1. okay then
    Justin Bieber Declares PETA Can ‘Suck It’The group criticized him for spending $35,000 on two exotic kittens.
  2. what?
    Ashton Kutcher Is Now a Foreign-Policy Expert, Says Ashton KutcherAlso, maybe don’t text him to ask about it.
  3. memes
    Sorry to Keke Palmer, Who Now Knows Who Dick Cheney IsAfter she went viral for very charmingly not knowing who the former VP was.
  4. #metoo
    Brad Pitt Talks About Confronting Harvey WeinsteinAfter the disgraced producer allegedly harassed Pitt’s then-girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow.
  5. modern love
    Wait, So … Are Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Still Dating?After months of ambiguous breakup rumors, we yearn for the truth.
  6. genesis 1:1
    Join Me on a Journey Through Liv Tyler’s Chaotic House TourA glimpse at the Manhattan brownstone from whence we all came, and the attic where we will all inevitably end up.
  7. #metoo
    Dylan Farrow Responds to Scarlett Johansson’s Defense of Woody Allen“Scarlett has a long way to go in understanding the issue she claims to champion.”
  8. teeth! teeth! teeth!
    Dakota Johnson Would Like Some Privacy to Mourn Her Tooth GapRIP.
  9. summer lovin
    Jennifer Lawrence Reaches Major Relationship MilestoneTalking about your signifiant other on a podcast.
  10. celebrity
    Justin Bieber Challenged Tom Cruise To A Fight?Connor McGregor also joined in, for some reason.
  11. nice things
    Let Mick Jagger’s Dancing Soothe Your Troubled SoulA brief reprieve from your week.
  12. crime
    Amber Heard Says She Feared Johnny Depp Might Kill HerHeard has detailed more allegations of abuse in a court filing.
  13. ads
    What the Hell Is Happening in This Tom Hiddleston Vitamin Commercial?In which he makes you breakfast before ghosting you for several weeks.
  14. abuse
    Rosie O’Donnell Says She Was Sexually Abused by Her Father“It started very young.”
  15. the first family
    Ivanka Trump Reminds Everyone She and Karlie Kloss Are Sisters-in-Law“Karlie, it’s happening!”
  16. mwah
    Confirmed: Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson Are Dating“So far so wonderful, he’s a wonderful human being.”
  17. celebrity engagements
    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Got Engaged With a Giant Flower RingLegolas proposed on Valentine’s Day.
  18. rich people
    Why Is Jeff Bezos Avoiding Gwyneth Paltrow?Amazon vs. Goop.
  19. sexual assault
    Oh Good, Here’s Casey Affleck Talking About #MeToo AgainHe says he’s learned to “listen.”
  20. the political corner
    Trump Ran for President Because of Gwen Stefani Jealousy, Michael Moore SaysA surprisingly convincing theory.
  21. backlash
    Insatiable Creator Says Backlash to Her Show Borders on Censorship“I think we’re in a real danger of censorship if we decide that we all have to tell stories in a certain way so that everybody else feels safe.”
  22. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Are Engaged After 2 Months of DatingAnother speedy celebrity betrothal.
  23. sexual misconduct
    Guy Pearce Says Kevin Spacey Was a ‘Handsy Guy’ on SetThe two co-starred in 1997’s L.A. Confidential.
  24. the legend himself
    Don’t Ask John Legend About Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s MealsOr else he’ll drop some F bombs.
  25. dating
    Can You Guess the Name of Jennifer Lawrence’s New Boyfriend?According to “Page Six,” she’s dating an art gallerist.
  26. Catfish’s Nev Schulman Being Investigated for Sexual MisconductMTV has temporarily suspended the production of Catfish while it looks into claims against the show’s host.
  27. 420
    Oprah Smokes Pot! (According to Gayle)Nice.
  28. movies
    Roman Polanski’s Thoughts on #MeToo Are Just As Bad As You’d ImagineHe called it “collective hysteria.”
  29. friendships?
    Donald Trump Reportedly Wants to Have Kanye West Over for DinnerAs friends do.
  30. Khloé Kardashian Had Her Baby!According to the Kardashian experts at TMZ.
  31. friendship
    Amy Schumer Had Some Harsh Words for Jennifer Lawrence After Her BreakupThat’s one interesting condolence note.
  32. Jennifer Lawrence on Harvey Weinstein: This Is What Predators DoWeinstein’s lawyers tried to cite Lawrence and Meryl Streep as examples of women who still support him. It did not go over well.
  33. the harvey weinstein case
    Oprah: Reese Witherspoon Struggled With PTSD After Weinstein Story“I remember Reese saying, ‘Oh god, this is just so upsetting.”
  34. crime?
    This Is the Craziest Story About a Bachelor Contestant EverUntil this week, Bekah M. was listed as a missing person.
  35. sexual misconduct
    Garrison Keillor Says Sexual-Harassment Accuser ‘Enjoyed the Flirtation’“If I am guilty of harassment, then every employee who stole a pencil is guilty of embezzlement.”
  36. larry nassar
    Most Powerful Testimony From USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar HearingAly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, and others speak out about the former USA Gymnastics doctor who has been accused of abusing over 130 women.
  37. music videos
    Justin Timberlake Would Like You to Know He’s a Generous LoverThe “Supplies” video seems to be about having woke sex during the apocalypse.
  38. time's up
    Time’s Up Leaders Tell Oprah Why They Spoke Up Against Sexual Harassment“Women who are workers in this country have nothing to gain in certain instances by coming forward. But we want to help.”
  39. the gender pay gap
    Mark Wahlberg Donating His $1.5 Million Reshoot Money to Time’s UpAnd in Michelle Williams’s name.
  40. the industry
    Ashley Judd Thinks James Franco’s Response to Misconduct Claims Was ‘Terrific’“I think that what James said is terrific.”
  41. new year's eve
    Will Mariah Carey Redeem Herself on New Year’s Eve?She is “determined to show the world she’s up to the task.”
  42. sexual harassment
    Dustin Hoffman Accusers Thank John Oliver for Confrontation“The fact that you asked them all is what matters most.”
  43. controversies
    Judd Apatow Comes to Lena Dunham’s DefenseHe says Dunham is “the greatest person” he’s ever met.
  44. roll clip!
    Nobody Was More Excited to See Meghan Markle Than This British Reporter“Megs! Megs! MEGS!”
  45. apologies
    Geraldo Rivera Apologizes for Allegedly Groping Bette Midler“She has a right to speak out & demand an apology from me.”
  46. great news
    Jenny Slate Is Writing a Book of Feminist FablesOne of the stories is about “a globe of fruit plucked from its branch.”
  47. lawsuits
    Cardi B Is Reportedly Being Sued by the Man on Her Album CoverHe allegedly didn’t know his image would be used in such a sexual way.
  48. harvey weinstein
    Hillary Clinton Says She Will Donate Harvey Weinstein’s Political ContributionsThe disgraced producer is a major Democratic donor.
  49. splitsville
    Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Announces She Is Leaving HimDesigner Georgina Chapman told People: “My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions.”
  50. music
    How Beyoncé’s Lemonade Vinyl Ended Up Containing Canadian Punk TracksThere was a slight mix-up at the factory.
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