1. Watch the New Justice League Trailer, Now With More Wonder WomanIt just debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, with loads of new footage.
  2. trailer mix
    Ready Player One Trailer: Steven Spielberg Returns to Sci-FiSee it in theaters March 29.
  3. san diego comic-con 2017
    Will Smith on His Netflix Film: ‘You Almost Can’t Make New Movie Stars Anymore’Why has the former king of the box office made his new action film for Netflix? “This new world is almost like a friendship with the fans.”
  4. comic con 2017
    Watch Halle Berry Do Comic-Con the Right Way: By Pounding BourbonFox’s Kingsman panel featured enjoyably tipsy cast chemistry.
  5. See the Exclusive Trailer and Poster for Eliza Hittman’s Sex-Soaked Beach RatsThe Sundance winner is out August 25.
  6. Revenge of the Twink: Slimmer Movie Stars Seize the SpotlightNot everybody has to be as buff as the Rock.
  7. the avengers
    What Happened in Today’s Secret Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War?The gang’s getting back together.
  8. roll clip!
    Check Out This Behind-the-Scenes Video for The Last JediTwo words: Space Dern.
  9. d23
    Every Disney Princess Ever Is Coming Back for Wreck-It Ralph 2Complete with their original voice actresses.
  10. Should Actors’ Contract Negotiations Be Public Like Athletes’?Or is comparing athletes and actors apples and oranges?
  11. oscar futures
    Could War for the Planet of the Apes Finally Win the Series an Effects Oscar?The series is a special-effects triumph, but has gone zero-for-two on Oscar night so far.
  12. interviews
    How A Ghost Story Almost Defeated Its Director“I was so convinced that it was too high-concept to succeed.”
  13. vulture on vulture
    9 Startling Differences Between Spider-Man’s Vulture and Vulture the WebsiteThere is not a single editor at Vulture who would get mad at Tyne Daly, for any reason.
  14. there are no small parts only small actors
    Fair Warning: Zendaya Is Barely in Spider-Man: HomecomingStill, the former Disney star is an utter delight in the limited time she spends onscreen.
  15. After the Han Solo Firing, Will Hot Directors Work With Lucasfilm Again?Who’s at fault? And what’s going on with Alden Ehrenreich?
  16. Why Gal Gadot Was Paid Only $300,000 for Wonder WomanDespite reports, Henry Cavill probably didn’t earn much more for Man of Steel.
  17. gina prince-bythewood
    After Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins, Gina Prince-Bythewood Is NextThe Love & Basketball director is taking on the Spider-Man film Silver and Black, and she couldn’t be more ready.
  18. chat room
    How Sofia Coppola Reclaimed The Beguiled for Women (and Gay Men)“I really made this movie for my gay men friends.”
  19. bad lines
    The Mummy Has the Year’s Most Hilariously Bad Movie LineIt’s so silly that it’s bound to be the only thing I ever remember from this whole misbegotten mishegoss.
  20. interviews
    How Sofia Boutella Became the Mummy, in 4 Not-So-Easy Steps“I remember there was one look where my tongue was the only thing on my body that was not touched up.”
  21. gender roles
    What Is the ‘Worst Script’ Reese Witherspoon Has Ever Read? An InvestigationFor over a year now, Witherspoon has been dropping hints about the terrible script that made her decide to start a production company.
  22. cannes 2017
    Which Misogynistic Cannes Films Were Jessica Chastain Putting on Blast?The actress criticized this year’s lineup for its “disturbing” depictions of women.
  23. Don’t Blame Critics When Your Blockbusters Are BadBoth Pirates and Baywatch had bigger problems than their Rotten Tomatoes scores.
  24. cannes 2017
    The Bests and Worsts From This Year’s Cannes Film FestivalFrom Jake Gyllenhaal’s voice to a CGI Eva Green.
  25. cannes 2017
    Here Are the Cannes 2017 Award WinnersToutes nos félicitations!
  26. cannes 2017
    Cannes: Joaquin Phoenix Is an Action Hero Now, But He’s Keeping His Belly“I thought he should be as big as possible, but I also didn’t want the standard Hollywood body for getting big.”
  27. Which Cannes Movies Could Become Oscar Contenders?Each year, a handful of Oscar contenders premieres at the Croisette. Which will be this year’s?
  28. cannes 2017
    This Hilariously Explicit Vagina Shot Had Cannes Audiences ClappingFrancois Ozon’s L’Amant Double opens with an image you won’t soon forget.
  29. Which Nicole Kidman Is Right for You?The actress is starring in four very different projects at Cannes this year.
  30. cannes 2017
    Even 75-Year-Old Michael Haneke Understands the Power of a Sia SongThe director’s new film, Happy End, which just premiered at Cannes, uses a poignant performance of “Chandelier.”
  31. cannes 2017
    How Tilda Swinton and Steven Yeun Make Art in the Age of Trump“We all need to find perspective.”
  32. Iñárritu’s Border-Crossing VR Installation Will Break Your HeartCarne y Arena forces you to look at the immigrant experience in a whole new way.
  33. cannes 2017
    Despite French Boos at Cannes, Okja Proved It Should Be Netflix’s First Big FilmA quiet film might have had trouble overcoming a rocky start. Okja is not a quiet film.
  34. cannes 2017
    Cannes Is Mocking Journalists With Buttons This Year“How Come I Didn’t Get Invited?”
  35. Watch Mark Hamill, Kyle Mooney Get Weird in First Clip From Brigsby BearA classic story about a boy living with his parents who thinks the air outside his house is toxic.
  36. The 13 Most Anticipated Films (and One TV Show) at Cannes This YearIncluding new films from Bong Joon-ho, Todd Haynes, and Sofia Coppola.
  37. chat room
    Guy Ritchie Doesn’t Care What You Think About His Movies (Usually)“My job is not to release movies. My job is to make movies.”
  38. movie posters
    Why Is Disney Only Showing Half of Johnny Depp’s Face on the Pirates Billboards?How do you advertise a movie where your star is both the main attraction and the biggest liability?
  39. 9 Potential Breakout Stars of the Summer Movie SeasonIncluding Harry Styles and Amandla Stenberg.
  40. Could Get Out Win an Oscar?It’s rare for a horror movie to earn awards-season buzz, but Get Out may be uniquely positioned to break that barrier.
  41. Groot Versus Gru: Which Summer Movie Will Rule the Box Office?Guardians 2? Wonder Woman? Dunkirk?
  42. chat room
    After Shooting Guardians 2, Elizabeth Debicki Was Terrorized by Specks of Gold“A month later, I’d be in an airplane and find gold in my ear. Or even up my nose.”
  43. comic book movies
    Why Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Ends on That CharacterAs director James Gunn explains, it caps off the movie’s most touching emotional arc.
  44. guardians of the galaxy vol 2
    How Marvel Got Sylvester Stallone (and Those Secret Stars) to Join Guardians 2“It was just a fun thing we asked him to come to, with the thought of, Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do more down the line?”
  45. Guardians of the Galaxy Is Huge — and That’s Not Always Easy for James Gunn“I love the attention and I hate the attention, you know? It’s not always good for your soul.”
  46. comic book movies
    After Signing Two Indie Directors, What’s the MCU’s Plan for Captain Marvel?“It ultimately needs to be about the three-dimensional, multilayered Carol Danvers character.”
  47. marvel cinematic universe
    Let Kevin Feige Get You Even More Hyped for Black Panther“Both in front of and behind the camera, it’s almost entirely people of color.”
  48. shirtless men
    Chris Pratt Has Complicated Thoughts on Being Objectified“My kids can go to college because I’m an object.”
  49. comic book movies
    Good News: Marvel’s Commitment to Gratuitous Shirtless Scenes Is Alive and WellWhen Marvel shells out to get its actors into superhero shape, the results always end up on the screen.
  50. comic-book movies
    You’re Not Ready for Black Panther’s Stunning New Spin on Superhero MoviesFrom its cinematographer to its cast, Black Panther doesn’t look like any of the other Marvel movies.
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