1. the harvey weinstein case
    Actress Shares Harrowing Account of Harvey Weinstein Masturbating Beside Her“He was holding me by the back of the neck and looking right into my face.”
  2. Here’s What It Was Like Inside the Weinstein Co. When the Allegations Came OutA new New Yorker story sheds light on what happened the day both reports were published.
  3. harassment in hollywood
    Patricia Arquette Speaks Out About ‘Weird’ Encounter With Oliver StoneThe actress wrote that things took a “weird” turn after a meeting about a “very sexual” film role.
  4. Former Playboy Model Says Oliver Stone Groped Her at a Party When She Was 22Carrie Stevens spoke out after Stone’s comments about Harvey Weinstein.
  5. Steve Bannon Is Reportedly Trying to Make Movies AgainWesterns, to be exact.
  6. get well soon
    Selena Gomez Reveals She Got a Kidney Transplant This SummerHer friend Francia Raisa was her donor.
  7. not so simple life
    Paris Hilton Is Living Your Worst Life at Burning ManGold outfits and dubious headbands for days.
  8. Mindy Kaling Speaks Out About Her Pregnancy for the First Time“I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my life and this is one where I’m like, Okay, it’s out of my hands, which is kind of a fun feeling.”
  9. mooch movie
    Anthony Scaramucci’s Time in the White House May Soon Be Turned Into a MovieYeah, we’d watch it.
  10. life of celine
    Céline Dion Is Once Again Dominating The Instagram Video GameEating fries, straddling art, and loving life in couture.
  11. art du jour
    Here Are New Photos of Beyoncé, One Month After Having TwinsBow down.
  12. New Owner of Lena Dunham’s Dog Lamby Speaks Out About Adopting Him“Lamby is living a great life and has shown tremendous progress.”
  13. legal troubles
    Blac Chyna Reportedly Accuses Rob Kardashian of Domestic Violence“Rob has been violent with me in the past and I am afraid to be around him.”
  14. movies
    Rooney Mara Never Tried Pie Until Last YearThe Ghost Story actress eats a pie in the film.
  15. lgbtq
    Jay-Z’s Mom Comes Out in Track for His New Album, 4:44“Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian / Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian.”
  16. The Rihanna–Kevin Durant Feud Is the Basketball Drama We NeedShe yelled “BRICK” as he made a shot.
  17. crime
    Naomi Campbell Says Robbers Attacked and Threatened to Kill Her in Paris in 2012“It’s a whole ring that’s been happening for a few years now.”
  18. everyday sexism
    Priyanka Chopra: ‘Being Objectified Is Part of My Job’“I don’t get offended by being called a sex symbol.”
  19. roll clip!
    Michelle Obama to Oprah Winfrey: ‘We’re Feeling What Not Having Hope Feels Like’She sat down with Oprah for her final interview as First Lady.
  20. hair and makeup magic
    The Makeup Behind SNL’s Clinton and Trump SpoofsBehind the scenes with the SNL hair and makeup crew.
  21. memoirs
    Zayn Malik Struggled with an Eating Disorder While in One DirectionHe was so busy on the road that he ended up skipping meals.
  22. kim kardashian robbery
    There Are Some Insane Conspiracy Theories About the Kim Kardashian RobberyShe’s being accused of faking it on social media.