1. essential episodes
    18 Essential Episodes of Criminal MindsThe reboot hits Paramount+ on Thanksgiving Day.
  2. essential episodes
    12 Essential Inside Amy Schumer SketchesParodies, celebrity guests, and giant glasses of wine.
  3. cater it to the limit
    20 Essential Bob’s Burgers EpisodesFeaturing musical numbers, puns, fart jokes, and plenty of heart.
  4. dun dun
    20 Essential Episodes of Law & OrderGuest stars, “ripped from the headlines” plots, and of course one-liners.
  5. music supervision
    Yellowjackets and Euphoria’s ’90s Music Is Filling a ‘Void of Angst and Anger’Music supervisor Jen Malone breaks down the two shows’ musical fixations and teases some tracks still to come.
  6. some ‘splainin’
    16 Essential I Love Lucy EpisodesFrom conveyer belts to baby chickens.
  7. love story
    Actually, The Conjuring Is a Love StoryThe power of the hugely successful horror franchise comes not in its scares, but in the rock-solid relationship between its two main characters.
  8. sexual tension
    20 Episodes of Law & Order: SVU That Define Benson and Stabler’s PartnershipRevisit one of the most compelling will-they, won’t-they relationships in the crime-procedural circuit.
  9. ‘Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night’ Is an Intimate Portrait and […]During his time on air, David Letterman was aware that he was comedy establishment, but this knowledge fueled him, becoming fodder to satirize […]