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  1. band aid
    Fred Armisen, Adam Pally, Zoe Lister-Jones Have a Band, and Now, a Music VideoThe band from Band Aid is now a band in real life.
  2. cinematic universes
    What Is Going On With Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’?The Mummy is Universal’s newest attempt to revive its old monsters. Will this time be different?
  3. Wonder Woman Is Looking Like a Hit. Here’s What That Would Mean for Hollywood.Wonder Woman has a chance at the highest-ever opening for a live-action female-directed film.
  4. After So Many Flops, How Is Johnny Depp’s Career Still in Such Good Shape?Despite a long line of flops and mountains of bad press, Johnny Depp is still one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood. Why?
  5. David in Alien: Covenant Is the Best Blockbuster Villain in Years. Here’s Why.Michael Fassbender’s David isn’t just an equal match for the heroes. He’s the engine that makes the film run.
  6. King Arthur Was the Summer’s First Flop. What Happened?There’s a certain kind of intellectual property that seems to lend itself to flops.
  7. After King Arthur Flops, What Does Charlie Hunnam Do Now?King Arthur and Lost City of Z present two competing paths forward for the English actor.
  8. explainers
    Revisiting the Ending of Denis Villaneuve’s Enemy, Spiders and AllA film that handles ambiguity and symbolism so deftly is a rare and special thing.
  9. odd coincidences
    Isn’t It Weird the Logo in The Circle Looks Just Like Uber’s?Even weirder: The movie’s version seemingly came first.
  10. netflix
    Netflix’s Movies Are Bigger Than Ever — But Does It Need Movie Theaters?With Bright and War Machine, Netflix is getting into the blockbuster game. Does it need to release them in theaters?
  11. How Animators Created That Intense Rogue One Space Battle▶️ Our Behind the Movies series investigates that memorable collision from the end of Rogue One.
  12. serious actors
    Brie Larson’s New Movie Proves She’s Too Good to Only Make BlockbustersFree Fire shows off Larson’s acting ability in a way that Kong: Skull Island couldn’t.
  13. gun violence
    Free Fire Is Another Ultraviolent Gun Movie, With One Crucial DifferenceThe movie avoids the anonymous spree killings that pop up in John Wick and Logan.
  14. transformations
    The Robert Pattinson Career-Makeover PlaybookHow the teen idol reinvented himself as a character actor.
  15. directors directing
    James Gray Is One of Our Most Acclaimed Directors, But He Can’t Afford a House“People assume that because I’m a director, I make tons of money. I am struggling financially.”
  16. directors directing
    This Is What It’s Like to Direct a Fast and Furious MovieFrom badass saws to flipping cars, Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray explains what it was like to take the wheel.
  17. interviews
    With His New Netflix Movie, Jake Johnson Is Finally in It to Win ItThe New Girl actor wrote and stars in Win It All, his third collaboration with director Joe Swanberg.
  18. accents
    What Kind of Accent Should Actors Use in Period Pieces?Should actors use their normal voices, or try an accent, no matter how cheesy?
  19. serious actors
    How Scarlett Johansson Became Our Finest Post-Human Movie StarRecent films like Ghost in the Shell, Her, and Under the Skin show an actress interested in exploring the limits of humanity.
  20. your box office explained
    Donald Trump Is President and Boss Baby’ Is the No. 1 Movie in AmericaThe animated film took in $49 million in its opening weekend.
  21. the sense of an ending
    Revisiting the Ending of Donnie Darko 16 Years LaterTwisty-turny timey-wimey stuff.
  22. directors directing
    The Discovery’s Charlie McDowell Is Bringing the Afterlife to Netflix (Again)Director Charlie McDowell – yes, Malcolm’s son – went from surfing in Ojai to directing heady sci-fi.
  23. vulture lists
    The 50 Best Movies Under 90 MinutesFrom Run Lola Run to Borat.
  24. chat room
    Dax Shepard on Why He Made a CHiPs Movie“I’m a cynic, that’s why.”
  25. exclusive
    See Photos of Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton in Bong Joon-ho’s OkjaThe director’s Snowpiercer follow-up tells the story of a young Korean girl and her friend, a giant animal called Okja.
  26. your box office explained
    Even Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Can’t Make an Original Film a Hit NowBad news for fans of original films.
  27. the sense of an ending
    Life Isn’t a Venom Prequel — But Wouldn’t It Be Better If It Was?You have to admire the ending’s big swing.
  28. exclusives
    Watch Woody Harrelson Be Your Worst Nightmare in This Exclusive Clip From WilsonThe Daniel Clowes adaptation opens Friday.
  29. chat room
    Michael Fassbender Won’t Talk About What Happened in Mexico“You could think of it a little bit like jazz, you’re devising a loose structure and trying to keep a ball up in the air.”
  30. sequels forever
    Trainspotting 2 and the Art of Sequels Coming Out Decades After the OriginalsStep one: Make the time gap part of the story.
  31. marketing
    The Savvy Strategies That Made Split and Get Out the Year’s Most Unexpected HitsMaking a movie for cheap is one thing. Selling it to viewers is another.
  32. a retrospective
    Forget the Taxes, Wesley Snipes Is a Great ActorIt’s not that he didn’t do enough to be considered an all-time film icon. In fact, he may have done too much.
  33. exclusive
    Watch Cynthia Nixon Inhabit Emily Dickinson in This Quiet Passion ClipThe biopic of the reclusive poet opens in New York April 14.
  34. chat room
    Why Danny Boyle Thinks He’s Become a Worse Director“Jane Campion said that to be a film director, you have to be a kid, and as soon as you’ve made one, you’re not a kid anymore.”
  35. serious actors
    Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe Left Potter Behind. How Are They Doing Now?One embraced transformation. The other embraced stardom.
  36. your box office explained
    Beauty and the Beast Broke Box-Office Records and It’s All Because of WomenFully 72 percent of the film’s opening-day audience were women.
  37. netflix
    Netflix Is Ditching Its 5-Star Rating. Here’s Why It Was the Right Move.User activity is far more instructive than users’ self-reported tastes.
  38. chat room
    Natalie Portman Saw Michael Fassbender Get Tackled by the Red Hot Chili Peppers“Musicians are such amazing characters themselves. You feel their truth and weirdness and spontaneity so strongly.”
  39. chat room
    Bill Condon on Beauty and the Beast, and Lindsay Lohan’s Plan for Little Mermaid“The crucial thing for me was to make as much of it real as possible.”
  40. your box office explained
    2017 Is Horror’s Best Year at the Box Office in a Long TimeIn Get Out and Split, the genre has already seen two $100 million grossers.
  41. the sense of an ending
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of Personal ShopperWere the ghosts real? Let’s talk about it!
  42. directors directing
    Kong’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts Is the Latest Indie Darling to Jump to Blockbusters“If you get a license to drive a car, you can also drive a tractor. It’s the same basic principles.”
  43. kong: skull island
    So, Why Does Kong: Skull Island Take Place During Vietnam?As director Jordan Vogt-Roberts explains, it all has to do with satellites.
  44. great performances
    Did You Know That Kong: Skull Island Is Secretly a John C. Reilly Movie?Playing a crazed castaway from World War II, the actor steals the film.
  45. serious actors
    Kristen Stewart Has Always Been a Great ActressThe shock and surprise over Stewart’s recent “transformation” into an award-winning actress has much more to do with Hollywood than it does her.
  46. vulture lists
    13 Non-Superhero Films That Influenced LoganThe new Wolverine film draws extensively from the Western, the American road movie, and dystopian sci-fi.
  47. fight scenes
    How Anne Heche and Sandra Oh Beat the Stuffing Out of Each Other in CatfightThe two stars explain making action-movie fight scenes on an indie-film budget.
  48. oscars 2017
    Don’t Let the Best Picture Debacle Overshadow Moonlight’s Great WinBarry Jenkins’s winner represents exactly what film should be.
  49. Amazon and Netflix Just Won the First of What’s Sure to Be Many OscarsBoth streaming services picked up wins Sunday night.
  50. oscars 2017
    So, Damien Chazelle, You Just Won Best Director in Your 30s — Now What?Lessons Damien Chazelle can take from other directors who won an Oscar before they turned 40.
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