1. guess who’s back
    High Maintenance: Which Cast Members Are Back for the HBO Show?High Maintenance has created a sort of repertory company for their characters.
  2. timelines
    Donald Glover’s Long, Strange Trip From Atlanta to AtlantaThe comedian/writer/actor/musician has made a career out of redefining expectations.
  3. chat room
    Justin Guarini on the American Idol ReunionAnd his highs and lows post-Idol.
  4. vulture lists
    A Last Week Tonight Year in Review: John Oliver’s Best Segments of 2015The only enjoyable way to look back at this year’s infuriating news.
  5. chat room
    Fargo’s Hanzee on Roles for Native Americans“I’ve played Latino roles, and I’ve played Native roles. I’d love a role where I’m playing a father, a loving husband.”
  6. chat room
    Kirsten Dunst on Fargo, Interview With a Vampire“People don’t spend that kind of fancy money on actual productions anymore. [On Vampire] we would go all around the world. It was crazy.”
  7. Matt Jackson Is Killing Everyone on JeopardyIf it has been a while since you’ve tuned into the game show, these next episodes would be a good time to reacquaint yourself.
  8. vulture lists
    All 298 Key & Peele Sketches, RankedIn related news, the author of this post has no desire to watch Key & Peele ever again.
  9. chat room
    Lake Bell on Joining WHAS and Playing Donna“Donna is tremendously awkward, sort of wielding her power of womanhood.”
  10. chat room
    WHAS’s Christopher Meloni on Humping the Fridge“There comes a time in every kid’s life where they have to learn facts. I thought it was important they watch me enjoy the fridge.”
  11. legacies
    Wet Hot American Summer’s Undefinable Brand of Smart StupidityCall it dumb-smart, its dumbness freshly imbued with a deep, winking self-awareness.
  12. backstories
    An Oral History of the Wet Hot American Summer Fart TrackHere, at last, is the real, unedited story.
  13. serious actors
    Key and Peele Head Writers’ Top K&P Performances“I feel like Jordan would win an award if this were a drama.”
  14. chat room
    Rob Delaney on Catastrophe Season 2’s Time-Jump“It’s almost like a sequel to a film.”
  15. chat room
    Maslany Talks Orphan Black, That Amazing Loft“They’re not going to give up that real estate.”
  16. behind the scenes
    The Story Behind That Hilarious Poop Scene on Louie“Four years I’ve been saying to Louie, ’Please. Please do this scene.’”
  17. Forte on His Unlikable Character on Last Man“He’s gone a little off the deep end.”
  18. Reggie Watts on His New Late Late Show GigAnd why he was initially annoyed by the offer.
  19. chat room
    Dan Harmon on the New Community & His Anxieties“Clearly I’m addicted to a certain amount of self-loathing.”
  20. chat room
    Ellie Kemper on UKS and Fancy-Dinner Etiquette“What if a [salad] leaf is too big? Do you cut it?”
  21. chat room
    Levy & O’Hara on Their 40 Years of ComedyAs told from the Bloomingdale’s pots and pans section.