1. vulture 10x10
    The Tenth Puzzle20-Across, Three Letters: Violet Beauregarde’s vice.
  2. vulture 10x10
    The Waystar Royco Puzzle7-Across, Three Letters: Wicked character who becomes the Tin Man.
  3. vulture 10x10
    The Childhood Puzzle18-Down, Six Letters: The King of ___ Island (Pete Davidson film).
  4. vulture 10x10
    The Sophomore Puzzle14-Across, Five Letters: ___ guy (unwelcome Twitter dude).
  5. vulture 10x10
    The Direct Action PuzzleSix-Down, Ten Letters: Singer and activist born Eunice Waymon.
  6. vulture 10x10
    The Regal Puzzle20-Down, Five Letters: Deer who was friends with Thumper and Flower.
  7. vulture 10x10
    The Charles III Puzzle19-Across, Four Letters: “You Should Be ___” (Kehlani mixtape).
  8. vulture 10x10
    The Nun Puzzle8-Down, Five Letters: American Idol meanie Cowell.
  9. vulture 10x10
    The Girls-Trip Puzzle18-Across, Six Letters: WandaVision witch played by Kathryn Hahn.
  10. vulture 10x10
    The Marriage Puzzle23-Across, Nine Letters: Movie that panders to the Academy.
  11. vulture 10x10
    The Teen-Idol Puzzle9-Down, Six Letters: “Word” repeated in The Shining.
  12. vulture 10x10
    The Violin Puzzle20-Down, Four Letters: Singing crocodile voiced by Shawn Mendes.
  13. vulture 10x10
    The Hit Man Puzzle4-Down, Three Letters: Swanson with a Pyramid of Greatness.
  14. vulture 10x10
    The Choir Puzzle16-Down, Six Letters: Common purchases from the Acme Corporation.
  15. vulture 10x10
    The Romance Puzzle15-Across, Eight Letters: Coveted date on The Bachelor.
  16. vulture 10x10
    The Road Rage Puzzle21-Across, Three Letters: Copaganda series with four spinoffs.
  17. vulture 10x10
    The Dracula Puzzle11-Down, Four Letters: Psalm and Saint, for Kim Kardashian.
  18. vulture 10x10
    The Wedding Puzzle7-Down, Five Letters: Palindromic Pokémon that resembles a fox.
  19. vulture 10x10
    The Painting Puzzle10-Across, Five Letters: Rapper with her own Popeyes sauce, to fans.
  20. vulture 10x10
    The Raid Puzzle22-Down, Four Letters: Amy, Jo, and Meg’s sister, in Little Women.
  21. vulture 10x10
    The Vodka Sauce Puzzle5-Down, Eight Letters: Hashtag on an undoctored photo.
  22. vulture 10x10
    The D&D Puzzle17-Down, Five Letters: Deck with “The Moon” and “The Sun” cards.
  23. vulture 10x10
    The Basketball Puzzle28-Across, Five Letters: The Legend of Zelda currency.
  24. vulture 10x10
    The Coming of Age Puzzle23-Across, Ten Letters: Shape of an iconic Jeff Koons sculpture.
  25. vulture 10x10
    The Hitman Puzzle15-Across, Six Letters: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, or Michelangelo.
  26. vulture 10x10
    The Rap Princess Puzzle15-Down, Four Letters: Cats actor who played Macavity.
  27. vulture 10x10
    The Superhero Puzzle17-Down, Four Letters: Saxophone-playing Simpson.
  28. vulture 10x10
    The AI Puzzle22-Down, Four Letters: Dark-side users of the Force in Star Wars.
  29. vulture 10x10
    The Runway Puzzle24-Across, Ten Letters: Song that opens with “She’s a very kinky girl”
  30. vulture 10x10
    The BAFTA Puzzle4-Down, Four Letters: Shrek, for one.
  31. vulture 10x10
    The Rumors Puzzle10-Down, Four Letters: Exam on which Elle Woods scored a 179.
  32. vulture 10x10
    The Wine Bar Puzzle13-Across, Five Letters: Horror movie starring Sosie Bacon.
  33. vulture 10x10
    The Short King Puzzle17-Down, Three Letters: “Party for One” artist Carly ___ Jepsen.
  34. vulture 10x10
    The Brady Puzzle14-Across, Three Letters: First name of two of the Spice Girls.
  35. vulture 10x10
    The Quantum Puzzle1-Across, Six Letters: Superhero featured in the newest MCU film.
  36. vulture 10x10
    The Chaos Puzzle6-Down, Four Letters: Channing Tatum or Jonah Hill, in 21 Jump Street.
  37. vulture 10x10
    Puzzle for the Girlies9-Down, Four Letters: @champagne___ (Drake’s Instagram handle).
  38. vulture 10x10
    The Big-Game Puzzle4-Down, Seven Letters: Carly Rae Jepsen dance-pop album.
  39. vulture 10x10
    The Horror Puzzle11-Down, Five Letters: Jean Jacket’s hiding place in much of Nope.
  40. vulture 10x10
    The Hansberry Puzzle15-Down, Six Letters: ___ Beach: The Real Orange County.
  41. vulture 10x10
    The YHLQMDLG Puzzle5-Across, Six Letters: 9-Down, Four Letters: Fletcher in Confess, Fletch.
  42. vulture 10x10
    The Scooby Puzzle7-Down, Ten Letters: Batman’s Home
  43. vulture 10x10
    The In-Laws Puzzle4-Down, Five Letters: Movie starring a 13-year-old Kristen Stewart.
  44. vulture 10x10
    The Prince Puzzle12-Across, Four Letters: New Prince Harry memoir
  45. vulture 10x10
    The Gemini Puzzle25-Down, Three Letters: Cate Blanchett film about an imperious conductor.
  46. vulture 10x10
    The Intervention Puzzle1-Down, Three Letters: Cartoon character who asks “What’s the sitch?”
  47. vulture 10x10
    The Zombie Puzzle7-Across, Three Letters: The “A” in “WAP.”
  48. vulture 10x10
    The Plane Puzzle10-Across, Ten Letters: Actor starring alongside Gerard Butler in Plane.
  49. vulture 10x10
    The Happy Hippie Puzzle18-Across, Four Letters: Reese Witherspoon’s journey in Wild.
  50. vulture 10x10
    The Robot Puzzle14-Down, Three Letters: “49 True Facts About Lydia ___.”
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