1. Reviewing ‘Review’ and Reviewing Reviewing ‘Review’Before we get to my review of Review, a quick review of reviewing Review: Reviewing Review ended up being a lot of typing, and is not nearly as […]
  2. Gay Dude/Straight Lady Friendships Are Back in ‘Difficult People’ (and No […]A few years ago, my best friend, who happens to be a gay man while I am a straight lady, showed me a web video. It was about another gay man […]
  3. ‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’ and Nostalgia NostalgiaThis review, like Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, assumes an intimate knowledge of Wet Hot American Summer: The Movie. My […]
  4. ‘BoJack Horseman,’ ‘Inside Out,’ and the Beauty of Difficult EmotionsAfter watching (and loving) the first season of BoJack Horseman, I had a hard time recommending it to people. “Well, it has burrowed its own […]
  5. ‘Trainwreck’ Is (Sometimes) Great and (Almost) Lives Up to High […]Trainwreck, the first movie written by and starring Amy Schumer, feels almost exactly like hanging out with a trainwreck. A lot of my […]
  6. In Season Five, ‘Key & Peele’ Pumps the BrakesLast season, Key & Peele kicked off Season Four with new, True Detective-inspired credits, and even replaced the first three seasons’ […]
  7. ‘Catastrophe’ Is the RomCom We’ve Been Waiting ForA long weekend is approaching, thanks to July 4th, and my strong recommendation is that you binge watch a show about an American abandoning the […]
  8. ‘Another Period’ Tackles Too Much at OnceAnother Period has a lot going on. Like, so much going on. So many things. Parodying two genres of TV about rich people – the ones on our […]
  9. The Problem with Aziz Ansari Writing a Book About Something He’s Never DoneThere is a long tradition of comedians and sitcom stars writing books about relationships. Paul Reiser’s first book (of three books, Paul […]
  10. It’s Time to Let ‘Community’ GoWriting about Dan Harmon feels kind of pointless, because Dan Harmon has done it. Better, probably, but that’s not the point. Dan Harmon has so […]
  11. ‘Silicon Valley’ is Almost Too Much Like the Real Silicon Valley — AlmostSilicon Valley might be too compelling for its own good. Whenever anyone asks me what I think of Silicon Valley, I tell them I like it but I […]
  12. Grace, Frankie, and the Difference Between Hijinks and JokesGrace and Frankie, created by Marta Kaufman of Friends’ fame and Howard J. Morris, is the Nancy Meyers sitcom of my personal dreams. It has […]
  13. Amy Schumer’s Body, Our SelvesIt would be really hyperbolic to compare Amy Schumer to Jesus, but Amy Schumer is basically exactly like Jesus. Last night, for far from the […]
  14. He’s Not the Last Man on Earth Anymore and the Show Needs to Act Like ItI have watched every episode of The Last Man on Earth, and I could not tell you why Melissa Shart (January Jones) is so, so angry at Phil […]
  15. I Bet I Would Really Like the Second Season of ‘Other Space’Recently I was in a bookstore, where I overheard one employee making fun of another’s embarrassing taste in comedy. “So you have like, a dumb […]
  16. ‘Veep’ Isn’t About the First Female President (Thank God)Imagine an original comedy about The First Woman President. Between media pressure (“Is she powerful enough?”) and network notes (“Is she […]
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    Are You Fluent in Beyoncé? Take Vulture’s Beyoncé SAT ExamCheck your ego at the door.
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    Friends Countdown: A Definitive Ranking of Phoebe’s BoyfriendsFrom Rudd to Rapaport.
  19. The Year in TV ComedyComedy was all over television in 2014 – just rarely on major networks. While the few bets networks made turned out to be bad, channels all […]
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    Jenny Slate on How to Avoid Rom-Com Clichés“It’s always like, is she gonna start her cupcake business?”
  21. The TV Networks’ Comedy Depth ChartsHow committed are your favorite TV networks to making you laugh? While some networks are happy to stick with a tried and true formula, others […]
  22. The Social Media Graveyard of Canceled ComediesDozens and dozens of new shows premiere each new TV season (and mid-season, and off-season) but only a handful live to see season two. These […]
  23. Humor Sickness: What Makes Comedians Tick?Announcing your innermost insecurities and self-aggrandizing fantasies in public would generally be considered a strong indicator of mental […]