1. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can Power of the Dog Break the Netflix Curse?The road to Best Picture runs through Director and Screenplay, and Jane Campion’s Western has a fair shot at picking up both.
  2. sundance 2022
    18 Sundance Movies We Can’t Wait to Watch (from Home)From horror stories to news-breaking documentaries, here’s what’s we’re watching this year.
  3. extremely online
    We Were All Rooting For You, Paul Walter HauserThe acclaimed character actor went full Sirota on Twitter this weekend. Never go full Sirota.
  4. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: How SAG’s Shocking Snubs Shook Up the RaceIt was a good week for House of Gucci and a very bad one for the house of Spencer.
  5. oscars 2022
    Your Guide to the Sad Moms of Oscar SeasonFrom Spencer to The Lost Daughter, this awards season has been an unofficial film festival about mothers in distress.
  6. crime
    The Life and Crimes of Robert Durst: A TimelineThe subject of HBO’s The Jinx died a convicted murderer at 78.
  7. brand twitter
    The Golden Globes Gave Us a Show After AllThe zombie-Globes still managed to maintain an essential Globes-iness: the sense that everything was five seconds from going completely off the rails.
  8. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Could Nicolas Cage Surprise Us in Best Actor?As the Will Smith buzz cools, the ostensible front-runner has taken a back seat in the conversation.
  9. interviews
    Even Kenneth Branagh Doesn’t Quite Know How He Got From Belfast to HereBranagh speaks to Vulture about his early career, bad reviews, and how he lost his Northern Irish accent.
  10. 2022 golden globes
    How to Watch the Golden Globes This YearYou can’t!
  11. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can Spider-Man Swing Into the Awards Race?No Way Home’s superpowered box-office could sway the Academy into a more populist stance.
  12. return of the back
    The Backbreaking In-Joke in Spider Man: No Way HomeA tip of the hat to viewers who remember early-aughts pop-culture gossip.
  13. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: How the Globes and Critics Choice Shaped the ConversationThis week’s set of precursor nominations are hardly definitive, but together they at least give a sense of who’s in the race.
  14. awards season
    Which Golden Globe Nominees Acknowledged Their Existence?We found at least 12 actors willing to publicly thank the scandal-plagued awards body.
  15. chat room
    West Side Story’s Mike Faist Wishes He Got to Sing ‘America’The 29-year-old Broadway veteran speaks about #VanLife, Bruce Davidson photos, and, yes, those John Mulaney comparisons.
  16. golden globes 2022
    Chastened Golden Globes Deliver Shockingly Good Set of NominationsAfter losing their NBC telecast to scandal, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was on their best behavior.
  17. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Is Nicole Kidman the New Best Actress Front-runner?Why Nicole Kidman’s transformative turn as Lucille Ball could earn her trophy No. 2.
  18. here we are marv
    There’s No Better Set Than New York CityAn iconic scene was shot on nearly every corner of the city.
  19. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Spielberg’s West Side Story Is Feeling PrettyThe long-delayed remake of the 1962 Best Picture winner couldn’t have asked for a better first week.
  20. fan theories
    Was This Season of Bake Off an Anti-Brexit Metaphor?The bakers who succeeded all hailed from a different Britain than the Brexit ideal, a multicultural nation of casual assimilation.
  21. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can the Star-Studded Don’t Look Up Make an Impact?Early viewers have come away from Adam McKay’s asteroid comedy convinced the smartypants satirist has done it again.
  22. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Is King Richard an Awards-Season Smash?In Will Smith, the tennis-dad biopic has the Best Actor front-runner. But where else can the film compete?
  23. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Will Gaga and Haim Give Us a Pop-Star Showdown in Best Actress?Gucci Gucci, Ridley Ridley, Lady Lady, Gaga. Twitter critics love this film, but will it win an Oscar?
  24. profile
    Simon Rex Doesn’t Want to Be That Guy AnymoreThe former MTV VJ partied his way through the early aughts, lost his career for a decade, and now, improbably, is being lauded by the Hollywood elite.
  25. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Eternals Is Not the Awards-Friendly Blockbuster That Was PromisedChloé Zhao’s Eternals hits theaters this week as the most tepidly received MCU entry since Thor: The Dark World.
  26. dune you feel like we dune
    We Need to Talk About the Name ‘Duncan Idaho’Duncan Idaho is not a character in Dune. Duncan Idaho is the name of a Chris Pratt character in an action movie that goes straight to Paramount+.
  27. chat room
    Denis Villeneuve Looks Forward to Working With Sandworms Again in the FutureThe Dune auteur on knowing when the film was done, his hopes for the sequel, and whether “Duncan Idaho” is a cool name.
  28. tiff 2021
    Dune, Reviewed by Someone Who Popped an Edible BeforehandSPACESHIP GO WHIRRRR, CANNON GO BOOOOM, ORCHESTRA GO BRRRRAAWWRRRRRR.
  29. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can Dune Spice Up the Awards Race?On paper, Dune is the kind of prestige blockbuster whose Oscar success would please all camps. But will the box-office flow?
  30. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Who’s in Front As the Race Kicks Off?Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast was the belle of Toronto, with King Richard and The Power of the Dog also drawing raves.
  31. chasing ben
    The Twinned Fates of Matt and BenThe yin-yang journey of Hollywood’s two best bros.
  32. oscars 2022
    ’Scuse Me, Sir, Can I Interest You in Some Oscars?What will the 2022 Oscars look like? And, more importantly, will anyone care?
  33. oscars 2022
    This Year’s Best Actress Race Could Spark a Full-On Stan WarThe actresses who have made the strongest early impressions are also the ones with the most extremely invested fan bases.
  34. you gotta listen to this
    Last Night in Soho Is Edgar Wright’s Love Letter to Swinging ’60s SoundsRather than simply trotting out the old hits, Last Night in Soho has fun putting its own spin on period classics.
  35. fellow kids
    How Old Does Ben Platt Look in Dear Evan Hansen?The Broadway adaptation plays like a grown man’s elaborate scheme to distract a bunch of teenagers from the fact that he is twice as old as they are.
  36. renesmee
    The Twilight Baby Walked So the Annette Baby Could FlyThe breakout star of Cannes 2021 is a puppet.
  37. very good q&a
    The Suicide Squad’s David Dastmalchian Has Won the Character-Actor LotteryWith a breakout turn in The Suicide Squad and Dune on the horizon, the 44-year-old actor is finding that the roles are now coming to him.
  38. close reads
    The Enigmatic Ending of The Green Knight, ExplainedIt’s like The Sopranos, but maybe not exactly like The Sopranos.
  39. commercials
    At Last, an Adam Driver You Can Truly RideIn Driver’s new Burberry campaign, horse becomes man, man becomes horse, Oscar-nominated actor becomes centaur.
  40. cannes 2021
    The Best Movies Out of Cannes Are Slow, Introspective, and Utterly BonkersThis year’s French film festival was a polar-bear plunge back into the world of cinema.
  41. cannes 2021
    Which of These Cannes Movies Is the ‘Next Uncut Gems’?A new film-festival tradition: crowning the heir to Howard Ratner.
  42. cannes 2021
    The French Body-Horror Film That Has Cannes in StitchesJulia Ducournau’s Titane kicks off with a woman having sex with her car, and only gets more bonkers from there.
  43. cannes 2021
    There’s Darkness at the Edge of Wes Anderson’s Technicolor French DispatchHollywood’s least-contemporary filmmaker has made a movie all about prison, protests, and police.
  44. cannes 2021
    Hey, Sean Penn Didn’t Get Booed at Cannes This TimeFlag Day’s premiere night went decidedly better than the last time the actor-director was on the Croisette.
  45. cannes 2021
    The Souvenir Part II More Than Justifies Its Own ExistenceJoanna Hogg and Tilda Swinton receive a roar of applause at their sequel film’s Cannes premiere.
  46. cannes 2021
    The Best Sex Scene at Cannes Is in CowI’m talking, of course, about Andrea Arnold’s new documentary about cows.
  47. cannes 2021
    The Hottest Ticket at Cannes Is a Clean Spit SampleNew COVID regulations ensure that — for American attendees of the 2021 Festival de Cannes — the French event has become an odyssey of saliva.
  48. the great british chatting show
    U.S. vs. U.K.? An Anglophile and an America Fanboy DebatePodcast host Roger Bennett has written a new memoir, Reborn in the USA, detailing his youthful fascination with all things American.
  49. cannes 2021
    Against All Odds, Cannes Film Festival Is BackHere are the 12 movies we’re excited to see on the Croisette this year.
  50. oscars
    Damn, the Academy Asked Out Steven Yeun and Robert Pattinson Before You CouldThey’re invited to join the Academy’s class of 2021 alongside Maria Bakalova, Janet Jackson, and 391 more.
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