1. screen time
    Why Does Poker Face Look So Good?The cinematographer is a self-taught coder who makes digital video look like film.
  2. screen time
    Bad Projection Is Ruining the Movie Theater ExperienceMultiplexes are failing at their most basic function: delivering a bright, sharp image.
  3. chat room
    Nicolas Winding Refn Answers Some Questions, Leaves the Rest to His ShrinksThe director on returning to his Pusher universe with the Netflix show Copenhagen Cowboy, and what’s to come of Maniac Cop.
  4. screen time
    Soon You’ll Be Able to Make Your Own Feature-Length Movie With AISome argue that AI is too derivative. But in Hollywood, shallow riffing on preexisting IP is a lucrative skill.
  5. screen time
    How Peter Jackson Broke Up the BeatlesAnd used AI to make Revolver better than ever.
  6. screen time
    We’ve Been Thinking About Holograms All WrongForget reanimating dead musicians. This technology is for living performers who can’t stand their bandmates.
  7. screen time
    TVs Are Too Good NowWhy does Home Alone look better than the latest Marvel fare on the most advanced displays?
  8. in conversation
    John C. Reilly Thinks Audiences Just Want to Be SurprisedHe’d do (almost) anything to oblige.
  9. what’s your bag?
    The New York Skyline Is Our Most Memorable Character Actor If you’ve ever seen a movie that opens with a shot of the New York skyline, you probably know helicopter pilot Al Cerullo’s work.
  10. vulture lists
    The Stoner Canon: 101 Trippy Movies, Albums, Books, TV Shows, and MoreThe ultimate guide to experiencing the high.
  11. chat room
    Jonathan Majors on Shooting Da 5 Bloods With a MAGA Hat on SetThe Last Black Man in San Francisco co-star plays the son of a Trump voter in Spike Lee’s new Netflix movie.
  12. movies
    Spike Lee’s Forever WarHow the Vietnam War epic Da 5 Bloods became one of the most ambitious films of his career.
  13. coronavirus
    A Reassuring Conversation With the Writer of ContagionScott Z. Burns talks about his own pandemic preparedness and why he’s optimistic “we’ll get through this one.”
  14. the future issue
    In 2029, Julia Roberts and Bette Davis Will Still Be Starring in New MoviesDigitally cloning and de-aging actors could be the future of Hollywood.
  15. movies
    David Robert Mitchell on His Ambitious, Divisive Follow-up to It FollowsHis new, deliberately overcomplicated surrealist neo-noir Under the Silver Lake appears to have all the makings of a cult classic.
  16. q&a
    A Long Talk With David Lee RothDiamond Dave on tattoo skin care and the future of Van Halen.
  17. how to write a song in 2018
    How to Write a Great Rock LyricAccording to Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys.
  18. Does Spielberg’s The Post Take a Dig at News Outlets Pivoting to Video?Does Steven have something against autoplay videos?
  19. chat room
    Noel Gallagher on His New Album and Liam’s New Album“I don’t give a fuck whether he puts his album out the same day as mine. I will thank him for promoting my record, though.”
  20. Liam Gallagher on His New Album and Why He Forgot the Words to ‘Come Together’“I thought we were doing ‘I Am the Walrus,’ but I got there and it was ‘Come Together.’ And then, yeah, I’d had a lot to drink as well.”
  21. behind the scenes
    Beck Explains the Creative Process Behind His New Song, ‘Dear Life’“For this album, I wanted to make something that was uplifting, had a lot of energy, and made you want to sing along.”
  22. oral history
    Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher on the Making of Gorillaz’s ‘We Got the Power’“I thought it might be cute, Noel and I singing about the power to love each other. Of course, no one’s asked Liam what he thinks about the song yet.”
  23. encounter
    Guitar Shopping With Ryan Adams“I feel grateful to know the path I want to be on, so I’m going to blaze it and get blazed on it.”
  24. vulture cover story
    Uncharted 4: The Greatest Story Ever PlayedHow Naughty Dog — the developer behind the year’s most anticipated video game — makes summer blockbusters interactive.
  25. Uncharted 4: The Greatest Story Ever PlayedHow Naughty Dog — the developer behind the year’s most anticipated video game — makes summer blockbusters interactive.
  26. chat room
    Gaz Coombes on Matador, David Bowie, and Life After Supergrass“You can’t just go rambling on in first person about your feelings or everyone’s going to get really bored.”
  27. Jon Brion on the Music of Punch-Drunk LoveWe talked to him about working with Paul Thomas Anderson and his future musical plans.
  28. How Channing Tatum Learned Tap for Hail, Caesar!He’s the star of a technically onerous, relentlessly delightful six-minute sequence during which he sings while dancing around a pub, on stools and tables, among other precarious surfaces.
  29. encounter
    Tom Jones Made an Unusual Visit to Our OfficesWe sat down in the third-nicest conference room to talk his new album of covers and his highly entertaining memoir.
  30. fall preview 2015
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Meeting Edward Snowden and Learning to Walk a TightropeHe plays two real-life anarchist-heroes this fall, in Snowden and The Walk.
  31. tarantino week
    How Quentin Tarantino Would Fix It Follows“Like, okay, you can shoot the bad guys in the head, but that just works for ten seconds? Well, that doesn’t make any sense.”
  32. fall preview 2015
    In Conversation With Quentin TarantinoMidway through postproduction on his eighth movie, the Western The Hateful Eight, the director discusses writing scripts by hand, ‘90s nostalgia, and becoming — relatively — mellow with time.
  33. in conversation
    In Conversation With Quentin TarantinoMidway through his eighth movie, the director discusses writing scripts by hand, ‘90s nostalgia, and becoming — relatively — mellow with time.
  34. letterman
    Watch the Foo Fighters Play Letterman OffFor his final show, David Letterman called in his favorite band (Foo Fighters) to play his favorite song (“Everlong”).
  35. music
    Blur Is Back, With an Album So Good Even Noel Gallagher Likes ItModern life is terrific.
  36. the end
    So, How About That Mad Men Finale?If you thought Matthew Weiner was going to give us a tidy, satisfying ending in tonight’s Mad Men series finale then you’re probably an idiot. But still, what just happened?
  37. chat room
    Noel Gallagher on His New Album and Beyoncé“If I were Beck, I’d have handed Kanye the award and a dictionary and said, ‘Have a look at the word artistry and see if it applies to Beyoncé.’”
  38. Is Big Corn Behind All of Our Blockbusters?Hollywood’s really into farming these days. 
  39. the interview
    3 Actors From The Interview on the Movie’s Cancellation“Well, I got my check! Although this will affect my residuals, unfortunately.”
  40. music
    Benji Hughes on His 3 New Albums — Plus, Stream a New Song!“It would be misleading to call it a kids’ album because it would most likely scare a lot of kids.”
  41. 21 Things in Interstellar That Don’t Make SenseSpoilers and confusion ahead!
  42. vulture on set
    Scenes From the Birdman SetA movie so odd and challenging that Batman had no choice but to say yes.
  43. video games
    How Bungie Got Paul McCartney to Write Music for Destiny“There was no check involved, big or otherwise. He’s in it for the creativity.”
  44. fall preview 2014
    Robert Plant on His New Album and Favorite Supermarket“You know, Whole Foods is more of a dating agency than a shop.”
  45. mad men
    Mad Men: How Much Money Did Each of SC&P’s Partners Make This Week?Poor Harry.
  46. mad men
    Mad Men: Hear Bert Cooper’s Greatest HitsIf that performance of “The Best Things in Life Are Free” left you craving more vocal stylings from that particular actor, man are you in luck.
  47. summer movie preview 2014
    Why Melissa McCarthy Is Hollywood’s Top StarThere is no other star delivering as consistently, and in such great numbers, and with so little assistance, as McCarthy.
  48. playing catch-up
    Our Speedy Mad Men Refresher Course Will Prepare You for Season SevenWhether you’re a Mad Men veteran or a newbie, our guide will help you prepare for Sunday’s premiere in record time.
  49. talking with
    In Conversation: Saturday Night Live’s Lorne MichaelsThe man who broke the network mold four decades ago has a television empire all his own.
  50. books
    A No-Frills Buyers’ Guide to January BooksAre Perfect, Shovel Ready, and Andrew’s Brain worth getting?
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