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    The House That Jack Built Trailer: Lars von Trier Is Back, and BloodyWord is out that the film would be hypergruesome, but who’d expect von Trier to do anything by half-measures?
  2. Climax Trailer: Gaspar Noé Made a Wild Dance-Horror MovieFrom the director of Into the Void comes this fun Cannes hit.
  3. Did Jean-Luc Godard Use Michael Bay’s Footage, Then Pull an ‘I Don’t Know Her’?It’s the unlikeliest question of the fest.
  4. The Secrets of Sauvage, the Most Sexually Frank Film at Cannes“Nudity had to be normal.”
  5. Why Ryan Coogler Loves Working With Strong Women“In a macro sense, that’s kind of what the black community is.”
  6. When Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem Work Together, They Get Equal Pay“They are the very symbol of a happy couple,” says their director at Cannes.
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    The Women on the Cannes Jury Will Make You Forget About the Met BallCate Blanchett, Ava DuVernay, Kristen Stewart, Léa Seydoux, and Burundian singer Khadja Nin joined forces to create a Voltron of glamour.
  8. The 14 Craziest Film Posters in Cannes, Featuring Sweet Pigs and Tara ReidSome of these are truly, unforgettably bizarre.
  9. Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis Discuss the Surprise Ending of TullySpoiler alert!
  10. The Most Anticipated Movies at This Year’s Cannes Film FestivalIncluding Under the Silver Lake, BlackKklansman, and new movies from Gaspar Noé, and Lars von Trier.
  11. Is Thanos Hot?The Vulture staff is intensely split on the Avengers: Infinity War villain.
  12. Avengers: Infinity War: How They Decided to Split Up the CharactersThe writers of Marvel’s huge hit discuss how they settled on those superheroic combinations.
  13. Did Avengers: Infinity War Kill Off the Right Characters?Spoilers. Duh.
  14. How to Make Two Avengers Movies Back-to-Back and Not DieJoe and Anthony Russo weathered pneumonia, injured actors, and insane schedules to make Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel.
  15. Why Thanos Doesn’t Woo a Sexy Skeleton in Avengers: Infinity WarThe filmmakers explain why they changed the villain’s comic-book motivation.
  16. Why Hasn’t Marvel Announced Doctor Strange 2 Yet?Kevin Feige explains his silence about the Sorcerer Supreme.
  17. avenger fatigue
    Kevin Feige Sees the Bright Side of James Cameron’s ‘Avenger Fatigue’ Comments“There are other stories to tell besides, you know, hypogonadal males without families doing death-defying things,” Cameron said of the franchise.
  18. John Krasinski As Captain America, and Other Actors Who Almost Played AvengersThe MCU could have looked very different with Emily Blunt and Joaquin Phoenix in it.
  19. The Next Social Network? We’ve Read the Hot Script Gawker v. Thiel How mad will it make Peter Thiel? And how is it?
  20. Which of These 33 Characters Will Die in Avengers: Infinity War?We’ve ranked them in order, from safest to most likely to kick the bucket.
  21. They Should Have Worn Socks in A Quiet Place, Right?I can only suspend my disbelief so much!
  22. backstories
    How 50 Famous Female Characters Were Described in Their ScreenplaysAll the surprising ways these well-known characters were introduced on the page.
  23. Jessica Chastain on Her Salomé Revival and Negotiating Nudity“I love the human form — male nudity, female nudity, I’m all about it. I had to get to that place where, for me, it was my decision.”
  24. Don’t Blame Black Panther’s Success for Other Movies’ FailuresIf other movies haven’t lived up to expectations this spring, that’s on them.
  25. Analyzing the Crazy, Complicated Credits of Avengers: Infinity WarHow 27 different stars figured out their unusual placement in the billing block.
  26. Watch This Exclusive Short Film Starring the Dogs of Wes Anderson’s Isle of DogsBill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, and Tilda Swinton chat about the meaning of doghood in this delightful stop-motion animated short.
  27. Ava DuVernay on Meg Murry’s Hair Journey in A Wrinkle in Time“Hair is a big deal for black women.”
  28. Which Movies Will Be Talked About for Next Year’s Oscars?Here’s the buzz on the next batch of contenders, including Black Panther.
  29. A Frightened Tribute to Charlotte Rampling’s Blow-Job Classes in Red SparrowWelcome to “Whore School,” J.Law.
  30. How Oprah, Reese, and Mindy Overcame Their Own InsecuritiesThe stars of A Wrinkle in Time get real with Vulture.
  31. My Unpopular Opinion: The Oscars Should Always Be LongLet me explain this to you.
  32. How Did The Shape of Water Pull Off That Best Picture Win?Five reasons why Guillermo del Toro’s film won the Oscar.
  33. Vulture’s Final Oscar Predictions: What Will Win?We want to help you win your office pool.
  34. In the Top 8 Oscar Races, What Are the Newest Voters Choosing?Academy members who were asked to join over a two-year diversity push weigh in on the acting races and four more big categories.
  35. We Polled New Oscar Voters: How Are They Changing the Way the Academy Thinks?We asked the younger, more diverse voters how they feel about this year’s nominations, and the results will surprise you.
  36. Black Panther’s Costume Designer on 8 of the Film’s Iconic LooksRuth E. Carter has the secrets behind Shuri’s dress, M’Baku’s furs, and T’Challa’s infamous sandals.
  37. Is It Possible to Predict Best Picture in Our Politically Charged Moment?What will win? And why would it win? This year, it feels like anything could happen.
  38. How Black Panther Crafted Erik Killmonger’s Compelling Arc“The best villains are the ones who have a point of view you can relate to,” explains co-writer Joe Robert Cole.
  39. Kevin Feige on the Future of Marvel’s Female CharactersCould Okoye or Valkyrie get her own movie? And what’s Michelle Pfeiffer like in Ant-Man and the Wasp?
  40. Watch the Exclusive Trailer for Chloé Zhao’s Festival Hit The RiderOne of the most acclaimed films from Cannes and Sundance is finally coming out.
  41. Why Marvel Spent More on Getting Black Panther Just Right“The resources devoted to this surpass our last couple of movies,” says Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.
  42. Lady Bird Will Go Home Empty-handed on Oscar Night, Unless …… some of these five come-from-behind conditions are met.
  43. Fifty Shades Freed Is Memento With Butt PlugsNo five-minute section has any relation to the five minutes before it. And it’s glorious.
  44. Black Panther Ought to Win Marvel Studios Its First OscarAnd it should compete in more than one category.
  45. Watch the Exclusive First Clip for Wes Anderson’s Stop-Motion Isle of DogsIt’s Anderson’s first movie since The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  46. Maybe Star Wars Should Go Easy on the British BrunettesIs this the distaff version of Dunkirk?
  47. Meet Daniela Vega, the Trans Star of Oscar Front-runner A Fantastic Woman“It’s been like an explosion of love coming from the audience.”
  48. Tiffany Haddish on Beyoncé, Her Super Bowl Ad, and Reading the Oscar Nominations“I saw so many people say, ‘Tiffany should have got nominated,’ and I’m like, ‘You guys don’t even understand. I got to go to the party!’”
  49. Kevin Feige on the Disney-Fox Merger and His Future at MarvelHow much has the Marvel Studios head thought about integrating the X-Men and Fantastic Four?
  50. The Best of the 2018 Sundance Film FestivalThe best performances, the creepiest noises, and the tiniest horses out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
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