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    Doom Patrol Season-Finale Recap: Your Own Personal Jesus (and Cowboy)In true Doom Patrol fashion, the Doom Patrol season finale has to make the best out of a bad situation.
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    Doom Patrol Recap: The Living YearsPuberty rears its ugly head as the true Big Bad of the season.
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    Doom Patrol Recap: Must Be Scants on the BrainDespite not having any contact with the Scants, Niles just continues to have bad idea after bad idea when it comes to his daughter.
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    Doom Patrol Recap: Space CasesDorothy and Cliff have a breakthrough, and Niles has a breakdown.
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    Doom Patrol Recap: Baby Doll’s Day OutWhat starts as a simple plot about two kids running around an old mansion becomes a huge shift for the series.
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    Doom Patrol Recap: I Need Ooh La La La LaNiles was right: Nothing good happens after bedtime.
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    Doom Patrol Recap: Jane’s AddictionJust three episodes into the season, Jane’s intervention — or “performance improvement plan” — feels like a major turning point.
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    Doom Patrol Recap: Toot, Toot … Ah … Beep, BeepIs there any better distillation of what we expect from this show than a villain with a clock for a face who loves roller skating and Donna Summer?
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    Doom Patrol Season Premiere Recap: Everybody’s Working for the WeekendThe DCTV series moves to HBO Max and gets right back into the swing of its characters’ collective and individual trauma. Plus, tiny pancakes!