1. Left Handed Radio and Above Average Present PodToons! Splitsider Podcast Network podcast Left Handed Radio has a new cartoon webshow called PodToons, produced by Above Average Productions. […]
  2. Left Handed Radio: ‘Tales from the Longbox’On this special comic book episode: Infinite Crossover, Doctor Doom has the hiccups, the Joker consults with his decorator, the X-Men smell […]
  3. Left Handed Radio: Sequel Machine - ‘The Last Ten Pages of Breaking Bad’The Sequel Machine recruits amazing comedy writers to write the sequels for film’s biggest franchises one page at a time. The catch is, the […]
  4. Left Handed Radio’s New Video: I Noticed You Left Handed Radio has a new video out today, and it’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of the mid-1990’s pop-rock fan in all of us. James’s […]
  5. Left Handed Radio: ‘Youth is Officially Gone’On this episode: Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple shills for life insurance, Mitch has a points system for Facebook, Crazy Eddie does […]
  6. Left Handed Radio: ‘You’re In For a Ride, New Guy’On this episode: Bentley Jipsem has a question for the cast of Horsewülf, Agent X-9 confronts Count Molasar and his taco boat flotilla, it’s […]
  7. Left Handed Radio: ‘Sometimes I Want to Be Noticed’On this episode: Apptivism, a man orders a new mattress over the phone, a young woman starts a lucrative career in spam writing, the man that […]
  8. Left Handed Radio: ‘Rainbow Party’On this episode: Dan disappears, we visit the planetarium, Dogworthy thinks he’s people, the stage manager at World Wide Wrestling leaves some […]
  9. Left Handed Radio: ‘1996’On this lost episode from 1996: Seinfeld Nights, NBC’s Must She TV challenges gender norms, Delta Burke for Tamagotchi Rescue, dad tries to […]
  10. Left Handed Radio: ‘You Don’t Dance Off Red Tape’On this episode: parents give their son the gift of accepting his gay stuff, Fauxnaise is a vegan sandwich spread that sounds like a nasal […]
  11. Left Handed Radio’s New Video: Funny or Die Exclusive ‘Zone’! Left Handed Radio has a new video out today and it’s also a Funny Or Die Exclusive! Roughly 36 hours after the cyborgs release their full […]
  12. Left Handed Radio: ‘I Got Neon Blue, I Got Neon Red’On this episode: a doctor has no time for whiny patients, Corbin’s new therapy goes awry, Rick Freeblehofft is back trackside after his […]
  13. Left Handed Radio: Come see the Sequel Machine’s ‘Die Hard 6’ on February […]Left Handed Radio presents The Sequel Machine, a monthly live show where 22 writers of all stripes (The Onion, Fast Company, McSweeney’s, UCB’s […]
  14. Left Handed Radio: ‘The Book of Deuteromnibus’On this episode: The Monster Truck going away party, the guest pastor has a differing set of pronunciation beliefs, The Holy Land Experiences […]
  15. Left Handed Radio: Sequel Machine – ‘9thmare on Elm Street’Every month, The Sequel Machine recruits 25 writers to write the sequels for film’s biggest franchises one page at a time. The catch is, the […]
  16. Left Handed Radio: ‘Country Style Pumpkin Butter’On this episode: The Going-Out-Of-Business Store opens and the Grand Opening Store closes, the Pentagon demands more zombie shit, the […]
  17. Left Handed Radio: Freddy’s Back in ‘9thmare on Elm Street’ Thursday NightLeft Handed Radio presents The Sequel Machine, a monthly live show where 25 writers of all stripes (The Onion, Fast Company, McSweeney’s) […]
  18. Left Handed Radio: The Sequel Machine – ‘Dark Knight 4’Every month, The Sequel Machine recruits 25 writers to write the sequels for film’s biggest franchises one page at a time. The catch is, the […]
  19. Left Handed Radio: ‘Grow Up!’On this episode: Tammy’s Tavern but a suds & foam machine, an immortal must face his financial instability, two dudes accidentally have phone […]
  20. Left Handed Radio: Come to a Staged Reading of ‘Dark Knight 4’ Thursday […]Left Handed Radio presents The Sequel Machine, a monthly live show where 25 writers collaborate on a sequel to one of film’s biggest […]
  21. Left Handed Radio: ‘A Week of Afternoons’On this episode: C100 is having a contest blow-out summer, Groundr coffee shops have a premium service, Blendy’s Southern Style menu, Boots […]
  22. Left Handed Radio: ‘Like Bradley Cooper in ‘Limitless"’ On this live episode: Thomas Edison gets up to mischief with his new invention, Darrel Dactyl goes on a job interview, Baldanzi is assigned a […]
  23. Left Handed Radio: ‘Rue Britannia’The Left Handed Radio crew performs an audio love-letter to merry old England. On this live episode, sketches include: Fancy a soak?, an open […]
  24. Left Handed Radio: ‘Hail Hail, Sophia, the Goddess of Reason’Left Handed Radio takes the stage once again to reflect on alienation, desperation, and all manner of crushed dreams. Sketches from this […]
  25. Left Handed Radio: ‘Forget Everything You Knew About Lasagna’On this live episode: A pilot has an action-movie name, Stacey the dog found a weapon, Robert Keller sings a song about his real passion in […]
  26. Left Handed Radio: ‘That’s the Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’On this episode: Tond Mitchell has a song for his pesky wife, Linda Francis has an excellent benefits package, the staff of Mask City hates […]
  27. Left Handed Radio: ‘Where Were Your Parents?’On this holiday-flavored episode: Field recordings of the rare North American laughing owls, a clerk tries to find a lost boy’s parents, Tanner […]
  28. Left Handed Radio: ‘I Remember I Couldn’t Sleep’On this episode: A friendly robot hosts the show for us, the latest in dork coutre, David is nervous to be on a gameshow, new medications to […]
  29. Left Handed Radio: ‘The House on Sketches Hill’On this Halloween episode: The Crypt Keeper welcomes you to the House on Sketches Hill, the Clearfield County Spooky Patrol vows to protect the […]
  30. Left Handed Radio: ‘The Fightin’ Iceberg Mummies’On this episode: We lock the Roller Rink DJ in his booth, WFFN wraps up all the college football scores you need, LHR38 has a rerun of “Boss […]
  31. Left Handed Radio: ‘The Martial Arts’On this episode: We’re sponsored by Blendy’s and their new menus of delicious treats, Kathy Clairol shows us some improbably reversable fashion […]
  32. Left Handed Radio: ‘You Don’t Want a Relationship, You Want a Trainwreck’On this episode: Leaving behind delicious Italian pasta is a great way to show your affection, a cop plays by his own rules and takes his sweet […]
  33. Left Handed Radio: ‘Hungry for Suspense’On this episode: a gum that can give you ultimate flavor sensations, working at the Fashion Bug returns counter can make a gal sassy, the […]
  34. Left Handed Radio: ‘How Did You Know it Was Banksy?’On this episode: a housecat ruins a man’s life, a hotel guest finds more than a mint on his pillow, all the cold cuts keep disappearing, Trevin […]
  35. Left Handed Radio: ‘Jocaster is Busy’On this episode: New England’s greatest mariachi band, a war-torn future that should never be, changing a flight reservation gets a little […]
  36. Left Handed Radio: ‘Now You Got a Wreath and You’re Welcome’On this holiday episode: an energy drink introduces a new Christmas icon, holiday tips from a Pittsburg yinzer, mom buys a whole lot of egg […]
  37. Left Handed Radio: ‘The Illuminati Will Be Pleased’This month on the show: local events for the whole family,  an executive feels excluded, brunch plans are discussed over brunch, a priest tries […]
  38. Left Handed Radio: ‘It’s Like a Shit Fit Only Bigger’On our first episode: A local music festival, a smashing first date, an annoying talking dog, Skeleton Warehouse, a man named Big Rick, a […]