Lori Fradkin

  1. bad ideas
    Uh-oh: ‘Once’ Coming to Broadway?We are a little concerned.
  2. awesome
    A Night at the Museum You Might Actually EnjoyBen Stiller not included, thankfully!
  3. waiting
    Waiting for Confirmation That Nathan Lane Will Star in ‘Waiting for Godot’Michael Riedel says Lane will play Estragon to Bill Irwin’s Vladimir.
  4. kudos
    Larry Doyle Wins Thurber PrizeWho needs the Nobel Prize?
  5. awesome
    Queen Latifah to Play Gwen Ifill on ‘SNL’Tina Fey to avoid her questions!
  6. chat room
    Seth Gabel Talks About Being Dirty, Sexy, and Moneyed’Dirty Sexy Money’ premieres tonight; the show’s star dishes on the new season and on-set pranks.
  7. awesome
    ‘Spider-Man’ Possibly Hitting Broadway Next YearMaybe!
  8. awesome
    ‘Mad Men’ Wallpaper Gives Our Lives Meaning Until Next Episode of ‘Mad Men’These are the finest pieces of desktop wallpaper we’ve ever had.
  9. freebies
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Saves the EconomyBritish bankers snag free tickets to West End musicials! Crisis averted.
  10. vampires
    HBO Orders Second Season of ‘True Blood’ Because, Well, What the Hell Else Have They Got?In other news, hasn’t ‘Mad Men’ been great lately?
  11. deals
    Ted Mosby to Meet ‘Your Mother’ in SyndicationGood news, NPH fans: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has been picked up for syndication.
  12. kudos
    Up for Grabs: Bleacher Seats at the Oscars!See a certain ‘Valkyrie’ actor before he becomes an Oscar winner.
  13. IMDb Now Good for Two ThingsAt last, the site will useful for more than answering the question “Who the hell was that guy in that movie?”
  14. big deals
    Chris Noth Is Alive and Well and Acting Off BroadwayGood thing he didn’t die in ‘Sex and the City’!
  15. corrections
    Katie Holmes Not Selling Tickets on BroadwayBe honest: Who just wants to see Pacey?
  16. dream casting
    Lorne Michaels Discusses Tina Fey’s Palin PossibilitiesWill ‘SNL’ be … funny?
  17. hippies
    Naked Hippies to Hit Broadway in 2009After spending all summer in Central Park, ‘Hair’ moves indoors.
  18. gimmicks
    Blue Man Group to Splash Paint on You in 3-DExpect ‘things coming at you, splashing of paint, explosions of color.’
  19. J.K. Rowling Wins Copyright Suit, Pocket ChangeA judge ruled that Steven Vander Ark’s ‘Harry Potter Lexicon’ would cause her ‘irreparable harm’ as a writer.
  20. awesome
    Hurwitz, Biggs to Make Loving FamilySadly, not the Bluths.
  21. 30 rock
    Tracy Morgan to Jump on Couch?Oprah is in talks to guest-star on ‘30 Rock.’ Get those tissues ready, America!
  22. apropos of nothing
    Anna Faris Wanted ‘The House Bunny’ to Be Waaaaaaaay DarkerDrug addict? Abusive father? Wha?
  23. countdown
    Gosh, We Hope We Love ‘Gavin & Stacey’ As Much As Our Friends Tell Us We WillSure, we’ve had dalliances with a lot of television comedies before, but you never know — could this be the one?