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  1. comics
    Is There Commercial Potential in Jack Kirby’s Eighties Characters?No.
  2. obits
    Malcolm McLaren Dead at 64Malcolm McLaren, the former manager of the Sex Pistols, the New York Dolls, and Bow Wow Wow, died this morning at the age of 64.
  3. Suge Knight Sues Kanye West for Club Attack, Lost EarringIf ever there were a way to make getting shot and having your femur shattered suck more, it’s losing your fancy earring on the same night.
  4. ratings
    Dancing Beats IdolFor the first time ever, ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ has eclipsed Fox’s ‘American Idol.’
  5. the phantom menace
    Phantom 2 Delayed’Love Never Dies’ will miss its previously scheduled fall opening on Broadway so Andrew Lloyd Webber can recover from cancer.
  6. late shifting
    Jay Leno the New King of Late NightHe’s beating Letterman again.
  7. treasure this
    The Third National Treasure Movie Is Definitely Not UnderwaterIt won’t be set in Atlantis, but don’t worry, something else ludicrous will be involved.
  8. dfw
    Infinite Jest Possibly Improved by Pop-up Windows’Infinite Jest’ has been released as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with “enriched footnote capability.”
  9. white hot
    Jay Leno Wants Betty White’s Reflected GloryIt’s come to this …
  10. the future
    Marvel Comics Coming to iPadMarvel Comics has announced that it will have an app ready for the iPad’s first week on sale, produced by comiXology.
  11. party hard
    Andrew W.K. a Book Critic NowAndrew W.K. on ‘Wolf Hall’: “PARTY HARD!!!”
  12. ticked-off trannies
    Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives Director Makes AmendsHe’ll remove references in the trailer to victims of real-life anti-transgender hate crimes.
  13. piracy
    Piracy Spy WantedThe London branch of Warner Bros. Entertainment is looking for a student to spy on file-sharers.
  14. leaks
    Clip of LCD Soundsystem’s Michael Musto Diss-Track Leaks“Eat it, Michael Musto.”
  15. kudos
    Shortlist Announced for 1970 Booker PrizeBetter late than never.
  16. akon
    Akon Banned From Sri Lanka for Sexy Dance Near Buddha StatueAkon, how could you?
  17. 3-d
    Thanks, Avatar: 3-D Movies Now More ExpensiveNice work, James Cameron.
  18. trailer mix
    Scott Pilgrim Trailer: Michael Cera Gets GameyThis looks awesome.
  19. green lantern
    Green Lantern Character Loses Weight for MovieMaybe Angela Bassett will wear a fat suit?
  20. s-k
    Sleater-Kinney Members Form Mystery Band, Plot ReunionWhat to listen to for the next five years.
  21. late shifting
    Chevy Chase: Conan Should ‘Go to the Beach’Conan O’Brien is still in talks with Fox for a new late-night show at the network, but according to Chevy Chase, he might as well just enjoy an early retirement.
  22. radio radio Goes Off the Air, AgainOwing to a lack of funding, again.
  23. toot toot
    Popeye to Eat Spinach in Stunning 3-DYou’ll practically be able to smell the spinach fumes.
  24. obits
    Davy Crockett DiesFess Parker, the actor who portrayed American frontiersmen Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, has died at the age of 85.
  25. slackerella
    Who are movies’ female ‘Omega Males"?The guys are all stunted slackers who won’t grow up, but the women just want to be loved.
  26. a little help
    Haiti Fund-Raiser at Carnegie Hall Mainly Benefits Carnegie HallBut hey, think of all the raised consciousness!
  27. late shifting
    Is Late Afternoon the New Cone-Zone?Could Conan O’Brien end up replacing Oprah?
  28. suits
    House of Ideas Sued by Guy Who Came Up With ThemThe estate of Jack Kirby, co-creator of a majority of Marvel Comics’ most famous and lucrative characters, is suing Marvel to terminate copyrights and claim profits.
  29. beef
    Did Gorillaz Rip Off ‘Electric Avenue"?The “Electric Avenue” guy sure thinks so.
  30. free james brown
    Nobody Stole James BrownDespite the insistence of one of James Brown’s daughters, the Godfather of Soul’s body has not gone missing from its mausoleum in Georgia.
  31. avatar
    2-D Avatar DVD Out Next Month, May Include Title Menu’Avatar’ fans hoping for an extras-packed 3-D DVD or Blu-ray will have to be patient.
  32. Love Never Dies, But It Can Be RevisedWhen it hits Broadway this fall, “some changes from the London production [are] likely.”
  33. sales
    Amazon Cancels Accidental Comics SaleAmazon has temporarily removed the “buy” buttons from a huge portion of its comics inventory.
  34. emi
    Pink Floyd Not Making EMI’s Crappy Week Any BetterThe band has successfully sued to stop EMI from selling single-track downloads.
  35. jail
    DMX Gives Arizona Several Good Reasons to Send Him Back to JailWe guess he probably won’t become a pastor after all.
  36. florida
    Florida Considering Tax Credits for ‘Family-Friendly’ MoviesAmong the disqualifying factors for public funds include “nontraditional family values,” which basically translates to “anything involving gay characters.”
  37. marketing
    Good News, Boys: Disney’s Rapunzel Now Less PrincessyIts new title is the less gender-specific ‘Tangled.’
  38. Webber Fans Wonder Whether Phantom of the Opera 2 Is Really the Great Idea It First SeemedSome clever one is calling ‘Love Never Dies’ “Paint Never Dries.”
  39. trailer mix
    Tron Legacy Trailer Could Maybe Use More Daft PunkSeems a bit dour for a movie that will probably be a lot of dumb fun.
  40. refunds
    Refunds for Michael Jackson Concerts in London Lead to Accounting NightmareTicket holders expecting a refund ought to be prepared to wait a long time.
  41. beef
    Jay-Z Shut Down Chris Brown at the BET Awards?Apparently you can thank/blame Jay-Z for all those extra Jamie Foxx performances, too.
  42. comebacks
    Pixies to Do Little Else But Perform Doolittle in EuropeReunited and it feels so good! Again!
  43. comic books
    Michael Jackson Comic Book on the WayLet the merchandising begin!
  44. hacks
    Is Michael Bay Going to Skip Out on Transformers 3?It’s entirely possible!
  45. cameos
    Stan Lee Cameo in Iron Man 2 Revealed!We’re hoping Lee insists on wearing suspenders made of unstable molecules.
  46. sales
    Did Michael Jackson Die to Save the Pop Charts?His ‘Number Ones’ album hit No. 1 in the U.K.
  47. drama central
    Is Washington, D.C., the Hardest Place to Shoot Movies in America?Thanks to overzealous local authorities, the answer is yes.
  48. tweens
    We Keep Getting Older, But Assassins Stay the Same AgeWhat about Red Mist?
  49. right-click
    Prince Debuts Video for Totally Unnecessary Cover SongJoan Jett he ain’t.
  50. dinosaurs
    Depeche Mode Attracts Enormous Crowd at Free Show in L.A.Fortunately, there were no riots this time around.
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