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  1. Talking with ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ Producers Peter Principato and […]It’s hard to argue that anyone could be doing better in comedy production right now – digital, TV, and film – than Peter Principato and […]
  2. Derek Waters Continues to Top Himself with ‘Drunk History’It’s hard to pinpoint where any good ideas come from. Sometimes it’s not so much the talent to think of something out of thin air, but the […]
  3. Going ‘Corporate’ with Matt Ingebretson, Jake Weisman, and Pat Bishop“Comedy Central Is Corporate.” That’s what was on some mysterious billboards in Los Angeles and New York recently, without much else to go off […]
  4. Inside ‘Alone Together’ with Esther Povitsky and Benji Aflalo In the opening scene of the pilot episode of Alone Together, a new comedy produced by The Lonely Island, a guy picks up a girl from her […]
  5. Behind the Camera with Lawrence SherComedy movie directors may not get as much credit as they deserve. Yes, there is Judd Apatow and Todd Phillips, but how many people could name […]
  6. Russell Peters on Traveling, Standup, and ‘Indian Detective’Russell Peters started doing standup in 1989 and he has built himself an incredible career in the three decades since, including sold-out […]
  7. Eden Sher on Growing Up on TV and Moving on from ‘The Middle’Eden Sher has spent her entire adult life playing Sue Heck on The Middle. After stints on Weeds and the short-lived Sons & Daughters, Sher […]
  8. For Martin Starr, the Best Roles Are as Exciting as They Are TerrifyingWhether it’s as a freak and/or geek, a caterer, or a senior security architect, Martin Starr is best known for one of his roles in three of the […]
  9. Inside ‘Hot Date’ with Emily Axford and Brian Murphy“Sense of humor” is often cited as one of the top three personality traits that people look for in a partner, and it’s probably just as […]
  10. John C. McGinley Finds Pleasure in the Pain of Stan Against EvilIn nearly all of his roles, John C. McGinley seems deadly serious. From Platoon to Office Space to his most famous character, Dr. Cox on […]
  11. Amy Sedaris Makes Her Childhood TV Dreams Come TrueOther than perhaps when she’s playing Jerri Blank on Strangers with Candy, Amy Sedaris has never had too much of an issue with looking or […]
  12. Demetri Martin on Luck, Fatherhood, and Why There’s Always Room for JokesEvery notable comedian has their “brand” or style of comedy, but Demetri Martin stands out more than most. If you’ve caught one of his specials […]
  13. Wyatt Cenac Wears Many Hats, and Also Now a CapeWyatt Cenac has stretched himself about as much as any comedian has over the last decade-plus. Cenac is an accomplished standup, having […]
  14. Inside ‘Big Mouth’ and the Dark Secrets of Puberty with Nick KrollLooking at animated versions of middle schoolers’ penises and vaginas would typically get someone put on a watch list, but prepare for it to be […]
  15. Catching Up with Colton DunnA lot of people have probably heard about the Upright Citizens Brigade by now. They know about Amy Poehler as an original member, seen Paul […]
  16. Talking True Crime Satire with ‘American Vandal’ Showrunner Dan LaganaFrom Serial to binge-demanding TV series like The Jinx and Making a Murderer, the true crime doc format has become a national phenomenon that […]
  17. Talking with Scott Aukerman and Kulap Vilaysack About the Future of Their […]Having your TV show canceled is presumably quite devastating, but what happens when your whole network is canceled? As a few former Seeso shows […]
  18. On the Verge: Drew Tarver Welcome to our series On the Verge, where our contributors highlight comedians they feel are ready for their next big break. Whether they’re […]
  19. Inside ‘SNL’ and ‘Documentary Now!’ with Rhys Thomas and Alex BuonoIt’s unlikely that there are many kids out there whose dream is to direct and create pre-taped segments on Saturday Night Live. Of course, as […]
  20. David Wain Has Plenty More ‘Wet Hot’ Stories to TellDavid Wain is a true believer in the idea that limitations are the mother of invention. That was certainly true of Wet Hot American Summer, […]
  21. Justin Long on Playing Teenagers, ‘Dodgeball,’ and the Dangers of Viral […]Playing younger than he is has never really been an issue for Justin Long. At 22, he played geeky high school student Warren Cheswick in Ed. At […]
  22. From UCB to ‘The House’ with Rob Huebel Rob Huebel is maybe a quintessential “right place, right time” example for an aspiring comedian. The place was New York and the time was […]
  23. ‘The Dumbbells’ Find a Balance Between Being Funny and FitPerhaps it’s comedy’s self-deprecating backdrop that causes it to rarely intersect with health and fitness. Most people tend to side with the […]
  24. Talking Nobodies with Rachel Ramras, Larry Dorf, and Hugh Davidson The concept of “making it” in showbiz is perhaps made up itself. There is no defining body of who makes it and who doesn’t, and sometimes […]
  25. How Matt Besser Combines His Love for Comedy and Music on ‘improv4humans’ A little-known fact about improv is that a lot of it used to be accompanied by music, specifically a piano. One comedian who actually began […]
  26. Those Times ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ Got Started on Improv If doing improv is your dream, there’s never been a better time to be alive. There are more resources than ever to consume if you want to […]
  27. Inside the Long Road ‘Shrink’ Took Making it to TV Making a show on your own has never been easier. Thousands of people are writing, producing, starring in, and filming their own web series […]
  28. Inside Seth Morris’s Ambitious New ‘Radio Project’ For the thousands of hopeful comedians taking classes at various improv theaters like Second City, The Groundlings, and the Upright Citizens […]
  29. Inside ‘Throwing Shade’s Journey from Podcast to Web Series to TV Show In 2011, comedians/writers/improvisers/friends Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi were left without a place to speak on important social justice […]
  30. Inside the Dark, Twisted World of ‘Mr. Neighbor’s House’ How thin is the line between terror and laughter? Between psychological thriller and comedy? The answer to those questions is explored in the […]
  31. Inside ‘Hard Nation’, the Best Political Comedy Podcast of This […] As the presidential election finally comes to a conclusion today, so too does the country get closer to (hopefully) a collective sigh of […]
  32. Inside ‘Tween Fest’, Funny or Die and go90’s Star-Studded Streaming Series In 2015, writers Brad Evans (who is a former editor of this website) and Nick Ciarelli created a stage show at the UCB in Los Angeles called […]
  33. Is a $160,000 Degree in ‘Comedic Arts’ Worth It? The average cost of tuition at a private college in 2015 was over $32,000 according to, but that number is even higher at […]
  34. Rhys Darby Crash Lands Back in America It would be difficult for New Zealand actor Rhys Darby to shake free of his character Murray Hewitt, the earnest and lovably hopeless manager […]
  35. With ‘Doughboys’, Comedy and Chain Restaurants Finally Meet Much like a great cheeseburger, an exceptional podcast has many layers but not too many as to drown out the best bits. Some of the most […]
  36. Matt Walsh on ‘Veep’ and the Enduring Influence of UCB Matt Walsh is a gifted comedian and improviser, as you can many times throughout his role as Mike McClintock on Veep, which just started […]
  37. Natalie Morales on ‘The Grinder,’ ‘Parks and Rec,’ and Cuba As a young girl growing up in the Miami area, Natalie Morales first dreamt of becoming an astronaut before shifting her attention to becoming […]
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    CollegeHumor Looks Beyond the InternetThe comedy outlet tackles its own “adapt or die” moment.
  39. Inside Comedy Central’s ‘Idiotsitter’ with Jillian Bell and Charlotte […] Last year, comedians/writers Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse released a six-episode web series for Comedy Central called Idiotsitter that […]
  40. Michaela Watkins and the Beauty of ‘Sad-Coms’Michaela Watkins is an actress that appeared in that thing you like. That is a virtual certainty for anyone that’s watched TV in the last 10 […]