1. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dustin Diamond…but Were Afraid to […]Having guaranteed Dustin Diamond and his management that I would remain “tasteful” in the publication of this interview, I’ll spare you the […]
  2. Talking to Bill Plympton About Indie Animation, ‘Adventures in […]Bill Plympton feels insulted. This despite the fact that the reigning guru of indie animation is celebrating the release of the feature-length […]
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  5. Keeping Score with Nick Arcade“The principle is: Do not fear the small number of people. Better three people fully linked together, than more but always disagreeing with […]
  6. Getting Out of ControlOut of Control is probably one of the more obscure programs from Nick’s golden era, even though it enjoys the honor of having been the first […]
  7. We Double Dare YouAnd then there’s Double Dare. It was the show that helped usher Nickelodeon into a newly established administration with Gerry Laybourne […]
  8. 13 Things About Are You Afraid of the Dark?Your younger brothers and sisters (ah, hell, let’s be honest: Your kids) may know DJ MacHale as the author of the wildly successful YA novel […]
  9. So You Think You Can’t Do That on Television?“As we grow more literate, it seems we mature more in our collecting, passing from the kid stuff of stamps and bubblegum cards and butterflies […]
  10. A Manic Remembrance of The Ren & Stimpy ShowToday was certainly peculiar. We all have weird, wacky lives these days. But, this morning I was talking to the set designer of Double Dare […]
  11. Graduating from Welcome Freshmen and the Business of Making TV for Kids“The business of America is business.” – Calvin Coolidge (misquoted) People who espouse the cloying concept of l’art pour l’art tend to […]
  12. Mark Mothersbaugh on RugratsI’m not going to lie. Rugrats is one of the “golden age” Nickelodeon shows that I was never really that into. Sure, I would watch episode after […]
  13. Inside Clarissa Explains It All with Creator Mitchell Kriegman“Take your pleasures seriously.” — Charles Eames Before grabbing my crème brûlée latte at the café round the corner in preparation for […]
  14. The Adventures of The Adventures of Pete & Pete“Teen-agers, bohos, camp culturati, photographers – they have won by default, because, after all, they do create styles.” — Tom […]
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  16. You Don’t Know DougRemember when life was easy? When our most pressing challenge was making sure to get our homework done in time to catch the latest episode of […]