1. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Art Books of 2015Over the past few years, art books have seen a renaissance. These exemplify the form.
  2. seen
    SEEN’s Cost-Is-No-Object Art World Summer ItineraryDarling, you can afford to be everywhere, too, can’t you?
  3. Richard Prince’s Instagram Thefts Ignite a Debate Over Social-Media OwnershipRichard Prince appropriated some images from SuicideGirls; now they want a piece of the profits, too.
  4. art
    First Look: Jeffrey Deitch’s Coney Island Street-Art ShowLady Pink, Daze, JR, and Swoon hit the beach!
  5. ‘We Have Lost the Ability to Flush the Toilet’: Art-Festival Culture in IstanbulAs the international art world touches down in Turkey against a backdrop of ISIS iconoclasm, it’s worth asking: Just where does festival culture leave us?
  6. Rembrandt and Dürer Prints Presumed Stolen From the Boston Public LibraryNo, you can’t check that Rembrandt out of the library.
  7. Play Through Pippin Barr’s Art-World Video GamesPippin Barr’s often satirical video games critique the self-serious art world.
  8. Met Announces a Project for the Breuer BuildingThe air is alive with the sound of museums!
  9. First-Year MFA Class Drops Out En Masse at USCEven during an art boom, are the costs of an MFA a realistic burden for students?
  10. NADA Art Fair: A Debate (Over Delicious Tacos)The hipster answer to the big-money Englishness of Frieze New York.
  11. First Look: New Garage Cover and Museum Video TourDasha Zhukova’s art institution is rolling up the doors on its new Koolhaas home in a month.
  12. art
    10 Things You Can Cover With Dots at the New Viral Yayoi Kusama ExhibitionIn Obliteration Room, Yayoi Kusama turns an effigy of a suburban home into a madcap art experience. Stickers are fun!
  13. art
    5 Provocative 1930s Anti-Lynching Prints“The terror in the man’s eyes conveys the persistent fears of black Americans in the South during the 1930s.”
  14. art
    A Brief Guide to Joan Jonas, the U.S. Venice Biennale RepresentativeViewing her work always feels like entering into a new, miniature world.
  15. Can Digital Artist Tabor Robak Become Pixelangelo?The young artist sculpts in pixels rather than marble, laboriously rendering mundane yet fantastical creations.
  16. art
    A-List Artists Against Frick ExpansionThey fear the Frick will be destroyed in a bid for bigness — like so many other interesting old things in New York City of late.
  17. art
    The Bromance of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel BasquiatAn in-progress play explores the unplumbed depths of the two artists’ fraught relationship. Was it actually just romance?
  18. First Look! Kerry James Marshall Shows the High Line’s Future GentrificationIs High Line Art’s new mural biting the real-estate hand that feeds it?
  19. How to Shack Up With a 40-Ton Richard Serra SculptureYou can’t just plop it into your yard or it’ll sink, warns a Serra installation specialist.
  20. art
    Revisiting the 19th Century’s Cat-Painting Renaissance (Price: $15,000 — LOL!)Dutch painters like Henriette Ronner-Knip and Cornelis Raaphorst dominated the 19th century’s cat-painting renaissance, and now they’re coming back to market.