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    Deer Tick’s John McCauley on His Politician DadThe front man talks about singing sad songs, getting over post-traumatic stress, and touring with his wife, Nikki Darlin.
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    Fred Durst on the Limp Bizkit ‘Comeback’The rocker talks about his new album, keeping his fans happy, and taking up golf.
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    Willie Nelson on His New Album, Country MusicThe musician talks about producing more music than the label can handle, his famously banged-up guitar, and his new method of smoking pot.
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    Tom Fec of Tobacco on Collaborating With BeckPlus: an exclusive stream of “Motorlicker”!
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    Bebel Gilberto on Finally Embracing Bossa NovaThe artist talks about covering a song of her father’s and working with Mark Ronson.
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    Animal Collective’s Geologist on Their New EP, Their Upcoming Movie, and Sampling the Grateful Dead for Cheap‘[Phil Lesh] liked it, and the band didn’t ask for a lot of money.’
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    Why Devendra Banhart Doesn’t Tweet“That’s a tough question you just threw up in my face.”