1. Open Mic Night in ChicagoThey drifted in from everywhere, each riding their own current through the vast human watershed that funnels yearning and desperation into the […]
  2. The Rope-Throwin’ Political Comedy of Will RogersThere has never been a comedian with as much political influence and esteem as Will Rogers. If Jon Stewart was one of the most popular movie […]
  3. Seba Smith and the Birth of American Political SatireEver since George Washington laughed at himself while attending a farce by the “father” of American theatre William Dunlap, comedians have been […]
  4. Charles Farrar Browne, the Sometimes-Racist Father of Standup ComedyOn September 22, 1862, the men who pulled the levers of war and government assembled at the White House for a Cabinet meeting. The members […]