Mina Hochberg

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    The Office’s Jenna Fischer on Her Indie Drama A Little Help, Hiding Her Pregnancy, and Michael Scott’s Replacement“I really wanted Christina Applegate to play the role.”
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    The Office’s Jenna Fischer Confirms That Baby No. 2 Is On the Way for Pam and Jim“Pam will be pregnant when the season starts.”
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    Tired of 3-D? Then Get Ready for 4-D, Complete With Smoke, Smells, and Punches“The cushions have the massage chair motors so it punches you (lightly) in the kidneys or ass when Po would get hit.”
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    Ed Helms Is Surprised People Like the Wire Joke in Cedar RapidsA “stickler for realism,” he didn’t like the meta gag of a ‘Wire’ alum referencing Omar.
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    Kristen Schaal on Her Sex BookThe comedian discusses her crush on Paul Rudd, growing chest hair for her book, and why she was upset by Jezebel.
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    Ron Livingston on Dinner for SchmucksThe actor discusses returning to comedy, working with a vulture, and why he’ll never make torture porn.
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    Bill Murray on Get Low and Doing DishesThe actor talks about ‘Get Low,’ his adventures in dish-washing, and what he tells people who ask him about the ending of ‘Lost in Translation.’
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    Johnny Knoxville on Jackass 3-D And Getting Back to ActingThe actor-producer-stuntman talks about getting back to Hollywood, working behind the camera, and doing stunts in 3-D.
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    The Greatest’s Pierce BrosnanThe actor discusses his numerous recent movies, what it was like to act with waves crashing on him, and his special note from Tennessee Williams.
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    Jon Hamm on Stolen“This huge lie being off the table is a big change in his life.”
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    James McAvoy Will Sneeze You Under the TableThe star of ‘The Last Station’ talks about the amazing nasal skills he learned for his role, and gives updates on ‘Wanted 2’ and his upcoming “cancer comedy” with Seth Rogen.
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    Jemaine Clement on Why Flight of the Conchords Might End, and What Might Be NextIn two words: daddy issues.