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  1. movie review
    Movie Review: Submarine SurfacesWhereas Anderson’s hyper-referential films have become dioramas of Pantone-perfect dream homes, Ayoade’s stylized aesthetic feels more lived-in, and recognizably human.
  2. movie review
    Movie Reviews: The Last Mountain and !Women Art Revolution’The Last Mountain’ is a passionate, partisan, and effective film about the perils of mountaintop coal mining.
  3. movie review
    Movie Reviews: Mr. Nice, Tuesday, After Christmas, and PuzzleRhys Ifans is marvelously louche as a drug dealer in ‘Mr. Nice,’ but the rise-and-fall tale is too familiar.
  4. movie review
    Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2 Is Fast, Fun, and a Little DisturbedIt gets a little weird and dark, but the spazzy sequel mostly delivers the same beautifully animated goofball shenanigans as the first.
  5. movie review
    Movie Reviews: Louder Than a Bomb and Florent: Queen of the Meat Market, Two Docs That Won’t Depress You!Positive reprieves in the form of an emotionally powerful poetry slam competition and the birth of fabulous in the meatpacking district.
  6. movie review
    Priest Is A SinThe film seems to speed by, but actually it’s just short.
  7. slideshow
    Twelve Films to Get Excited About at This Year’s Cannes Film FestivalStarring Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, and Tilda Swinton.
  8. movie review
    The Wretched Something Borrowed and the Merely Bad Jumping the BroomYou either get a maddening plot or an unfunny one: Take your pick!
  9. flow chart
    Which Loud Summer Action Movie Is Right for You?Do you like your heroes drunk and weird or preposterously beefy? What kind of jewelry do they wear? We can help steer you to the right film.
  10. movie review
    Movie Reviews: The Arbor, 13 Assassins, Sympathy for DeliciousThree indies, including actor Mark Ruffalo’s directorial debut.
  11. chat room
    Rob Brydon on The Trip and Doing the Perfect Michael Caine Impression“He’s got almost copyrightable speech patterns.”
  12. movie review
    Robert Pattinson Leaves No Room for the Elephant in Water for ElephantsThe world’s most famous vampire is curiously toothless.
  13. chat room
    Tribeca Film Festival’s Breakout Doc Director: Alma Har’elShe pairs vérité footage with staged, theatrical dance sequences in ‘Bombay Beach.’
  14. chat room
    Taylor Kitsch on John Carter of Mars, Battleship, and Why Bang Bang Club Forced Him to Seek Psychiatric HelpPlus, his response to all the lady love.
  15. tribeca film festival
    25 Films to See at the Tribeca Film FestivalWe’ve screened nearly all of the fest’s 93 movies: Here are the tickets you want to buy.
  16. movie review
    Three Movie Reviews: Henry’s Crime, Ceremony, and Blank CityAll your indie-film questions answered in one critical roundup.
  17. chat room
    The Very Talkative Russell Brand on Fame, Kids, Charlie Sheen, and MoreThe man will riff on anything, and we have the outtakes from his big profile interview to prove it.
  18. movie review
    Movie Review: Super It’s NotA scatterbrained film that sucks up the essence of so many other superheroes it loses any sense of a distinct identity.
  19. chat room
    Greta Gerwig on Russell Brand, What’s Wrong With Romantic Comedies, and How to Build the Perfect Pandora StationIt begins with Toto’s “Africa” …
  20. sxsw report
    Mel Gibson’s Compelling Performance in The BeaverThe movie got a warm response from the audience at the premiere. But it’s hard to tell if that was because it was presented by its beloved director, Jodie Foster.
  21. movie review
    Movie Review: Flimsy Limitless Could Use One of Its Own Pills’Limitless,’ like any cheap high, is a quick rush followed by a crushing sense of emptiness.
  22. sxsw
    Logan Hill, SXSW Film Juror, Explains Why You Need to Watch for Natural SelectionThe ambitious sperm-donor/odd-couple comedy tries many things, and succeeds at all of them. And we have a clip.
  23. at sxsw
    A Five-Quote Sampler of Bridesmaids’ Dirtiest Jokes“Did you let him sleep over in your mouth?”
  24. movie review
    7 Reasons Why Video Games Are Better Than Battle: L.A.’Battle: L.A.’ not only reminds you of the relative genius of Michael Bay, it pales in comparison to even a mediocre first-person shooter.
  25. movie review
    Red Riding Hood Can’t Escape the Shadow of TwilightDirector Catherine Hardwicke is beaten by her own film.
  26. movie review
    Movie Review: Mars Needs Moms — and Better AnimationThe film is the swan song of Robert Zemeckis’s ImageMovers, an animation company that will be remembered for creating the creepiest, not-quite-human CGI.
  27. movie review
    Movie Review: Beastly Is GhastlyHow do you make “Beauty and the Beast” — an enchanting story, thousands of years old — palatable to a young movie audience? Dumb it down!
  28. clickables
    Hear Susan Boyle Sing the Theme for Trippy Anime Film Welcome to the SpaceshowIn which we learn that wasabi is one of the most valuable substances in the universe.
  29. movie review
    Movie Review: Happythankyoumoreplease Tests the Limits of Josh Radnor’s CharmThe ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star’s writer-director debut is an upbeat rom-com and the work of a blessed man.
  30. movie review
    Review: Look Out, Buzz Lightyear, Here Comes RangoWith ILM and Gore Verbinski’s thrillingly goofy, unabashedly strange, Johnny Depp–voiced Western odyssey, there’s a new animation powerhouse in Toon Town.
  31. movie review
    Movie Review: Drive Angry 3-D Doesn’t Even Have the Courtesy to Be Hilariously Bad“You don’t know pain until you’ve seen someone pull your daughter’s head off”
  32. chat room
    Enfant Terrible Xavier Dolan Is a Director Who Really Wants to Act“This is a contemptuous and stupid way of watching film.”
  33. vulture lists
    Vulture’s List of 100 Things to Look Forward To in 2011Whether you agree with our rankings or not, at least there’s plenty to salivate over.
  34. movies
    2010’s 25 Best Performances That Won’t Win OscarsWe loved these actors, and they don’t have a chance in hell at the Academy Awards.
  35. overnights
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Bang That’s a WhimperSeriously, that ticking coundown clock is so MacGruber.
  36. ick
    The 12 Nastiest Moments From The Walking DeadWait, is that Legolas with the crossbow? Doesn’t that zombie look like the old lady from ‘Drag Me to Hell’?
  37. overnights
    The Walking Dead Recap: Signs of HopeThanks, Ernest Dickerson!
  38. chat room
    Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon on Recording Kanye’s Dark Fantasy“I said, ‘Oh, cool, I’ll come out to Hawaii, it sounds fun.’”
  39. last night's gig
    Kanye West Attacks Taylor Swift, Defends George Bush in Brilliant Debut Performance of New AlbumLast night at Bowery Ballroom, the rapper capped a superb show with another classic rant.
  40. overnights
    The Walking Dead Recap: Zombie LogicHow long can you go on a zombie series without killing off any humans?
  41. overnights
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Hand-OffOn the one hand, the episode disappoints again. On the other …
  42. overnights
    The Walking Dead Recap: Zombies 1, Humans 0This week, the zombies win, thanks to one spectacularly disgusting, fluid-splattering dissection — and some less-than-human dialogue.
  43. vulture recommends
    New on Vulture Recommends: Comedy Podcasts, Zombie Movies, and More“Comedy Death Ray Radio,” “WTF With Marc Maron,” “The Nerdist,” and more.
  44. vulture recommends
    New on Vulture Recommends: Best Coast’s Best Road-Trip Music, Ian Brennan’s Favorite Long SongsWe’re just getting started.
  45. overnights
    The Walking Dead Recap: Less Thriller, More KillerBut the hope is that this could be the first zombie story in a long while with both serious brains and “Braiiiiinns!”
  46. vulture recommends
    New on Vulture Recommends: Surfing With Amy Sedaris, Gallery Hopping With Neil LaButeJust sitting around, watching viral videos with Amy Sedaris…
  47. vulture recommends
    New on Vulture Recommends: Duets From Pete Yorn, Terrorism Films From Olivier Assayas, and Our Critics’ Picks!Pete Yorn’s favorite duets (Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty!) and Olivier Assayas’s favorite five films about terrorism (Running on Empty!).
  48. contests
    Vulture’s Apocalypse Now Blu-ray Contest: We Have Winners!“A grocer’s Errand Boy … Snail across Razor … “
  49. vulture recommends
    New on Vulture Recommends: Jeffrey Tambor, Myla Goldberg, Vijay Iyer, and More!Surprising new jazz, comics, TV, and more!
  50. contests
    Watch Francis Ford Coppola Talk Pot Cookies, Win the 3-Disc Apocalypse Now Blu-rayCoppola on pot cookies at the Oscars: “I’m supposed to say my lines and then I get this inspiration … “
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