1. encounter
    Out to Sea With Neil Gaiman and Amanda PalmerThe King and Queen of the Mermaid Parade.
  2. Her Body and Other Parties Is in Development As a Black Mirror-esque SeriesGina Welch of The Terror is attached to write.
  3. profile
    Misogyny Is Boring As HellCarmen Maria Machado writes fantastical tales about the banal horrors of sexism. Lately, it’s her story about Junot Díaz that’s getting attention.
  4. How Haruki Murakami’s Killing Commendatore Cover Came TogetherRevealed exclusively on Vulture.
  5. Wicomicon Founders on Their Pop-up Convention and the FanCon FalloutHow they pulled it off.
  6. The Story Behind FanCon’s Controversial CollapseThe first major FanCon dedicated to diversity was called a scam in the days since it abruptly fell apart. Here, its founders give their account.
  7. chat room
    Meg Wolitzer Doesn’t Want to Be Tied to a ‘Moment’“I’m drawn by the flame of what’s out there, but frightened by it, too.”
  8. Meet Justina Ireland, YA Twitter’s Leading WarriorHow the activist and author became the most controversial figure in young-adult literature, one tweet at a time.
  9. Watch the Book Trailer for Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and BonePlus, Adeyemi on the pressures of writing one of the most anticipated books of the year, and why she’s bored by Lord of the Rings.
  10. Can You Revise a Book to Make It More Woke?When a YA novel was criticized for racism prior to publication, the author attempted something radical — she pushed its release date and rewrote it.
  11. Ben Sinclair on Writing High Maintenance While Going Through a Breakup“The first day we were like, ‘Hey guys, we’re splitting up. This is a very strange situation. And we’re going to be super open about it.’”
  12. Governor Cuomo Calls to ‘Rescind’ New York Prisons’ Controversial Book Policy“Concerns from families need to be addressed, while we redouble efforts to fight prison contraband.”
  13. Will This New Policy Stop New York’s Inmates From Reading?“Why would you restrict access to this thing that’s universally considered a positive?”
  14. What the Job of a Sensitivity Reader Is Really LikeDhonielle Clayton explains.
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    Search Party Season-Finale Recap: Dory Is Going to Hell“Your friends are pointless, entitled, empty idiots.”
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    Search Party Recap: Those Hipster Kids Did It!Detective Joy is terribly close to cracking this case.
  17. overnights
    Search Party Recap: The Key to the CityGood boy Drew has clearly embraced his dark side.
  18. Ask an Expert: Can the Plagiarism Charges Against Emma Cline Hold Up in Court?It’s unlikely.
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    Search Party Recap: Back to BrooklynOf all Dory’s bad ideas, this one might be the worst.
  20. overnights
    Search Party Season-Premiere Recap: We’re Not Murderers!Will Dory and her friends actually get away with murder?
  21. vulture roundtable
    What Pop Culture Gets Right and Wrong About Witches, According to a Real CovenFrom Buffy to The Witch, an actual coven judges the best and worst depictions of witchcraft in movies and TV.
  22. Lin-Manuel Miranda on How The Kingkiller Chronicles Inspired MoanaPlus, the “really singsongy” Lady Lackless tune he wrote.
  23. Patrick Rothfuss Is About to Be Fantasy’s Next SuperstarAs the author adapts his beloved trilogy for film and TV with Lin-Manuel Miranda, one question haunts him: Where’s the third book?
  24. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles Headed Showtime“I very rarely reread books, but I reread those books several times just to luxuriate in reading them.”
  25. Practical Magic Got Cursed by an Actual Witch. Is That Why It Bombed?Director Griffin Dunne explains what happened after a real witch turned against the 1998 cult hit.
  26. The Making (and Unmaking) of a 23-Hour Times Best SellerHandbook for Mortals author Lani Sarem on scheming her way to the top of the list, and why she’d probably do it all over again.
  27. vulture guides
    Your Guide to the Gods of American GodsAfter you inevitably find yourself asking, what the hell is going on?
  28. overnights
    I Love Dick Season Finale Recap: The Beauty Dance“Did you get to do everything you wanted?”
  29. overnights
    I Love Dick Recap: Reality BitesThe fantasy of Dick is crumbling, not only for Chris, but for all the women in Marfa.
  30. overnights
    I Love Dick Recap: Art Becomes Life Becomes Art“Dick does not care to be made a spectacle of. You better watch your back.”
  31. overnights
    I Love Dick Recap: Dear DickEvery woman in Marfa sees Dick as a symbol of something different.
  32. overnights
    I Love Dick Recap: The Circling Cyclone“Dear Dick, did you think this was going to be pretty?”
  33. overnights
    I Love Dick Recap: The Dick Letters“I want to be a female monster.”
  34. overnights
    I Love Dick Recap: The MetamorphosisChris is shaken by her latest encounter with Dick.
  35. overnights
    I Love Dick Series-Premiere Recap: Welcome to Marfa“Dear Dick: This is about obsession.”
  36. ask an expert
    Could a Real-Life San Junipero Ever Happen? We Asked a Neuroscientist “It’s kind of this techno substitution for traditional stories of life after death. It’s just substituting a different mechanism.”
  37. ask an expert
    How Realistic Is Westworld? We Asked a FuturistShould we start preparing for the robocalypse?