1. interviews
    Joe Pera Attempts to Help Me Get a Christmas TreeA holiday failure with the Joe Pera Talks With You comedian.
  2. superlatives
    Britt Daniel Remembers the Best and Worst of SpoonFrom the time they almost quit, to their worst song (his mom’s opinion be damned!), to their nerdy Donald Duck connection.
  3. wishes
    Saturday Night Live Should Start at 11 p.m.A reasonable request.
  4. experiences
    The New Vanderpump Rules Bar Has Finally Opened, and We Have Finally VisitedAfter much turmoil and sweat equity.
  5. An Oral History of the Time Bob Costas Had Pink Eye at the Sochi Olympics“The decision to take him off air was … not difficult.”
  6. When You Think of Michael Cera, You Could Think About His MusicWhen he’s not acting, you can find Michael Cera trying to figure out how to score a documentary and collaborating with Sharon Van Etten.
  7. give more gilmore
    15 Extremely Thoughtful Gilmore Girls-Inspired Gift Ideas Show the Gilmore fan in your life that you really pay attention to them, and also the show.
  8. gilmore girls festival
    Gilmore Girls Actors Talk Dubious Fan Fiction and Confusing Dual RolesWas that Chilton graduate also Caesar?
  9. gilmore girls festival
    Ryan Gosling Was Almost Cast on Gilmore GirlsHe would have had a small role as a football player.
  10. Comic-Con: Brie Larson Is Officially Captain MarvelMarvel’s first female-fronted movie will be released in March 2019.
  11. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: FX Debuts First Legion TrailerWatch the first trailer for Fargo creator Noah Hawley’s new X-Men-y FX series.
  12. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: ‘Where to Find’ a New Fantastic Beasts Trailer? Right Here!A guide for ‘where to find’ a new Fantastic Beasts trailer: here.
  13. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: Rihanna Joins A&E’s Bates Motel as Marion CraneProducers announced Friday that Rihanna, a woman you love, will take on the iconic role.
  14. Where to Find Amazing, Ultra-Rare Pokémon Go PokémonThe game takes the terrain into consideration. Use that knowledge to locate the most coveted Pokémon!
  15. i’m set freeeee
    Listen to This — I Don’t Think You’ll Regret ItBrian Eno covers the Velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free.” 
  16. Damn, You Maniacs Already Bought All of Amazon’s Hamilton BooksHamiltome is already sold out at Amazon. 
  17. Sean Penn Is a Bird NowChirp, chirp, chirp! 
  18. Tom Schwartz Knows So Many People, It’s CrazyTom Schwartz knows so many great people around the country and the world.
  19. What to Watch/DVR This WeekWell, here we are. Another week with not a whole lot on TV. I hope maybe you caught a good sale on Blu-Rays this weekend and now you are flush […]
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  29. What to Watch/DVR This Week There are some big things happening on TV this week! Big “special” things. First, on Tuesday night, we have the Comedy Central roast of Donald […]
  30. What to Watch/DVR This WeekWell, lots of things are not new this week. But although there is certainly not the amount (too much) of new TV to which we’ve all grown […]
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  34. What to Watch/DVR This WeekEverything’s back this week! Every single thing is new. And in addition to everything being back and new, there are also two new shows […]
  35. What to Watch/DVR This WeekOh great, a new TV week! This week is a lot like last week — lots of new stuff, a bit of old stuff, and then a sports thing. As far as […]
  36. What to Watch/DVR This WeekJust when you thought we might be getting back into the swing of things with our television schedules, this week brings with it a mixed bag of […]
  37. What to Watch/DVR This WeekThis week is insanely full of things for you to watch on TV. Most notably, the premiere of NBC’s extra-long Thursday night comedy rock block, […]
  38. What to Watch/DVR This WeekIt’s a great time for TV comedy. Networks are giving more and more off-beat comedies a chance, veteran shows are putting out some of their best […]
  39. A Somewhat Obsessive Guide to the Addition of SNL Seasons 26-30 to Netflix […]When I put together the first Somewhat Obsessive Guide to All 36 Seasons of SNL Streaming on Netflix, Netflix had yet to post seasons 26-30. […]
  40. A Somewhat Obsessive Guide to All 36 Seasons of SNL Streaming on NetflixWith hundreds of episodes from each season of Saturday Night Live finally available on Netflix Instant Watch, we thought we’d put together a […]
  41. SNL Week Ten HighlightsThis week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Jeff Bridges, brought with it a lot of familiar faces – Cookie Monster, Stefon, the […]
  42. SNL Week Nine HighlightsPaul Rudd! Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? Nobody, that’s who. And I guess that’s what makes Paul Rudd episodes of Saturday Night Live […]
  43. SNL Week Eight HighlightsOh boy. Well, Robert De Niro hosted this week. Remember when the last episode of Saturday Night Live was good and enjoyable? That was great. […]
  44. SNL Week Seven HighlightsThis week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Anne Hathaway, was good! It may have even been the best of the season so far. Almost all […]
  45. SNL Horse Race Roundup: Week 6Scarlett Johansson was SNL’s host this week. Her monologue was kind of extra not-that-good, right? That was unfortunate, and it definitely […]
  46. SNL Horse Race Roundup: Week 5Well, for the Halloween episode, there wasn’t a whole lot of Halloween. And for the Jon Hamm episode, there wasn’t a whole lot of Jon Hamm. Not […]
  47. Your Guide to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or FearSo, are you going to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity? Are you maybe going to go? Does it depend on a few different things you have up in the […]
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