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  1. quarantine diary
    Darren Criss Is Learning Japanese and Playing With LEGOs in QuarantineHe was supposed to be doing David Mamet’s American Buffalo on Broadway. Here’s how he’s keeping himself occupied instead.
  2. vulture recommends
    What to Stream While Broadway Is Shut DownSuggested substitutes for the shows you’re missing while theaters are dark.
  3. coronavirus
    Email Coroniquette: What ‘I Hope You’re Doing Well’ Really MeansNow please answer my email.
  4. extremely online
    Turn Off Your Damn Screen Time ReportConsider it technological self-care.
  5. coronavirus
    Zoom Etiquette From Emily Post’s Very Chill Great-Great-GranddaughterYour pets are fine. So are your kids. We’re working through a pandemic after all.
  6. gay rights!
    Let Portrait of a Lady on Fire Be Your Social Distancing GuideU-Haul lesbians, this is our moment.
  7. virtual set visit
    Bon Appétit’s Test Kitchen Is Home Cooking TooEven the coronavirus can’t stop the internet’s favorite cooking shows.
  8. coronavirus
    I Can’t Wait to Bully My Friends With Instagram’s New Group Video Chat FeatureA new feature in the age of the coronavirus.
  9. coronavirus
    The Best Moments From the One-Night-Only Return of The Rosie O’Donnell ShowA dead heat between Patti LuPone’s basement and Adrienne Warren’s bathtub.
  10. honey you mean hunkcules
    The Hercules Musical Is Coming to Some Stage, Somewhere, SomedayComposer and songwriter Alan Menken told Rosie O’Donnell during a livestream fundraiser.
  11. extremely online
    Influencer Sorry About That Racist Coronavirus TikTokMaybe it’s not corona time.
  12. netflix and no chill
    Want To Watch Netflix With Your Socially Distanced Friends? Here’s How.An extremely short guide.
  13. coronavirus
    Monday-Night Telekaraoke With 10 Internet Strangers (and the Occasional Dog)Singing on Zoom, in my room.
  14. coronavirus
    Riverdance Shuffles Into New York City to Empty SeatsBroadway might be shutting down, but Radio City Music Hall is still kicking for two more shows.
  15. coronavirus
    Metropolitan Museum of Art to Close Indefinitely Due to CoronavirusTwo museum employees are symptomatic, but no cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed.
  16. spoilers
    The Explosive Dare Me Finale That Almost Wasn’tNovelist turned showrunner Megan Abbott explains the cheerleading thriller’s season-ending twist and the alternate version we didn’t see.
  17. let us discuss
    Let’s Discuss Our Landslide of Emotions Over the Dixie Chicks’ ‘Gaslighter’Fourteen years later, the Chicks still have the right to be mad.
  18. who asked for this
    Twitter Can Have a Little Story As a ‘Fleet’The feature is currently only being tested in Brazil.
  19. my single is dropping
    After a Long Time Gone, Listen to the Dixie Chicks’ New Song ‘Gaslighter’“Gaslighter” is the title track from the band’s first album in 14 years.
  20. children will listen
    I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This But There’s a Sondheim Disco AlbumWest Side Story, but make it groovy.
  21. i love the '80s
    Please Allow The Cast of Sing Street to Satisfy Your Eighties NostalgiaA Vulture exclusive.
  22. easter eggs
    Every Easter Egg in Taylor Swift’s ‘The Man’ Music VideoPrepare to Harriet the Spy the crap out of this thing.
  23. debunked
    No, BTS Army Didn’t Crash TikTok (Yet!)A broken link, not fans, kept people from hearing the group’s newest single.
  24. and pink and orange and blue!
    For One Night Only: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Scream ThroatWhen a show stars not one, but two former Elphabas you know you’re in for something special … and loud.
  25. rip to a real one
    HQ Trivia Goes to App HeavenThe company will part ways with its remaining 25 employees.
  26. broadway
    Broadway’s West Side Story Stands Behind Star Accused of Sexual MisconductTens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling for Amar Ramasar’s removal.
  27. oscars 2020
    Did Idina Menzel in Fact Hit That High Note?Let’s listen to her “Into the Unknown” Oscars performance.
  28. oscars 2020
    When Are the Women in Little Women Little?: A Guide for Academy VotersIn case you still need to fill in your Oscar ballot and Greta Gerwig’s innovative timeline confused you.
  29. pen click sound
    Taylor Swift Writes Her Name on Blank Space, Inks Songwriting DealThis deal is specifically for Swift’s songwriting, which is separate from her recording contract.
  30. books
    What’s Going on With My Dark Vanessa and Excavation?The controversy involves a 2014 memoir and a forthcoming novel that both tell the story of a teacher engaging in a sexual relationship with a teen.
  31. my angel flung out of space
    The Carol Sequel Looks GreatHarold, they’re lesbians.
  32. glaring omissions
    Here’s What You Won’t See in Taylor Swift’s Miss AmericanaThe new documentary gives a great glimpse into how Swift writes songs but avoids talking about some of her more dramatic life moments.
  33. miss americana
    We Must Protect Andrea Swift at All CostsTaylor Swift’s mom is the low-key star of Miss Americana.
  34. miss americana
    Taylor Swift, Please Release an Acoustic “ME!”Her Netflix documentary reveals how Lover’s lead single could’ve sounded if they left it alone.
  35. miss americana
    Here’s the Exact Moment Taylor Swift Decided to Get PoliticalA tearful fight with her dad.
  36. miss americana
    All the Mysterious Forms Joe Alwyn Takes in Taylor Swift’s DocumentaryA severed hand. A shadow. Hmmmm.
  37. backstories
    How The Goop Lab Filmed a Woman’s Real, Live OrgasmWith an all-female crew, a 90-year-old sex educator, and a little bit of tequila.
  38. ouroboros
    Mean Girls the Movie the Musical to Become Mean Girls the Movie MusicalOctober 3 is actually Groundhog Day, apparently.
  39. we stan an option up
    Girl Belting As High As She Can on Twitter Is a Talented Person, Grant Her Grace“We all lost our minds a little.”
  40. this is not a cheerocracy
    Follow the Stars of Netflix’s Cheer on Instagram, You Know You Want ToJust what you need in your life: more Navarro cheer content.
  41. this is not a cheerocracy
    Bless Her Heart, Lexi From Cheer Is Back at Navarro Y’allThe platinum cheerleader with unmatched tumbling skills was booted from the cheer team at the end of the 2019 season.
  42. coming attractions
    32 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2020The return of Elena Ferrante and a Me Too narrative unlike any you’ve read before.
  43. books
    Unpacking the Racist Drama Roiling the World of Romance WritersIn August, Courtney Milan called a white writer’s book a “racist mess.” Four months later all hell broke loose.
  44. youtube
    Tana Mongeau’s Emotional Jake Paul Tell-All Video Is One Red Flag After Another“Jake could fucking kill my whole family, I will always love him.”
  45. what were the 2010s?
    Reliving the Best Awards-Show Moments of the DecadeSpike Lee! Neil Patrick Harris! Pink! That time Jennifer Lawrence tripped!
  46. what were the 2010s?
    Who’s Still Mad at Each Other? 10 Feuds From the 2010sYes, the Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan beef was this decade.
  47. 25 days of cats
    We’ve Been Thinking a Lot About the Size of the Cats in CatsCats are smaller than a wine bottle and a bowler hat. Cats are also the size of a metal trash can. Cats are breaking our brains.
  48. 25 days of cats
    Make the Cats Kiss, You CowardsOut of an extensive list of perverse elements, the cat nuzzling in Cats is perhaps the most disturbing.
  49. 25 days of cats
    A Very Unofficial Drinking Game to Play While Watching CatsSome specifics because just saying “Drink whenever you see a cat” would kill you.
  50. kids and tv
    How to Keep Your Kids Away from the YouTube Horror ShowIt’s scary out there!
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