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  1. househusbands
    The Types of Men You Find on Real HousewivesIn the Bravo-verse, the men have their own special status.
  2. main characters
    Give It Up for the Bravo Sprinter Van[Housewives twirl.] Fasten your seat belts: There’s a new drama queen in town.
  3. real housewives of drama
    No One Does a Reality-TV Reunion Like BravoIt’s all about the energy — just ask the Bunny.
  4. who is she?
    A Quick Guide to the Enigma That Is RHOBH’s Diana JenkinsWe’ve seen a lot of different sides to Diana so far, but there is still an air of mystery surrounding her fairy-tale life.
  5. money can’t buy you talent
    Real Housewives Songs, RankedMoney can buy you studio time and a moderately successful producer.
  6. teen angst
    14 Shows and Movies With Euphoria VibesSeason two is over; now what will we all talk about?
  7. method acting
    No One Does a Press Tour Quite Like Lady GagaAnd the the Oscar for Best Actress in a Promoting Role goes to…
  8. the real housewives
    The Ultimate Real Housewife, According to Real Real HousewivesBecause when it comes to iconic Housewife behavior, it takes one to know one.