Lindsay Robertson

  1. spoilers
    When to Cover Your Eyes in Hot Tub Time MachineOh yes, there will be vomit.
  2. concerts
    Neutral Milk Hotel’s Reclusive Jeff Mangum to Perform at Benefit in MayAwesome! Too bad amateur videographers will ruin it.
  3. trailer mix
    Marmaduke Trailer Found to Be Safe, Effective Birth ControlPity the parents of pre-tweens, for they know not what awaits them in June.
  4. rants
    Kevin Smith Is Apparently Angry About Something AgainHe wants critics to pay.
  5. casting couch
    Could a Cheryl Hines, Carrie Fisher, and Debra Messing Sitcom Not Be Great?We’ll even forgive the pun in the title.
  6. books
    Cupid-Murderer Jennifer Love Hewitt Tries On Diamond Rings Once a MonthShe also ends book sentences with “lol.”
  7. leaks
    Leaked David Mamet Memo to Writers of The Unit Will Only Add to Mamet’s LegendKeep watch for shows with two characters talking about a third. Mamet hates those shows.
  8. commercials
    Stephen Colbert’s Dog Does Tricks in Flip CommercialThe dog is not very good with tricks.
  9. comedy
    The Onion News Network Is Coming to IFCIt’s not Comedy Central. It’s IFC.
  10. kudos
    There’s Going to Be an Entire Awards Show Just for Matt DamonSeriously. And Matt Damon is going to sweep.
  11. deleted scenes
    Twilight: New Moon Scene Explains Why Victoria Was So MeanUnseen cheesiness from the most ridiculous movie of 2009.
  12. sitcoms
    Curb Your Enthusiasm Reruns Will Feature Panel Discussions About Larry’s Faux PasGet ready for “The Larry Ref.”
  13. trailer mix
    Megamind Teaser: This Villain Is FierceDreamworks releases the first teaser for its meta 3-D extravaganza.
  14. feuds
    Viacom vs. YouTube: Just the Funny PartsCorporate intrigue starts at Kinko’s.
  15. music videos
    Lady Gaga’s Prison Girlfriend in the ‘Telephone’ Video Tells AllThey really kissed!
  16. feuds
    Michael Moore: The Hurt Locker is Too EasyCalls this year’s Oscar winner “lazy.”
  17. sitcoms
    How Will Parks and Rec Hide Poehler’s Pregnancy?One thing’s certain: There’s no way Leslie Knope is going to be pregnant.
  18. comedy
    The Best Tina Fey Quotes in This Month’s EsquireThis is about as no-holds-barred as Tina Fey gets.
  19. trailer mix
    Four Lions Trailer: A Screwball Comedy About Suicide BombersChris Morris takes on a taboo.
  20. Is Ben Folds on ChatRoulette?Some think that “Merton” is actually already famous.
  21. breakups
    Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes SplitA U.K. law firm says the two broke up earlier this year.
  22. casting couch
    Chris Parnell and Horatio Sanz Join Jon Heder’s New SitcomMore details on the Will Ferrell–Adam McKay Comedy Central show.
  23. cartoons
    South Park’s Season Premiere Will Not Be Tiger Woods’s Favorite EpisodeParker and Stone take on another “sacred” topic.
  24. comedy
    Where Is Zach Galifianakis’ Twin Brother, Seth?The comedy star’s brother has been MIA since Zach hit it big. Can Seth not handle Zach’s newfound super-fame?
  25. trailer mix
    Boogie Woogie Trailer: Like Valentine’s Day But About ArtBut apparently it has a tragic ending!
  26. obits
    Merlin Olsen Dead at 69’Little House’ actor was diagnosed with cancer in 2009.
  27. lawsuits
    Model Sues After Finding Out Her Photo Was Used As Masturbatory Material in Couple’s RetreatJon Favreau picked the wrong photo to jerk off to.
  28. trailer mix
    OMG, Ten Seconds of Footage From The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!Kristen Stewart is not allowed to speak.
  29. mad men
    Okay, the New Mad Men Barbies Look Kind of CoolIt was only a matter of time before Betty and Don got the Mattel treatment.
  30. late night
    Bachelor Jake Finally Admits That ‘Physical Chemistry’ and ‘Sexual Chemistry’ Are the Same ThingJust in case anyone was confused.
  31. lawsuits
    Young Man Sues CBS for Making Him Talk About His Penis Surgery on TVThere is no such thing as doctor-patient confidentiality on syndicated TV.
  32. avatar
    A Serious Exploration of the Tantric Sex in AvatarTurns out James Cameron got Tantra right.
  33. trailer mix
    The Runaways Trailer: It’s Supposed to Look Cheap, Get It?Finally, a real trailer for the most anticipated teen-girl-kissing movie of the season.
  34. casting couch
    The Unlikely Onscreen Chemistry of Leighton Meester and Hugh LaurieUnlikely actors are teaming up again.
  35. ridiculous gossip
    Harrison Ford Loves Airplanes and CheeseburgersHarrison Ford probably does not really fly his plane to get cheeseburgers, but it sure is fun to imagine he does!
  36. books
    John Grisham Is Writing Lawyer Books for Kids NowWhich gives us an idea for other best-selling authors!
  37. the duckman
    We Really (Maybe) Almost Lost DuckieTMZ reports that Jon Cryer’s ex wanted him dead.
  38. movie posters
    Taylor Lautner’s New Moon Body Was PhotoshoppedAll that work for nothing.
  39. casting couch
    Hall Pass Cast Growing to Near–Valentine’s Day LevelsThe new Farrelly Brothers’ comedy keeps adding faces.
  40. tv
    HBO Expected to Announce New Streaming-Video Service TomorrowNew site will offer three times the content currently available on On Demand.
  41. Here’s a Really Gross Red Band Clip From She’s Out of My LeagueSoon, Hollywood will run out of ways to be disgusting in R-rated comedies. But not yet.
  42. fan fiction
    The Creepiest Mad Men/30 Rock Fan Fiction EverJack Donaghy and Sally Draper.
  43. critics
    Roger Ebert in His PrimeA bittersweet profile of our best movie critic.
  44. trailer mix
    Jon Hamm’s First Movie As a Leading Man, Stolen, Is Finally Coming OutIFC has un-shelved their Jon Hamm vehicle.
  45. late night
    Lee Daniels Made Helen Mirren Sound Like Kind of a Jerk on The Daily ShowShe could play Mariah Carey’s role “in her sleep.”
  46. casting couch
    The NBC Pilot by the Reno 911! Creators Keeps Getting CoolerMore cast announcements for NBC’s most anticipated fall comedy.
  47. hospitalizations
    The Alec Baldwin Hospitalization Misunderstanding: Now With Conspiracy Theories!Was Basinger behind the bad press?
  48. late night
    Stephen Colbert Reveals Shepard Fairey–Designed Olympic Poster“Post it all over Vancouver!”
  49. trailer mix
    Get Him to the Greek Trailer: Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, ReunitedGet ready for this summer’s madcap crazy Apatow-produced caper.
  50. montages
    The Cheesy Love Montage That Made Us Weep, Damn ItWe swear, it’s actually pretty good.
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