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    Judge Rules Jury Can Hear Bill Cosby Admitting to Giving Women QuaaludesA big win for the prosecution.
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    Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand Took the Stand Again Today“If you still believe this man is innocent, you’re either stupid or evil.”
  3. Philadelphia District Attorney Says Meek Mill’s Conviction Should Be OverturnedHis legal team may now have the opportunity to appeal based on new evidence that a police officer in the case has a history of racial bias and abuse.
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    Meek Mill Won’t Be Released From Prison Next Week, Attorney SaysAccording to Mill’s attorney, there’s “no truth” to rumors that the rap star will be walking out of prison on Monday.
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    Accuser Andrea Constand Takes the Stand in Cosby Retrial for the First TimeWhen Kristen Feden, a prosecutor for the DA’s Office asked, “Ms. Constand, why are you here?” she responded, “For justice.”
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    Janice Dickinson Tells Courtroom She Wants to Punch Bill Cosby in the FaceThe model takes the stand in Bill Cosby’s retrial to say that she, too, was drugged and raped by the comedian.
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    Third Accuser Tells Courtroom Cosby Gave Her QuaaludesJanice Baker-Kinney says she kept silent for 30 years out of shame.
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    Tearful Witness Lashes Out at Bill Cosby in Court: ‘You Remember Me, Don’t You?’Chelan Lasha told the courtroom, “I trusted him.”
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    First Cosby Witness Says She Woke Up to Him Forcing Himself Into Her MouthHeidi Thomas is the first accuser to testify against Cosby in the retrial.
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    Cosby Defense’s Opening Statement Aims to Paint Accuser As Gold Digger“[Constand] attached all of her hopes on Cosby,” Cosby’s lawyer said. “I think you’re in for a surprise when you find out who this person is.”
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    Cosby Retrial Continues With Juror Who Reportedly Said Comedian Was ‘Guilty’“I just think he’s guilty,” Juror 11 reportedly said, “so can we all be done and get out of here.”
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    Topless Protester Arrested at Cosby Retrial Used to Be on The Cosby ShowThe woman arrested during the first day of the Bill Cosby retrial has been identified as Nicolle Rochelle, an actress who appeared on The Cosby Show.
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    Cosby’s Legal Team Will Be Able to Call Witness Who Says His Accuser Is LyingThis is a big win for the defense.
  14. Meet the Women Who Will Testify Against Bill CosbyThey will take the stand beginning next week.
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    Cosby Trial Delayed Again, This Time Over QuaaludesThe judge is not happy with lawyers from either side.
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    Cosby Judge Will Not Step Down Despite Pressure From DefenseThe judge said that suggesting his wife’s work would influence him is “faulty, plain and simple.”
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    Janice Dickinson Will Testify Against Bill CosbyShe’ll be among the five women testifying against him.
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    Cosby Lawyers Call for Judge to Step Down Because His Wife Helps Assault VictimsShe’s a social worker who works with victims of sexual assault.
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    Bill Cosby to Face Five Accusers in CourtThe comedian also loses an appeal against model Janice Dickinson.
  20. Meek Mill Could Be Released From Jail Sooner Than AnticipatedNew details in the case emerged this week.
  21. Bill Cosby Waiting to See If He’ll Have to Face 19 Accusers in CourtThe DA asked that nearly two dozen of the comedian’s alleged sexual-assault victims be allowed to take the stand.
  22. A Cosby Lawyer Quit, Making the Lead-up to Retrial Even StrangerThe attorney’s withdrawal comes just days after the defense tried to have the case dismissed.
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    Bill Cosby Does Surprise Stand-up at Philly ClubHe also sat in to play some jazz drums, as one does while biding time ahead of a sexual assault retrial.
  24. Meek Mill Is Denied Bail, Visited in Jail by Al SharptonThe controversy around the Philadelphia rapper’s case continues.
  25. The Rally for Meek Mill Draws Hundreds of SupportersIn Philadelphia, hundreds of people, including Rick Ross, came out in support of Meek Mill.
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    The Bill Cosby Trial: What Went Wrong?Was the case simply not as strong as the prosecutors hoped?
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    Prosecutors Will Retry Bill Cosby on Sex Charges“Nobody is above the law.”
  28. Bill Cosby Case Ends in MistrialThe jury announced it was hopelessly deadlocked on the felony indecent-sexual-assault counts.
  29. Bill Cosby Jury Deliberations Could Continue Through SaturdayIt might appear that at least one or multiple jurors are having trouble with the legal definition of reasonable doubt.
  30. Bill Cosby’s Defense Butts Heads With Trial Judge, Asking for a Mistrial AgainAt one point, the two men talked over each other.
  31. Deadlocked Cosby Jury Asks About QuaaludesThe comedian has admitted to using the drug during sex with women.
  32. What a Deadlocked Jury Could Mean in the Cosby CaseThe possible scenarios.
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    Bill Cosby Jury Unable to Reach VerdictA motion for a mistrial was denied, and the jury has been ordered to return to deliberations.
  34. Attorney Gloria Allred Will Take On Bill Cosby in California Civil Case“If Mr. Cosby were to be convicted in this case, it would have a bearing on his credibility.”
  35. What Happens If Bill Cosby Is (or Isn’t) ConvictedWhat you need to know.
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    The Cosby Jury Just Asked to Hear Andrea Constand’s Testimony AgainThis is the fourth time the jury has paused deliberations to ask a question about the evidence in the trial.
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    A Jury Expert Explains the Cosby Trial’s Key IssuesMelissa Gomez, a jury expert and author of the book Jury Trials Outside In, gives the lowdown.
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    It’s Now Up to the Jury to Decide Bill Cosby’s FateHe could face up to ten years in prison if convicted.
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    Bill Cosby’s Defense Shocks the Court by Resting Case in Less Than Five MinutesThe jury could begin deliberating as early as this afternoon.
  40. Bill Cosby Feared Being Called a ‘Dirty Old Man’ for Involvement with ConstandBill Cosby and Andrea Constand’s professional relationship came under closer scrutiny in day five of the trial.
  41. Longtime Cosby Accuser Victoria Valentino: Bill Cosby Is a ‘Predator’“I hope he suffers the consequences of his actions, because we certainly have.”
  42. Bombshell Revelations Drop in Bill Cosby’s TrialThis may be the closest we ever get to hearing Bill Cosby’s side of the story.
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    Here’s How Bill Cosby’s Defense Is Attempting to Discredit Andrea ConstandThey’re trying to paint a picture of a woman enamored by Cosby’s celebrity.