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    Vincent Cassel on His Abusive Ballet Director in Black Swan: ‘I Really Don’t Think It’s About Getting Laid for Him’“I walk away a lot in this movie. Punch line, and go. Such a diva.”
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    Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis on His New Album, Glee, and Why He Picked That Bananarama Sample“The original remix is the glee club.”
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    Eastbound & Down’s Steve Little Explains the Genesis and IQ of Stevie Janowski“If the actor playing Stevie Janowski was disabled or retarded, would they really let him bang chicks and smoke pot and get in fights with midgets?”
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    Vulture Maps Glee’s McKinley HighSue’s office, the “Single Ladies” football field, and every other ‘Glee’ location in one map.
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    Glee’s Costume Designer Takes Us Through Her Favorite Emma LooksFrom bow shirt to box skirt, they’re all here.
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    Meet the Man Behind the Glee MusicAdam Anders arranges and produces every musical number, week after week.
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    Kevin Kline on The Extra ManThe actor talks about playing a mentor, the difference between “wing man” and “extra man,” and learning an accent from an audiobook.
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    Ice Cube Talks Straight Outta L.A.The rapper turned actor talks about his new documentary, the connection between marketing and hip-hop, and playing pickup with Snoop Dogg.
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    Rick Rubin Remembers Johnny CashRubin on Cash rediscovering his “reason to be” and the cover Bono preferred to “One,” by U2.
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    Tori Amos on How and Why She Made a Christmas Album“Christmas carols are what I related to a lot more than any religious music that the Methodists were pushing.”
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    Gentlemen Broncos’ Halley Feiffer on Who She Likes Better, Bret or JemaineThe Brooklyn-based actress talks about her new movie.
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    ‘The Office’ Star Amy Ryan on Tackling Bears and Romancing Michael ScottRyan spoke with Vulture about rattlesnakes and ‘Office’ hazing rituals.
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    Phish Reunite to Save Guests From Lame Wedding BandThe original lineup played a three-song set at the nuptials of their former road manager over the weekend.