Kristen Reid

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    The Circle Season-Finale Recap: Still Gay As SinA winner with an incredible approval rating and the look on Nick’s face when he meets Sophia/Isabella makes for a satisfying finale.
  2. overnights
    The Circle Recap: The Winding Road Toward Finale NightAs we head into the finale with the final five, The Circle loves to keep players in a state of overwhelming paranoia, and for that, we thank her!
  3. overnights
    The Circle Recap: Rankings Are Dropping Like It’s Hot“Daddy Nick” might be playing like he’s on The Bachelor, but his impressive use of the burner profile has put him in a power position.
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    The Circle Season-Premiere Recap: Liars and Dog Lovers and Catfish, Oh My!The identity-theft twist was exciting and fun until it was sad and hard to watch — one for the Circle record books.