1. mashups
    What Happens When Orphan Black Meets Multiplicity?Get it? There are so many clones.
  2. generators
    Make Your Own Scandal MonologueIt’s handled!
  3. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Match the Movie President to His Movie Speech“We will not go quietly into the night.”
  4. six degrees of kardashian
    The Kardashians Are the Center of Reality TVKeeping Up With the Kardashians is the Kevin Bacon of the genre, essentially.
  5. charts
    The Surreal Life Family Tree of VH1 ShowsHow one show was the gift that kept on giving.
  6. vulture games
    See a Downton Abbey Version of ClueWith our homemade board.
  7. infographics
    The Original Anchorman, Turned Into InfographicsSex Panther’s ingredient breakdown, Baxter’s bridge trajectory, milk as a choice in different temperatures, and more!
  8. hanksgiving
    How to Prepare Your Hanksgiving MealWe’ve designed a menu (with actual delicious recipes) for a Hanksgiving feast.
  9. your future
    We Made a Set of American Horror Story: Coven Tarot CardsAnd they are totally spooky, just like the show.
  10. young hearts run free
    The Most Teenage Lyrics on Lorde’s Album, Pure Heroine“Maybe the Internet raised us, or maybe people are jerks.”
  11. teen things
    A Comprehensive History of the ‘Cups’ PhenomenonIf you’re a teen, you already know this.
  12. infographics
    Breaking Bad As InfographicsBreaking the show down into charts and graphs, not badly.
  13. quiz
    Quiz: Can You Match Mark Wahlberg’s Abs to the Movie?Can you tell his Pain & Gain abs from his Boogie Nights abs from his Basketball Diaries abs?
  14. quiz
    Summer Movie Quiz: Guess the Rotten Tomato ScoreCome as close as you can to the correct percentage.
  15. Quiz: Which Pharrell Is Older? The man does not age.
  16. infographics
    Game of Thrones Season 3 As InfographicsIncluding the official Game of Thrones color wheel!
  17. how we express ourselves these days
    Express Yourself With Our Custom Arrested Development Emoji SetNo, the emoji that come with your smartphone are just not enough.
  18. vulture cares
    With More Arrested Development Coming Soon, How Are You Feeling Today? Let us help you work through your Arrested Development feels.
  19. vulture quiz
    Mother’s Day Quiz: Match Advice to Movie MomsFirst take this quiz, then call your mom.