Meghan O'Keefe

  1. Talking to Molly McNearney, the Co-Head Writer of Jimmy Kimmel LiveOne of the most hot button issues in comedy right now is the lack of women writing for late night. Molly McNearney is the only woman who […]
  2. Talking Shop with Some Female Late Night Writers at the WGA West Diversity […]Last Friday night, the WGA West brought together a bunch of funny ladies for yet another serious discussion on the issue of women in late night […]
  3. Late Show with David Letterman Hires Standup Jena FriedmanStand-up comic Jena Friedman is joining the writing staff of Late Show with David Letterman this week. This is exciting for two reasons. One, […]
  4. No More Chick Flicks, PleaseSay the phrase “chick flicks” and usually everyone around you, male or female, will roll their eyes. The prevailing notion is that “chick […]