1. leveling up
    Trace Lysette Wishes She Had Something More Hopeful to SayThe actress has spent years hoping to land (or just audition for) roles like the one she has in Monica. But it’s been a struggle.
  2. role call
    Kathleen Turner Answers Every Question We Have About Serial MomOn defying her agents, hitting Patty Hearst with a pay phone, hating Barry Manilow, and watching Shirley MacLaine eat a staggering number of crabs.
  3. sxsw 2023
    15 Movies We Loved at SXSWThese are the ones you’ll want to see later this year.
  4. sxsw 2023
    SXSW Doubles Down on Rachel Sennott With I Used to Be Funny and BottomsSennott’s bawdy, chill-girl persona and Kate Berlant–like physicality are a perfect match for the unpretentiousness of SXSW.
  5. sxsw 2023
    Problemista Is So Very Julio TorresThe ex-SNL writer’s directorial debut is the latest A24 crowd-pleaser to light up SXSW.
  6. sxsw 2023
    National Anthem, the Queer Rodeo Drama Making SXSW SwoonOne of the loveliest titles this year’s SXSW lineup has to offer, it’s a Lana Del Rey song in movie form.
  7. sxsw 2023
    Jake Johnson Turned an Existential Crisis Into His Directorial DebutInside the former New Girl star’s wild SXSW comedy about a deadly dark-web game.
  8. sxsw 2023
    Lukas Gage and Zachary Quinto Made a Riotous Gay Comedy About a Dead BodyLukas Gage promises “the world is going to be so shook” when it sees Zachary Quinto in Down Low.
  9. pretty statues
    Cheese: An Annotated History of the Oscar Class PhotoThe group portraits are back this year — and one nominee is noticeably absent.
  10. role call
    Debbie Harry Answers Every Question We Have About VideodromeThe Blondie legend on the “sticky” consequences of dyeing her hair, how James Woods annoyed David Cronenberg, and her work on Tron — whatever that is.
  11. awards season
    Joyce Carol Oates Sure Tweets About The Fabelmans a LotFor reasons surely unrelated to awards season, the Blonde author has become Twitter’s staunchest critic of Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated movie.
  12. role call
    Billy Zane Answers Every Question We Have About TitanicThe ever-quotable Cal Hockley on flipping that table in front of Kate Winslet, the props he took from set, and inspiring so much hatred.
  13. strange trip
    25 Years Later, No One Knows Who Spiked the Titanic ChowderRevisiting the great PCP mystery of 1996 with one of James Cameron’s former crew members.
  14. role call
    Frances Fisher Answers Every Question We Have About TitanicOn the perils of corsets, the doily she borrowed from Prince Charles, and how one really can have too much caviar.
  15. ‘a damn good story’
    Inside Avatar’s Losing Battle to Beat The Hurt Locker for Best PictureThe 2010 Oscars pitted two famous exes against each other in a race studio sources remember as a David-versus-Goliath battle.
  16. vulture lists
    35 Musicians Confess Their Favorite Christmas SongsAnnie Lennox loves the Pogues. Santigold loves Otis Redding. Kacey Musgraves loves Kacey Musgraves.
  17. role call
    Sandra Bernhard Answers Every Question We Have About The King of ComedyOn beating out Meryl Streep for her part, improvising a kidnapping scene, and why Jerry Lewis wrote her an apology letter.
  18. 100 days of avatar
    The Unprecedented Marketing Gambit That Set Up Avatar’s SuccessRemember when thousands of us lined up to watch 16 never-before-seen minutes of Avatar at Imax?
  19. role call
    Isabella Rossellini Answers Every Question We Have About Death Becomes HerOn using a body double, her critique of Madonna’s Sex book, and why she’s glad she missed out on a role in a certain “exploitative” film.
  20. 100 days of avatar
    The Surprising Way Madonna Influenced AvatarTurns out James Cameron’s lucrative blue world got some indirect help from the singer of “True Blue.”
  21. chat room
    Naomi Watts Wasn’t Sure Whether She Should Do Yet Another Horror Remake“While I end up in multiple horror films, I’m not an obsessive fan,” says the Goodnight Mommy star.
  22. a whole lotta woman
    ‘She Wanted to Be Fantastic’An oral history of Beyoncé in Austin Powers: Goldmember, a goofy anomaly in a now-rarefied pop career.
  23. woman inherits the earth
    Every Laura Dern Role, RankedOften volatile and warped onscreen, immensely likable off-screen.
  24. role call
    Kathy Najimy Answers Every Question We Have About Sister ActOn how Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart inspired the character’s relentless pep and sneaking backstage in a bunny costume to meet Bette Midler.
  25. q&a
    With Cow, Andrea Arnold Wanted to Show ‘the Aliveness of a Nonhuman Animal’The director on calling an ambulance during a Cow screening, what she learned from Big Little Lies, and that photo of David Lynch next to a cow.
  26. role call
    Wayne Knight Answers Every Question We Have About Basic Instinct“I feel like this film couldn’t be made today because the voice against it would be too strong and too listened-to.”
  27. chat room
    Like Abbott Elementary’s Melissa, Lisa Ann Walter Has a Guy for EverythingThe sitcom vet talks through her career turns, slogging through the sexist comedy world, and the joys of being The Parent Trap’s Chessy.
  28. surrender dorothy!
    Griffin Dunne Answers Every Question We Have About After HoursIt started with Martin Scorsese demanding he abstain from sex during the shoot and almost ended with Paul stuck in that sculpture.
  29. role call
    Laura Dern Answers Every Question We Have About Citizen RuthOn Alexander Payne’s “equal-opportunity offender” abortion comedy, Miramax’s efforts to “kill” support for it, and its continued relevance.
  30. rankings
    Every Kirsten Dunst Role, RankedNo one does it like her.
  31. in memoriam
    The Subtle, Sleazy Brilliance of Dean Stockwell in Married to the MobThe late Dean Stockwell, who passed away on Sunday at 85, turned in a comic performance for the ages in the underappreciated Jonathan Demme comedy.
  32. chat room
    Pablo Larraín Isn’t Trying to Reinvent the Biopic With SpencerThe filmmaker behind Jackie and the trippy dance movie Ema says he couldn’t care less about helping audiences “understand” a character.
  33. fact vs fiction
    Is Sally Hawkins’s Spencer Character Based on a Real Person?We called up the movie’s screenwriter, who spoke to real-life Sandringham personnel about their intimate Diana memories, to confirm.
  34. chat room
    The Story Behind Stephen McKinley Henderson’s Dune ParasolThe character actor on the “magic” of making Dune, calling up Greta Gerwig from the set, and how he found his shade in the sun.
  35. the vampire chronicles
    An Oral History of Queen of the DamnedHow an Anne Rice novel became a Hollywood saga involving Aaliyah and the guy from Korn.
  36. chat room
    What Judy Greer Thinks of That Halloween Kills EndingJudy Greer on her big moment in the Halloween Kills finale, the curse of the Christmas sweater, and having lunch with Kyle Richards.
  37. flops
    The Never-ending Story of Glitter, 20 Years OnHow 9/11, MTV, and Y2K-era celebrity culture continue to complicate one of Hollywood’s most notorious flops.
  38. role call
    Rosie O’Donnell Answers Every Question We Have About Sleepless in SeattleOn forgetting her lines in front of Nora Ephron, attending the premiere with Madonna, and embracing the “funny friend” role.
  39. this is no dream!
    Why Today’s Horror Filmmakers Can’t Escape Rosemary’s BabyHulu’s False Positive, starring Ilana Glazer, joins a long list of recent movies that have evoked Roman Polanski’s classic.
  40. oral histories
    The Oral History of Madonna’s Truth or DareMadonna’s seminal 1991 documentary had few precedents. That’s why it can’t be replicated today.
  41. role call
    Marcia Gay Harden Answers Every Question We Have About Her Pollock Oscars WinWithout a SAG or Golden Globe nomination, the actor’s win was a long shot. Twenty years later, she reminisces with Vulture about the night.