1. Oscar Futures: How Will the Post-Weinstein Moment Affect Awards Season?Films like Three Billboards and Wonder Woman could suit the current mood.
  2. Let Jeff Goldblum Make Your Day With These Creative Thor: Ragnarok Compliments“I just, um uh uh uh, am stunned, uh uh, by her magnificence.”
  3. Stephen King on His New Netflix Movies, It, and His Big Year“It’s kind of a perfect storm, isn’t it?”
  4. Andrew Garfield Just Wants to Be Understood“I’m getting choked up thinking about it because it’s still kind of fresh in me.”
  5. Oscar Futures: Can Kate Winslet Break Into the Packed Best Actress Race?Wonder Wheel screened for the press today, and it may have an uphill battle to fight.
  6. 9 Fall Movies That May Have a Harvey Weinstein HeadacheWhether Weinstein has his name on them or not, all of these films will now be subject to further scrutiny.
  7. The Secrets Behind Blade Runner 2049’s Surreal ThreesomeDirector Denis Villeneuve explains how they shot that memorable encounter.
  8. Oscar Futures: Can a 7-Year-Old Actress Get Nominated This Year?Will The Florida Project’s irrepressible Brooklynn Prince be the youngest Oscar nominee ever?
  9. Should They Have Eaten the Dog In The Mountain Between Us?They don’t. But… should they have? There’s a (morbid) case to be made!
  10. Don’t Use the Harvey Weinstein Revelations to Attack Actresses You Don’t LikeIt takes blame that should lie squarely at one man’s feet and makes it about other women.
  11. Can Roger Deakins Finally Win an Oscar, for Blade Runner 2049?He’s shot so many of your favorite movies, and this might finally do the trick.
  12. Oscar Futures: Is Blade Runner 2049 a Major Contender?The hotly anticipated sequel may be a contender for Best Picture and Best Director.
  13. Why Is Channing Tatum Barely in Kingsman: The Golden Circle?If you’ve got Channing Tatum, use him!
  14. A Tribute to Julianne Moore’s Delicious New Kingsman VillainHave you ever wondered what would happen if Giada De Laurentiis broke bad?
  15. The Secret Behind Battle of the Sexes’ Most Sensual SceneHow the filmmakers used an infamous relaxing technique to mesmerize you.
  16. Oscar Futures: The Race Begins, But Who’s in the Lead?There’s no overwhelming Best Picture front-runner, but these actors are leaping out ahead.
  17. Best Actress Watch: Frances McDormand Is NSFW, But Is She a Safe Bet for Oscar?In Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Frances McDormand is motherfucking great as a mother you don’t want to fuck with.
  18. Best Actress Watch: Will the Oscars Make It Up to Annette Bening This Year?Will the Oscars make it up to her for that 20th Century Women snub?
  19. Best Actress Watch: Can Last Year’s Winner Emma Stone Prevail Again?The Academy loves a de-glammed, real-person performance, but can she win two Oscars in two years?
  20. Best Actress Watch: How High Will Saoirse Ronan Fly for Lady Bird?Repeat after me: The Academy loves an ingenue.
  21. How Aaron Sorkin’s To Kill a Mockingbird Will Surprise YouWill Scout speak Sorkin?
  22. Everyone in Hollywood Is Envious. Mike White Is Willing to Talk About It.The director of Brad’s Status on his “craven” contemporaries, Dawson’s Creek and Enlightened, and whether he considers himself “successful.”
  23. Can Jennifer Lawrence Earn Her Fifth Oscar Nomination for Mother?The movie puts her through the wringer. But is it too outrageous for Oscar?
  24. Exclusive: Emma Stone and Steve Carell In the First Battle of the Sexes ClipIn which Emma Stone cuts Steve Carell down to size.
  25. tiff 2017
    How Brie Larson Found Her Visual Voice and Directed Her First Film“I hope that more people get comfortable with how they view the world.”
  26. toronto film festival 2017
    Best Actress Watch: Can Margot Robbie Skate to Gold As Tonya Harding?Her new comic biopic premiered this week. What’s the buzz?
  27. What Does Lady Gaga Say About Madonna in Her New Documentary?The answer was revealed tonight. Did you guess right?
  28. Best Actress Watch: Will Jessica Chastain Be a Contender for Molly’s Game?Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut is ruthlessly entertaining, but can Chastain break into the crowded Best Actress race?
  29. best actress watch
    Best Actress Watch: Can Judi Dench Contend for Her Second Oscar?Victoria and Abdul gives her a shot this year, but it’s a stacked race. Here’s our take.
  30. See Frances McDormand in a New Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri TrailerThere’s still lots of creative cursing, but this trailer for the raved-about film is a little more tender than you might expect.
  31. The 24 Films at the Toronto Film Festival That Already Have People BuzzingBrie Larson’s directorial debut, Guillermo del Toro’s latest, Gaga’s doc, and more.
  32. Dylan O’Brien Is Ready to Talk About That AccidentDylan O’Brien was groomed to be Hollywood’s next young leading man. Then a tragic accident made him question everything.
  33. Exclusive: See the Trailer for A Fantastic Woman, Which Could Make Oscar HistoryCould this acclaimed actress become the first trans performer to earn an Oscar nomination?
  34. Which of 2017’s Many Wonder Movies Is Right for You?From Wonder Woman to Wonderstruck to Wonder Wheel, how can you tell apart this year’s five movies with “wonder” in the title?
  35. With Beach Rats, Director Eliza Hittman Shows Male Sexuality Her WayWho gets to tell what story? “I don’t think people should be limited.”
  36. Why Do I Love Watching Someone Else’s Movie on an Airplane?It’s so much better than watching your own. But why?
  37. Breaking Down Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s Complicated Escape From the Elector▶️ Director James Gunn discusses the movie’s hardest scene to shoot.
  38. Marjorie Prime’s Geena Davis Hopes Wonder Woman Will Change Everything, But…“I do feel an increased sense of urgency. We’re living in a climate where we’re seeing women and minorities undervalued to an alarming degree.”
  39. A Tribute to the Truly Bungled Release of Tulip FeverHas there ever been a film as enjoyably cursed as Tulip Fever?
  40. Edgar Wright on Baby Driver Blowing Past $100 Million and Baby Driver 2“It’s not that studios need to take more gambles on original movies. It’s that they should stop thinking about original movies as gambles.”
  41. In Logan Lucky, We Finally Get to See Daniel Craig Having FunAs an incarcerated bomb expert in Logan Lucky, the actor gives a performance you didn’t think he could.
  42. Why Is Idris Elba Always Menaced by Smiley Faces?Idris Elba can’t catch a break from this emoticon in his movies.
  43. Watch the Call Me by Your Name TrailerIt’s a romantic first look at the Sundance sensation starring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet.
  44. Elizabeth Olsen’s Guide to Screen Chemistry With Renner, Plaza, and BettanyThe star divulges the secret to her sparks with Jeremy Renner, Aubrey Plaza, and Paul Bettany.
  45. Will Dunkirk Score the Most Oscar Nominations This Year?Here are the categories where we expect Christopher Nolan’s war epic to do well.
  46. Your Guide to the Similar-Looking Men of DunkirkHow can you tell those similar-looking British actors with enviable cheekbones apart?
  47. trailer mix
    Watch the Newest Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and Bow Before Cate BlanchettBlanchett plays Hela, the new villainess who’ll make Thor’s life miserable.
  48. Michelle Pfeiffer Will Play Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the WaspThe former Selina Kyle returns to superhero movies.
  49. san diego comic con 2017
    Ben Affleck Bats Back at Reports He’ll Stop Playing Batman“Let me be very clear: Batman is the coolest f–king part in the universe.”
  50. Watch the New Justice League Trailer, Now With More Wonder WomanIt just debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, with loads of new footage.
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