1. pokemon go
    Pokémon Go Players Stampede Central Park in Search of Rare VaporeonDon’t come between a trainer and a Vaporeon.
  2. anton yelchin
    Anton Yelchin’s Parents Thank SupportersIt’s a beautiful statement.
  3. star trek
    According to J. J. Abrams, Chris Hemsworth Is Returning for Star Trek 4But … how? Time travel?
  4. tv
    Max Minghella and Ann Dowd Come Aboard Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale Gilead will not lack for good actors.
  5. star trek beyond
    Jennifer Lawrence Inspired Star Trek CharacterJust J. Law, earning herself more nerd cred.
  6. movies
    Taken Director to Helm Thriller Big Stone GridThe director has a very particular set of skills. Skills acquired over a long career.
  7. hamilton
    Daveed Diggs Books First Post–Hamilton RoleFirst a Tony win, then a major motion picture. Keep racking ‘em up, Daveed!
  8. star wars
    Rogue One Shot Unlike Other Star Wars Films“It had this organic, different vibe to it than you associate sometimes with Star Wars.”
  9. game of thrones
    Game of Thrones Will Reportedly Be Shooting in Iceland Next Season“Winter is here.”
  10. netflix
    Netflix Launches Flixtape, a Mixtape-Like Playlist FeatureCommence time-wasting.
  11. michael b. jordan
    Read Michael B. Jordan’s Powerful Words About Police Brutality“It could have easily been myself.”
  12. cancellations
    Syfy Cancels Extraterrestrial-Terrorist Drama Hunters After One SeasonThe ratings weren’t great, and the reviews weren’t much better.
  13. twitter
    Seth Rogen Finally Responds to His Weirdest FanWhat this fan lacks in imagination, they make up for in persistence.
  14. television
    John Barrowman Now a Regular on All DC/CW ShowsBe still your fangirl hearts.
  15. milestones
    Lady Gaga Just Got Her Driver’s LicenseGaga ooh la la!
  16. Zach Braff to Direct Black List Script BumpHere’s hoping it’s just like a Shins song and will change your life.
  17. rihanna
    Rihanna Drops Out of Lollapalooza Colombia The star didn’t want to risk contracting Zika virus.
  18. obits
    Michael Cimino, Deer Hunter Director, Dead at 77He won “Best Director” and “Best Picture” Oscars for The Deer Hunter.
  19. obits
    British Comedy Actress and Writer Caroline Aherne Dead at 52She was best known for her starring turns in Mrs Merton and The Royle Family.
  20. hillary clinton
    Hillary Clinton Wrote a Heartfelt Post for The Toast’s Final Day“Don’t be afraid to carve out a space of your own.”
  21. poetry
    Alice Walker Wrote a Poem About Jesse Williams and His Powerful BET SpeechShe really liked his speech.
  22. music
    Bon Iver Takes to Twitter to Go On a Tear About Apple Music“Literally a horrid platform.”
  23. lawsuits
    Universal Pictures Sued for Warcraft TextsPeople really don’t like being spammed.
  24. music
    YouTube’s Most Popular Fourth of July Songs“God Bless the U.S.A.” gets major play.
  25. rihanna
    Rihanna’s Teases New Single ‘Sledgehammer’Thanks, RiRi.
  26. deadpool
    Deadpool Crashed Japanese X-Men TrailerOpen invitation for him to crash all trailers.
  27. game of lies
    Jon Snow Has a Very Obvious Rubber SwordThe strongest rubber in the seven kingdoms.
  28. prince
    Prince’s ‘Yellow Cloud’ Guitar Just Sold at Auction for $137,500Ah, the benefits of being rich.
  29. pride
    Jesse Eisenberg Tells Off Anti-Gay Protesters at London Pride ParadeHis exact words were, “Dude, that’s so f*cked up.”
  30. channing tatum
    Channing Tatum Speaks Out About the Stanford Sexual Assault Case“Rape culture is a very real thing.”
  31. music
    Chris Martin: Rihanna’s Voice Like ‘Toothpaste’The Coldplay frontman certainly has a way with similes.
  32. music
    Jay Z Releases Reasonable Doubt DocumentaryHappy birthday, Brooklyn’s Finest!
  33. theater
    Hamilton Will Perform a Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on July 12#HamiltonsWithHer
  34. the life of pablo
    Kanye West Just Premiered His ‘Famous’ Music Video and It Is NSFWIt’s even more NSFW than you thought it was going to be.
  35. tony robbins
    Tony Robbins Convinced Dozens of His Followers to Walk Across Hot Coals“Unleashing the Power Within” is apparently really painful.
  36. theater
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Thinks This Year’s ‘Amazingly Diverse’ Tonys Was a Fluke“We lucked into one of the most extraordinarily diverse seasons we’ve ever seen in the history of Broadway.”
  37. trailer mix
    Louis C.K.’s New Show Riffs on Game of ThronesCome on, people in line for coffee! Laugh!