruptsIt’s hard to tell a story about chaos without coming off as chaotic.
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    Orange Is the New Black Recap: Ready for Any and All ThingsThe riot has everyone in Litchfield grasping for power.
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    Orange Is the New Black Season-Premiere Recap: The Riot BeginsLitchfield plunges into a different state of chaos.
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    The 100 Season-Finale Recap: May We Meet AgainIn its fourth season finale, The 100 hits the reset button yet again.
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    The 100 Recap: My People, My ResponsibilityPrime fiya is the ultimate villain because it can’t be stopped.
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    The 100 Recap: Here We Go AgainIt’s time to admit that Clarke may not be a great leader.
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    Sense8 Season-Finale Recap: Love Is a Battlefield“You Want a War?” is a hopeful, rewarding approach to storytelling.
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    Sense8 Recap: From Here to EternityLito finally gets his groove back.
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    Sense8 Recap: Family Matters“What Family Actually Means” is bookended with two beautiful displays of love.
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    Sense8 Recap: When Clusters CollideThe very first cluster-versus-cluster showdown does not disappoint.
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    Sense8 Recap: All in This Together“I Have No Room in My Heart for Hate” is chock-full of moving character moments.
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    Sense8 Recap: Lito’s PrideSense8 has some of the best sex scenes on television.
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    Sense8 Recap: A Toast to Courage“Fear Never Fixed Anything” isn’t a coherent episode.
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    Sense8 Recap: Amanita’s GetawayJuggling so many characters is a tough feat, but “Polyphony” treats each one with depth and specificity.
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    Sense8 Recap: Jailbreak, Baby“Obligate Mutualisms” blends the light with the dark, showing the full spectrum of Sense8’s pathos.
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    Sense8 Season-Premiere Recap: Finding WhispersIn the world of Sense8, memories and feelings do not belong to one’s self.
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    The 100 Recap: Clash of Clans“Die All, Die Merrily” is a bloodbath of an episode.
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    The 100 Recap: Commander ClarkeThe episode’s central question: “Will you fight, or will you burn?”
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    The 100 Recap: Salvation Lies WithinIn “God Complex,” religion and science are inextricably bound.
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    The 100 Recap: How to Get Away With MurderWhen is killing justifiable? That’s the question at the heart of “Gimme Shelter.”
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    The 100 Recap: Mob Justice“We Will Rise” is a flawed episode to the core.
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    The 100 Recap: Ring of Fire“The Tinder Box” raises the stakes in explosive ways.
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    The 100 Recap: Death From AboveA major “death” leads to a huge moment for Bellamy.
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    The 100 Recap: The Next 100“The Four Horsemen” focuses on one of The 100’s best relationships: Indra and Octavia.
  41. The 100 Recap: What Would Jake Griffin Do?In “Heavy Lies the Crown,” Clarke prioritizes hope over the truth.
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    The 100 Recap: The End of the World (Again)In season four, The 100 needs to get back to the basics.