Kristal Hawkins

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    Californication: Hank Back on the SlutmobileInspired by episode five’s title, we try to find an excuse to say, “Forget it, Hank, it’s Vaginatown.”
  2. overnights
    Good-bye, Entourage; — Hello, Californication!Having renounced ‘Entourage,’ we’re now free to recap a far-less-guilty pleasure: ‘Californication’!
  3. overnights
    We Renounce ‘Entourage’Knee-deep in season five, our pleasure centers only feebly buzzing and our guilt mounting, we no longer feel that we can in good faith continue to recap this show.
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    ‘Entourage’: The Boys Eat Mushrooms in the DesertThe guys, Eric Roberts, and Eric Roberts’s drugs head to the desert for some high-spirited soul-searching.
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    ‘Entourage’: Desperate Times Call for You Know WhatVince recognizes his lowered place in the Hollywood firmament, Eric learns that success and loyalty might not go together, and Drama sinks further into his broken-hearted alcoholic haze.
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    Ari’s Rampage Best Thing on ‘Entourage’ in AgesVince’s star power continues to dim, but Eric starts to shine; Ari enjoys a glorious meltdown, and Drama goes out in flames.
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    The ‘Entourage’ Guilt/Pleasure Index: You Can Do It, Vince — Become a Star Again!With the title ‘Unlike a Virgin,’ the second episode of the new season promises — guilt galore? Or pleasure to spare?