Kevin Ferri

  1. it’s science!
    What’s Your TV Personality Type? Take Our Myers-Briggs–Inspired TestAre you a DSUL? Or a CEMH?
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    Can You Name the Tim Burton Movie Just by the Eyes?O_O
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    Take Vulture’s 2014 in Pop Culture QuizHow closely did you really pay attention this year?
  4. chris rock
    Chris Rock Wisdom Generator: Let Him Tell You How It IsDefinitely top-five wisdom generators.
  5. dead or alive?
    Quiz: Is This Sons of Anarchy Character Dead or Alive?How well do you know the show?
  6. spaaaaaaaace
    Quiz: Can You Identify the Space Movie by Its Portrayal of Space?Armageddon or Apollo 13?
  7. dead or alive?
    Quiz: Is This Boardwalk Empire Character Dead or Alive?Who got rubbed out?
  8. vulture quiz
    Lost Turns 10: Take Our Quiz and Guess the Character’s EyeballA real eye-opener.
  9. i am groot
    Use Our 15-Button Groot Soundboard in Every Conversation You Have TodayYo soy Groot, etc.