Monica Castillo

  1. overnights
    I May Destroy You Recap: Rules of EngagementArabella and Kwame navigate the modern dating scene in a dual story of violated consent.
  2. chat room
    I May Destroy You’s Weruche Opia Became Instant Friends With Michaela Coel“A lot of people would ask how long Michaela and I have known each other, and we only really properly met on the set.”
  3. overnights
    I May Destroy You Recap: The Trip to ItalyWe jump back in time with Arabella and Terry for some sparkling friendship dynamics and another murky situation about consent.
  4. overnights
    I May Destroy You Recap: A Hellish WhodunitAs Arabella pieces together the fragments of the night, she plays a sleuth to solve her own traumatic mystery.
  5. overnights
    I May Destroy You Premiere Recap: Life, InterruptedMichaela Coel’s new series begins by confronting the terror of piecing together the events leading up to a lost night.
  6. close reads
    The Florida I Know and Love Is Finally on TVWhen I watch On Becoming a God in Central Florida and Florida Girls, I’m transported back into my rose-colored memories of the Sunshine State.
  7. oscars 2019
    Every (Pre-Lady Gaga) Oscar-Nominated Acting Performance by a Musician, RankedWhat does it take for a performance by a musician to earn acclaim at the Oscars? We ranked the 25 (pre-Lady Gaga) turns deemed nomination-worthy.