Lisa Liebman

  1. backstories
    Sunday’s GOT Was Harder to Film Than Red Wedding“It was like a pyramid that you have to take one block at a time.”
  2. catch up
    What You Need to Know About Halt and Catch Fire Before Season TwoHalt and catch up!
  3. close looks
    The Mad Men Crew Made a Lot of Cameos in the Final SeasonGuess who’s about to overhear Stan’s declaration of love to Peggy? That would be production designer Dan Bishop.
  4. chat room
    Semi Chellas on the Most Feminist Episode of Mad Men Yet“There was a giant wave of feminism right behind them about to crash over them.”
  5. chat room
    Playing the President’s Daughter on Veep“She’s ultimately her mother’s daughter.”
  6. Good Wife Showrunners on What’s in Alicia’s Note“Alicia and Kalinda will be together [in the finale].”
  7. chat room
    Robin Thede on Shaping The Nightly Show’s ComedyAnd growing up in a trailer park.
  8. chat room
    Sophie McShera on Downton Finale, CinderellaAnd her “telly mommy.”
  9. tv
    Your Refresher for The Comeback Season-One FinaleRead this before tonight’s season-two premiere.
  10. tv
    Your Refresher Guide for The Comeback, Episodes 7–12Catch up before Sunday’s season-two premiere.
  11. Your Refresher Guide for The Comeback: Episodes 1–6It’s not easy being Valerie Cherish.
  12. chat room
    The Bridge’s Franka Potente on Her Creepy Role“The crazier the part, the better.”
  13. vulture compendiums
    All 47 Pairs of Scrubs Merritt Wever Has Worn on Nurse JackieSo many pink patterned uniforms!
  14. chat room
    Nurse Jackie’s Julie White on Bad AA SponsoringThe Tony-winning actress discusses playing an AA sponsor.
  15. animals in hollywood
    Inside Llewyn Davis’s Cat Trainer on the Three Tabbies Who Play UlyssesFeline factoid: Dawn Barkan also trained the cats who portrayed Mr. Jinx in the Focker franchise.
  16. glass ceilings
    The Glass Ceiling of Celebrity Voice-over WorkThat famous voice you hear in that car ad? It’s almost certainly a man’s.