1. catfish
    Will a Lawsuit Prove That Catfish Was Staged?Maybe!
  2. bob dylan
    Should Bob Dylan Retire?Of course not!
  3. m.i.a.
    M.I.A. Announces MixtapeM.I.A. has announced that she is set to release ‘Vicky Leekx’ on New Year’s Eve.
  4. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson ReplacedWith a Japanese woman.
  5. hackers
    Hero Hackers Attempt to Liberate Unreleased Music From Justin Timberlake’s Hard DriveTwo young German guys have successfully hacked into the computers of pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Kelly Clarkson.
  6. short people
    Short People: Better Architects?Why are so many major architects either just below average in height like Frank Gehry and Louis Khan, or straight-up tiny like Julia Morgan and Daniel Libeskind?
  7. well excuse me
    Steve Martin Fails to Talk Enough About Steve Martin at 92nd Street Y“As for the Y’s standard of excellence, it can’t be that high because this is the second time I’ve appeared there.”
  8. bioshock
    Clash Members to Executive Produce Movie About the ClashJones and Simonon are in the preproduction stages of a biopic to be penned by playwright Jez Butterworth about the making of ‘London Calling.’
  9. no reserve
    Jack White Slams Whiners on eBay“Seriously stop all of the whining.”
  10. closure
    Broadway’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson to CloseWho knew a glammy musical offering a revisionist take on the seventh presidency would be such a hard sell?
  11. christmas is ruined
    Did Boyz II Men Lip-Synch on TV Last Night?Maybe they’re just really good at throwing their voices?
  12. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson’s Dad Files New Wrongful-Death SuitJoe Jackson has filed a new lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray.
  13. the law
    Vampire Weekend’s Photographer SubpoenaedThe legal problems surrounding the cover of Vampire Weekend’s album ‘Contra’ have taken a strange new turn.
  14. bachelor parties
    Snoop Dogg Wrote a Song for Prince William’s Bachelor Party“‘Wet’ is the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin’.”
  15. cox-ups
    Sony Apologizes to Guy From DeerhunterA happy ending.
  16. comics
    Finally, a Comic Book Starring Maureen DowdBenjamin Marra has reimagined Pulitzer Prize–winning New York ‘Times’ columnist Maureen Dowd as an ass-kicking action hero.
  17. kudos
    Winter’s Bone Wins Big at the Gotham AwardsAlso: ‘Waiting for “Superman.”’
  18. reunions
    Deakin Rejoins Animal CollectiveGood call, dude!
  19. hobbits
    Casting Director Fired for Seeking Only White HobbitsNewspaper ads seeking extras with “light skin tones” were placed.
  20. cox-ups
    Sony Shuts Down Deerhunter Guy’s Free Demo Series for No Good ReasonIt’s all fixed now, though.
  21. obits
    Empire Strikes Back Director Irvin Kershner DiesIrvin Kershner is dead at 87.
  22. piracy
    Homeland Security Cracks Down on Torrent SitesThe Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement shut down a number of popular file-sharing sites over the holiday weekend.
  23. ratings
    Beastie Boy Fights for Your Right to See Nazi Movie Without a Parent or GuardianYauch is upset that the MPAA gave ‘A Film Unfinished’ an R rating.
  24. mad men
    Ad Age Still Mad About Last Week’s Mad MenWho knew that advertising journalists were so sensitive?
  25. boats
    Boat to Go Near Pavement ConcertIf you’d like to catch Pavement’s upcoming show at the Williamsburg Waterfront but hate dry land, you’re in luck.
  26. batman
    Kevin Smith Makes Batman Pee His Pants“I had a … bladder spasm.”
  27. jimmy fallon
    Jimmy Fallon Accused of Sexual Discrimination by a DudeA former stage manager says he was demoted and eventually fired because Fallon “just prefers to take direction from a woman.”
  28. vampires
    Litigious Vampire Weekend Cover Model Says She Never Met the PhotographerThe release submitted to the band has her name spelled two different ways and only offered her one dollar in payment.
  29. miramax
    Miramax Sale Finally DoneSorry, Harvey!
  30. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson’s Doctor Still Available for Check-UpsDr. Conrad Murray, the doctor charged with giving Michael Jackson a lethal dose of Propofol, will not have his medical license suspended in the state of California.
  31. endorsements
    Against Me! Wins World’s Least Coveted Endorsement“Leno Calls Against Me! One Of The Best Punk Bands Ever.”
  32. leak of the week
    Leaked: M.I.A. Brings the NoiseDiplo was right.
  33. impending disasters
    Atlas Shrugged Movie Rushed Into Production With One Tree Hill Guy DirectingGood luck, man!
  34. breaking bad
    Breaking Bad Finale’s Ambiguity Was a Total AccidentSpoilers ahead.
  35. broadway
    Annie’s Return to Broadway Is Only Two Years AwayThe sun will come out sooner, though.
  36. pickup lines
    Starz Brings Torchwood Back From the DeadThe best show about an immortal bisexual investigator of extraterrestrial life on Earth gets a fourth season.
  37. explainer
    Guillermo del Toro Is Too Sad to Explain Why He Left The HobbitHe is really, vaguely bummed.
  38. all things considered
    Is NPR Actually an Indie-Music Tastemaker?Or just an indie-music purveyor?
  39. enthusiasm
    Ken Jeong’s ‘Best WTF Moment’ Actually His Acceptance SpeechHe takes winning a moon man seriously.
  40. reboots
    Voltron Reforms for Kids, Not Adults Pretending to Be ThemIn a nice change of pace.
  41. money
    Kick-Ass Wins After AllStill, it did only make an underwhelming $19.83 million.
  42. aerosmith
    Aerosmith to Begrudgingly TourIt might be a good idea to catch them now before they hate each other again.
  43. beat the record
    Are Indie Shops Flipping Their Record Store Day Exclusives on eBay?The event is supposed to save record stores — perhaps the owners are just trying to save themselves faster with jacked-up prices.
  44. the force
    Star Wars Set Coming Soon on Blu-rayAs long as nerds have money, new versions will keep on coming.
  45. kick-ass
    Kick-Ass Creator Ready to Kick Marvel’s AssMillar says they ripped off his idea for a story.
  46. bad touches
    Visitors Getting Handsy at Abramović RetrospectiveAt least three people have been removed from the gallery for inappropriate touching.
  47. candy-filled warhols
    Candy-Filled Warhol at Brooklyn MuseumYes, you can beat on it for treats.
  48. allergies
    British Whitney Houston Show Disappoints, Despite Low Pollen CountEven though British pollen counts are unusually low for this time of year, the allergy-sufferer gave an earache of a performance.
  49. treme
    Treme Gets a Second Season AlreadyGood news for fans of Steve Zahn’s butt.
  50. spotify
    Spotify Is Ripping Off Songwriters, Claim SongwritersEven though Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” is one of the most popular songs on Spotify, she earned only $167 from the site over five months.
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