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  1. oscars 2017
    This 21-Time Oscar Nominee Finally Won a Damn OscarKevin O’Connell won his first Oscar for his sound work on Hacksaw Ridge.
  2. streaming movies
    This Sundance Movie Won’t Flop in Theaters — It’s Headed Straight to NetflixMacon Blair’s I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore charmed Sundance. Now it’s part of Netflix’s mission to become a player in movies.
  3. comic book movies
    Mel Gibson Directing Suicide Squad 2 Would Be So Weird for Many ReasonsOscar-nominated directors don’t usually board superhero franchises.
  4. your box office explained
    The Lego Batman Movie Edged 50 Shades Darker at the Box OfficeOnly one of this weekend’s sequels managed to improve on its predecessor.
  5. voice acting
    Why Are Will Arnett’s Voice Roles So Much Better Than His New Live-Action Ones?In Lego Batman and BoJack Horseman, he’s able to show a depth that his live-action roles haven’t been able to match.
  6. your box office explained
    Split Is the Highest-Grossing Horror Movie Since 2013M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller topped the box-office chart for the third week in a row.
  7. it's a hard job and someone's gotta do it but that someone isn't ben affleck
    It Makes Sense for Ben Affleck Not to Direct The BatmanThe actor’s best performances have always come in movies he didn’t direct.
  8. sundance 2017
    This Is the Year Netflix Tried to Swallow SundanceWhat’s $12.5 million here or there?
  9. sundance 2017
    Meet the 15 Breakout Stars of Sundance 2017Including Emily Browning, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Jessica Williams.
  10. your box office explained
    The Twist Is That Audiences Still Really Like SplitPlus, a tired nation asks itself: What is a dog’s purpose?
  11. oscars 2017
    Mel Gibson Used to Be Disgraced. How Did He Get Nominated for Best Director?His support remained strong in the one place it mattered: Hollywood.
  12. sundance 2017
    Zoe Lister-Jones Should Get to Direct a TentpoleMale filmmakers often make the leap to the big leagues on the strength of a Sundance success. Why shouldn’t the writer-director of Band Aid?
  13. sundance 2017
    Thoroughbred Cements Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy As Stars to WatchThoroughbred is a film about appearances, and its two young stars are in complete command.
  14. sundance 2017
    Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen Talk Ingrid“These grandmas are out of control.”
  15. Elizabeth Olsen’s Sage Advice From Jeremy RennerRenner has been around the block a few times.
  16. sundance 2017
    Sundance: Anton Yelchin Is Great in ThoroughbredFew actors are better than Yelchin at being both blustering and vulnerable.
  17. sundance 2017
    Sundance: The Discovery Is Netflix’s Spiritual Cousin to The OAThe sci-fi film looks primed to benefit from Netflix’s hit show about the afterlife.
  18. Is This the Most Politically Relevant Film at Sundance?A uniquely relevant movie for our time.
  19. chat room
    Director John Lee Hancock on The Founder“We’ve taken the American dream and we’ve sloganized it.”
  20. sundance 2017
    How Trump Made Robert Redford Nostalgic for the Nixon EraPresidents come and go, but Robert Redford’s still in Park City.
  21. sundance 2017
    The 23 Most Anticipated Movies at Sundance This YearFeaturing young Han Solo, robot Jon Hamm, and a secret look at Donald Trump.
  22. your box office explained
    Hidden Figures Trounced Live by NightPlus: La La Land continues its rise, and Monster Trucks … could’ve done worse?
  23. how do you like them actors
    As a Director, Ben Affleck Is an Actor’s Best WingmanWith Live by Night, Affleck solidifies his reputation as a strong director of actors.
  24. and look at him now
    On Damien Chazelle’s Little-Seen First FilmMade while he was a student at Harvard, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench was Chazelle’s musical dry-run.
  25. Tom Ford Personally Shaved Aaron Taylor-JohnsonYou know, typical director stuff.
  26. exclusive
    Watch Adam Driver Eavesdrop on Method ManThe two luminaries have a chance meeting in a laundromat in Jim Jarmusch’s new film.
  27. golden globes 2017
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson Earned His Globes NodAs Ray Marcus in Nocturnal Animals, Aaron Taylor-Johnson might’ve been a surprise nominee — but he deserves it.
  28. behind the musical
    Talking to La La Land Songwriters Pasek and PaulHow Benj Pasek and Justin Paul met their doppelgängers and wrote the words for the year’s hottest musical.
  29. most anticipated of 2017
    58 Movies We’re Excited About in 2017Indie dramas, political comedies, and sequels to Guardians of the Galaxy and John Wick.
  30. box office futures
    The Movie Industry Sort of Set a New Box-Office Record. Hooray?Inflation speaks truth (that some people don’t want to hear).
  31. on actors
    How Did Adam Driver Become a Movie Star?With Silence and Paterson both out now, Driver has become one of our most versatile, and effective, male actors.
  32. what to stream now
    Where to Stream Carrie Fisher’s Best Non–Star Wars WorkFisher may be best known as Princess Leia, but her legacy goes far beyond Star Wars
  33. Here’s Why You Don’t See the Shark in Jaws for So LongDon’t underestimate the power of suggestion. 
  34. chat room
    Mark Wahlberg on Making Patriots Day“You can’t help but wonder, Oh my God — if it happened to you, how would you respond?
  35. troubleshooting
    Why Can’t Chris Pratt and J.Law Save Passengers?They’re the two most likable movie stars in the world — so why is their movie such a drag?
  36. your box office explained
    Was Rogue One’s Box Office Solid or Sensational?$155 million is a lot of money. But is it Star Wars money?
  37. back from the dead
    How Did Rogue One Legally Re-create the Late Peter Cushing?On the new frontiers of nostalgia.
  38. How Lion Found Sunny Pawar, the Year’s Littlest Breakout StarFinding a 5-year-old boy who could act wasn’t easy.
  39. your box office explained
    Everyone Was Excited for La La Land at the Box Office This WeekendIt’s topped Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea in at least one respect.
  40. behind the movies
    Se7en’s Disturbing, Memorable Ending Nearly Never HappenedWe almost had to live in a world without “What’s in the box?”
  41. a guide to recognizing your gar(e)ths
    How to Tell Garth Davis From Gareth EdwardsA Guide to Recognizing Your Gar(e)ths.
  42. exclusive
    See Michael Shannon Mad in a Frank & Lola ClipHave you ever wondered what Michael Shannon would look like if he was thinking about killing Justin Long? Now you know.
  43. box office futures
    Apple Reportedly Wants to Let You Rent Movies While They’re Still in TheatersThis would make Apple the leader in the digital-rental horse race.
  44. chat room
    Mackenzie Davis on ‘San Junipero,’ Always Shine“I always grew up thinking that being undesirable is a mortal sin.”
  45. behind the movies
    Alec Baldwin’s Role in the Movie Glengarry Glen Ross Was a Repaid FavorThe film’s writer David Mamet reveals why he was indebted to the actor.
  46. your box office explained
    Manchester by the Sea Is Looking Like a HitPlus good news for Paramount, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Natalie Portman’s Jackie Kennedy accent.
  47. behind the scenes
    Jackie’s Screenwriter on Writing Jackie Kennedy“We know that she was a smoker during her husband’s presidency, and yet she was never photographed with a cigarette.”
  48. a rogue one indeed
    Rogue One Is Showing That Veteran Directors Still MatterThe increasing involvement of Tony Gilroy is a point in favor of experience.
  49. Donald Trump’s Pick for Treasury Secretary Produced Suicide SquadSteven Mnuchin also financed Batman v. Superman, Mad Max: Fury Road, and dozens of other blockbusters.
  50. The Shock of Alien’s Gruesome Chestburster SceneThe surprise affected the actors in a variety of ways.
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