1. celebrity fauna
    A Field Guide to Tracking Bill Murray in the WildBill Murray is everywhere, and you can find him!
  2. books
    The Nine Circles of Dan BrownOn May 14, dark prince of conspiracy-based historical thrillery will release his latest, whose first printing of 4 million copies all but guarantees that it’ll be a giant hit—and that it will create lots of extra work for everybody.
  3. the songs remain the same
    Which Old Songs Have Classic Rockers Pimped Out the Most?An exhaustive study of greatest-hits compilations by the Stones, Billy Joel, and more reveals who resold the same song the most times.
  4. holiday gifts
    Holiday Shopping: T-Shirts for Every Cult TV FanCool, geeky, in-joke T-shirts for Game of Thrones, Community, Breaking Bad and more? It’s a Christmas miracle!
  5. pop quiz
    Take Vulture’s Bond Villain QuizGuess the baddie.
  6. vulture lists
    Twelve Movie Posters in Which Denzel Washington Is Not Effing AroundTwelve films. Two Oscars. One glare.
  7. halloween costumes
    Ten Bizarre Videos of People Dancing in Cartoon-Character CostumesNo more, please.
  8. impressions
    Five Incredible Christopher Walken Impressions on YouTubeNo more cowbell, please.
  9. Twelve Disturbingly Jarring Homemade Muppet CostumesBeware the felt!
  10. comparisons
    What Does Dylan’s Voice Sound Like? Let the Critics Tell YouA “bark!” A “zombie bullfrog holler.”