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    Dominic West on His British Journalism Drama The Hour and What He Really Thinks of Rupert Murdoch“If Piers Morgan goes down as well, then my day would be complete.”
  2. the vulture transcript
    The Showrunner Transcript: Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter“Be willing to compromise on your execution but never compromise on your vision. And try not to be a dick in the process.”
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    The Showrunner Transcript: Justified’s Graham Yost on the Full House Writers’ Room and Learning to Collaborate“Listen, if ‘Mythbusters’ is reality TV, I don’t want reality TV to go away.”
  4. the vulture transcript
    The Showrunner Transcript: Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan on Season Four and His Experiences on The X-Files“I was so naive about the business back then that when I’d watch the show and the legend at the beginning said, “Richmond, Virginia” I actually thought they sent a film unit to those places. That’s how stupid I was.”
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    The Chicago Code Creator Shawn Ryan on the Age of the TV Antihero and What Went Wrong With Terriers“Dark antiheroism is not shocking anymore … I think the bar is set a little higher now.”
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    Tommy Lee Jones Tolerates Us for a Talk on HBO’s Sunset Limited, Men in Black 3, and Captain America“This is embarrassing. What I think and feel is irrelevant.”
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    Pablo Schreiber Defends His Character’s Character on Lights Out“I’ve been hearing all this stuff about Johnny being the villain of the piece, but these are tough times.”
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    Men of a Certain Age’s Scott Bakula on Hitting 50 and Having a Name Built for Vampire Puns“I don’t want to talk about it anymore, because then people will want me to do a vampire Quantum Leap movie.”
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    Michael Chiklis on No Ordinary Family and the Possibility of a The Shield Movie“On ‘The Shield,’ I was kicking in doors and jumping on gangbangers … It can really wreak havoc on your lower back.”
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    Olivia Munn on The Daily Show, Her Beef With TechnologyThe actress talks about her rise to fame, BlackBerry versus iPhone, and her difficult childhood.
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    Christopher Meloni and the Oz Cast Stage a Reunion, Hold the Nazi RapeThe former fellow inmates play themselves in ‘Oz’ creator Tom Fontana’s play.
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    Walton Goggins on JustifiedIn his new show, ‘The Shield’ vet plays “the smartest man in the room,” albeit one who’s a neo-Nazi.
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    SNL Alum Cheri Oteri on Her New Online Show, Life CoachThe former ‘SNL’ actress returns to TV with a new sitcom on AMC.
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    We Ask Tate Donovan: Did He Really Die on Damages?“Unfortunately, it’s the real deal. I wish it weren’t true.”