Liz Meriwether

  1. Eric Trump’s Really at Wit’s End With His Workplace Harassment SituationEric screams for a long, long time. It’s primal and scary and sounds like a dying animal.
  2. now streaming
    What to Watch on Netflix During Election SeasonI don’t need my entertainment to have high stakes; I already have too much at stake in this election. Stolen figurines are what I can handle.
  3. THE POLITICS OF LENA DUNHAMTagging along with the ​Girls creator at the Democratic convention.
  4. vulture cover story
    The Politics of Lena DunhamTagging along with the ​Girls creator at the Democratic convention.
  5. Trying to Understand All the Silence and Noise of the RNC and DNCDuring my time at the conventions, I ended my days exhausted. My body actually hurt from too much listening. But I felt less angry.
  6. Hey, It Was Hard Not to Cry at This Historic DNCI was typing the words “Thank you” and crying when I suddenly remembered where I was sitting.
  7. Getting a Feel for Philadelphia During the DNCComing to the DNC to protest was part of what one visitor described as a “12-step process to get over Bernie.”
  8. Vladimir Putin Is Having a Rough Day Working the Phone for Donald Trump But Roger Ailes has his own stuff going on.
  9. huh? in cleveland
    All Samantha Bee Needs to Conquer the Political Conventions Is a Cozy AirbnbVulture’s correspondent Liz Meriwether caught up with the Full Frontal host in Cleveland.
  10. huh? in cleveland
    Which Game of Thrones Characters Are Republican?“It’s kind of hard to cast all the Lannisters as one political ideology. The father is obviously quite fascist. And the daughter’s just kind of bat-shit crazy.”
  11. huh? in cleveland
    You Did Good, Ted CruzIf anyone has ever said those five words before, it wasn’t me. But here we are.
  12. huh? in cleveland
    Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins Talks Politics“I’m up there talking about how people like my gay cousin are still not considered to be enfranchised fully into the American fabric, and a guy is booing me.”
  13. huh? in cleveland
    You Wouldn’t Understand Melania Trump’s My Little Pony Glimmer TruthsMelania’s unicorn horn poked Donald in the stomach, but he didn’t say anything. He just held her hoof while she cried a little.
  14. huh? in cleveland
    Giuliani’s RNC Encore? Singing Children’s SongsHe reportedly recorded a children’s album of lullabies earlier this year called AMERICA! GREATNESS! GO TO SLEEP NOW!
  15. huh? in cleveland
    What Do the Women of Cleveland Want From Melania Trump? Praying for the debut of a new Jackie O.
  16. huh? in cleveland
    The Doomed Romance of the Trump-Pence Logo’s T&PShe knew they probably looked like a prototype for a terrible tennis-racket logo or something witches put on other witches’ doors to let them know there was a meeting in the woods that night, but she didn’t care.
  17. huh? in cleveland
    Cleveland Shows Some Love in the Prelude to Republican National Convention Week“Clevelanders are all laid-back people,” one person said. “We are a classy city.” A cop agreed: “If anything happens, it will be outsiders.”
  18. huh? in cleveland
    Ok, Republican National Convention, Here We GoWhen Vulture asked me to go to Cleveland to cover the RNC, I should have remembered that I look like Hillary Clinton.
  19. remembering
    New Girl’s Liz Meriwether on Working With PrinceWhen his manager reached out at the beginning of season three to ask if we were interested in having Prince on the show, I was shocked. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
  20. ny la comedy
    Liz Meriwether: Why Hating L.A. Is Good for My ComedyIt’s an old comedy idea: The character is forced to live in a place where she doesn’t belong.
  21. the ratings game
    What It’s Like to Live and Die by TV RatingsNielsen ratings! The numbers go out, and then almost all creative decisions about network television in America are made based on them.