1. parting is such sweet sorrow
    Au Revoir, SimoneIt’s time for your friendly Vulture co-editor Mark Graham to say adieu (for now).
  2. snl
    Betty White Not On SNL Quite YetLorne Michaels hasn’t caved to the demands of Facebook yet.
  3. beef
    Courtney Love vs. Lily Allen, Round TwoAccording to Love, the British pop star has “a propensity for corpulence.”
  4. going viral
    OK Go Unleashes Another Magical Music VideoVictory for the little guy! (Sort of.)
  5. late shifting
    Jay Leno’s Depressing Return to the Tonight ShowBut hey, Betty White!
  6. ad wizards
    Hyundai’s Ad Campaign Shelved By OscarWhy Hyundai didn’t give the Academy the finger and pull their media buy, we’ll never know.
  7. i love the situation
    Jersey Shore Meets The Hurt LockerAnyone know the difference between an IED and a GED?
  8. overnights
    SNL Recap: Jennifer Lopez Comeback TourShe was better than expected as host, but the less said about her musical performances, the better.
  9. beef
    Lily Allen vs. Courtney Love: It’s On!This one is gonna get interesting.
  10. charity
    Shane MacGowan and Friends Sing for HaitiWe love this wholeheartedly.
  11. life after lost
    Ben and Locke Will Live On (Maybe)Terry O’Quinn is pitching a show that would star the duo as “suburban hit men struggling with family issues.”
  12. trailer mix
    New Nightmare Trailer: Beware of Micronaps!How trendy!
  13. twitter
    Conan O’Brien Joins TwitterJeez, he must be really bored.
  14. babble on
    Babble On: Tiger Woods and Robert Pattinson, Infotained!That’s infotainment, folks!
  15. those who do not learn from history
    Book Publishers Battle Piracy, Defeat RapidshareIn battles like this, only the lawyers win.
  16. dept. of bullshit
    New Lost Promo Only Serves To InfuriateSorry to get all Chandler Bing on you, but c’mon now!
  17. my so-called life
    Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano, 15 Years LaterBut what of Brian Krakow?
  18. i love the situation
    Joy Behar Probes Into the Prophylactic Practices of the Jersey Shore Cast“It’s really hot water. It takes care of business.”
  19. shit just got real
    Rozlyn Papa Epically Burns The Bachelor’s Chris HarrisonOh, SNAP!
  20. beef
    Pickles Prove More Popular Than NickelbackChad Kroeger isn’t going to take this lying down.
  21. decisions decisions decisions
    Mickey Rourke Politely Asks BAFTA Audience, ‘Do You Want This Bareback or With a Raincoat?’What a gentleman!
  22. crusades
    Should Betty White Really Host SNL?Just us?
  23. AMPAS Hopeful That Team Jacob Fans Will Tune Into the Oscar BroadcastLet’s hope he uses the occasion to draw awareness to Restless Leg Syndrome.
  24. beef
    LMFAO vs. Mitt RomneyYour move, Das Racist!
  25. trailer mix
    New Wall Street 2 Trailer: More Motorcycles!Watch out for that log in the middle of the road, Shia!
  26. jurisprudence
    Bruce Springsteen Fans Topple The FTCVictory!
  27. you betcha
    Tina Fey Returning To Host ‘SNL’Sarah Palin will no doubt be thrilled.
  28. crusades
    Betty White’s Popularity Continues To SoarNearly 400,000 people have signed a petition on Facebook to have her host ‘SNL.’
  29. keep pulling the sweater
    Derek Zoolander Probably No Fan of New Oscar Set“It needs to be at least three times bigger!”
  30. reboots
    ‘We Are The World’ Debuts At #2The song has been legally downloaded over 267,000 times since its release on Friday night.
  31. jurisprudence
    Charlie Sheen’s Court Case Is Trouble For CBSThe horror, the horror!
  32. things you may not have realized
    Surprise! Bradley Cooper’s Gay in Valentine’s DayRather, he’s only got eyes for McSteamy!
  33. flukes
    38 Million Tune Into Undercover BossOver 38 million people forgot to change the channel after the game ended last night.
  34. brachydactylys
    Megan Fox’s Thumb DoubleControversy!
  35. chatty cathys
    Michael Cera Is Down With ChatRoulette, TooSomeone over at ONTD spied him on the service over the weekend.
  36. i love the situation
    MTV Fears Overexposure Of Jersey Shore CastThe producers don’t want them doing too many personal appearances.
  37. twittertracker
    Kevin Smith Responds!Apparently, Smith doesn’t like his name included in TV ads.
  38. reboots
    Our Worst Fears Are Realized: New ‘We Are the World’ Features a Rap Verse“It was you know uplifting lyrics. It wasn’t nothing corny.”
  39. ozay
    The Sarah Silverman Show Returns, Now With More Stealth Advertorial!If this is what it takes to save the show, we’re all for it.
  40. ad wizards
    Is Warner Bros. Hiding Kevin Smith in Cop Out ads?Could his name be, in the words of the immortal Norm MacDonald, “box-office poison”?
  41. lost
    Nussbaum On Lost: Was It A Wild Goose Chase?“What was this wild goose that I had been chasing so loyally for five seasons?”
  42. babble on
    Watch: Celebrity Infotainment LowlightsPull up a chair, why don’t ya?
  43. don’t mess with the zohan
    Bachelor Producers Fight Leaks Every Way PossibleBlogging just got WAY more hard-core.
  44. gross-outs
    The Jay Leno Show Turns Into Fear FactorIt still baffles us that actors actually agree to appear on this show.
  45. backlash
    Record Label Chief Addresses Taylor Swift Backlash“It’s not about that technically perfect performance.”
  46. buy low sell high
    Full House House For SaleIt can be yours for the low, low price of $4.1 million!
  47. blue things
    Avatar Passes Titanic at Domestic B.O.It officially passed ‘Titanic’ to become the highest-grossing picture in the history of the United States.
  48. quote machine
    Nothing Funny About Vince Vaughn’s Singing CareerPlus: What does Ellen really think of Simon?
  49. homages
    Vince Vaughn does Aykroyd in New “We Are the World”Kudos are due to the always charismatic Vaughn.
  50. aaron burr
    Frogurt Lives!Yo, Damon and Carlton, you crazy for this one!
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