Nate Jones is a senior writer at Vulture who mostly covers film. He writes the weekly Oscar Futures column, and has ranked Taylor Swift songs and A24 films.

  1. best of the fests
    The 14 Best Movies We Saw at Venice and TIFF This YearFall festival season has brought a bounty of awards contenders, star-making performances, and must-see masterpieces.
  2. tiff 2023
    I Watched Eight New Movies Directed by Actors. Are Any of Them Actually Good?Due to the strikes, the Toronto Film Festival stacked its lineup with actor-directed debuts. I watched (almost) all of them.
  3. tiff 2023
    In Dream Scenario, Nicolas Cage Confronts the MemesAt its best, Cage’s new film works as a parable for acquiescing to other people’s reality — a conceit that gets very specific when it comes to him.
  4. tiff 2023
    How to Make a Movie Based on Extremely Recent HistoryDumb Money hits theaters less than three years after the GameStop short squeeze it dramatizes. Director Craig Gillespie shows us how it was done.
  5. tiff 2023
    Can You Get It Up for Dicks: The Musical?Sure, Venice had Yorgos and Bradley and Sofia, but it didn’t have what is basically The Parent Trap with more gay incest.
  6. tiff 2023
    What’s at TIFF? An A24 Musical, Miyazaki, and the GameStop MovieThis year’s film festival starts with a bang: Hayao Miyazaki’s last film, a “semi-autobiographical fantasy about life, death, and creation.”
  7. docuseries
    The Call Is Coming From Inside the CubicleThe creators of the new HBO docuseries Telemarketers started filming their own office — where they’d later learn they were part of a nationwide grift.
  8. oscar futures
    Oppenheimer Could Dominate the Oscars. Barbie Could Win Best Picture.Oppenheimer is primed to be a major awards contender. But the films that win the top Oscar these days look more like Barbie.
  9. anonymous in hollywood
    How Much We Make in HollywoodAs the strike stretches on, 19 writers, actors, and crew members shared their hopes, fears, frustrations — and salaries.
  10. explainers
    What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Oppenheimer?Even this most rigorous of biopics must at times employ shortcuts and shorthand.
  11. double feature
    The Only Way to Watch Barbie and OppenheimerYou’re wrong. We’re right. Long live Barbenheimer.
  12. rankings
    All 209 Taylor Swift Songs, RankedThere are at least ten stone-cold classics in her discography.
  13. vulture bets
    Which Supporting Characters in Oppenheimer Will Die of Radiation Poisoning?Let’s go down the 70-person cast list one by one until we find the most likely suspects.
  14. speak now (taylor’s version)
    This Taylor Swift Song Is Going to Dominate Weddings for the Rest of Your LifeDo you know just how many people out there are named Emma?
  15. equal opportunity
    What If I Told You J.Law’s Naked Fight Scene Was a Bold Feminist Victory?The No Hard Feelings scene is funny in a way that only male movie stars’ nudity gets to be: goofy, un-self-conscious, and nothing to do with sex.
  16. spoilers
    Dial of Destiny Gives Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt the Perfect Send-offThe new Indiana Jones film elegantly ties up the franchise’s most uncomfortable loose end.
  17. good takes
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Idol-PilledAre you brave enough to embrace the backlash to the backlash?
  18. exclusive
    See the Trailer for Ira Sachs’s Acclaimed Romance PassagesA perfect date-night movie, whether you’re a long-term couple, a new throuple, or something in between.
  19. taxonomies
    Watch Out! It’s a Two-Part Movie.Let’s break down all different ways Hollywood sells you two tickets to one story.
  20. ask an expert
    A Urologist Answers Every Question We Have About Beau Is AfraidWhat would be the medical consequences of not ejaculating for your entire life?
  21. explainers
    Wait, What’s Going On With the Golden Globes?The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is no more. What does that mean for the scandal-plagued award show?
  22. the idol
    Exclusive Excerpts From The Idol’s Vanity Fair ProfileBy Talia Hirsch, one of the great pop-culture writers.
  23. bad blood
    Is Another Taylor Swift Backlash Brewing?If there is, she seems much less pressed about it this time.
  24. thwip!
    Which Animated Voice Cast Had the Most Oscar Nominees?Across the Spider-Verse’s voice cast is noticeably stuffed with past Oscar winners and nominees. How does it stack up against other animated films?
  25. with open eyes
    All the Callbacks in the Succession Series FinaleLawrence Yee of Vaulter returns!
  26. please
    I Am Begging the Fast and Furious Movies to Finally Kill Off Some CharactersThe series now has way too many characters. Some of them should die!
  27. summer preview 2023
    Here Come Fast X, Tom Cruise, and a Summer of Big MoviesBut which will be the biggest? In a post-Maverick glow, anything is possible.
  28. elder millennial bait
    Guardians of the Galaxy Is Millennial Nostalgia NowThe MCU series’ nostalgia beams are no longer locked in on Gen-X viewers. They’ve now found a new target: aging millennials.
  29. vulture food
    How to Prepare and Eat The Little Mermaid CastThese new character posters don’t look good, but with the right recipe, they have the potential to be great.
  30. vulture investigates
    Who Leaked the Big News on Succession?Was it Greg? It was probably Greg.
  31. investigations
    Why Are My Secret Spotify Songs Following Me Around?At bars, with friends, on TV, I kept hearing the same music from my “Discover Weekly” rotation. So I tried to peer inside my bubble IRL.
  32. close looks
    Every Line Michael Jordan Speaks in Air“Hello.”
  33. timelines
    Wait, How Much Time Has Passed on Succession?It’s Logan’s birthday again, but how much older is he?
  34. oscars 2023
    Why Everything Everywhere All at Once Won Best PictureThe A24 film benefited all season long from the sense that it was playing with house money.
  35. oscar futures
    Vulture’s Final 2023 Oscar Predictions in Every CategoryHow many trophies can Everything Everywhere All at Once win?
  36. oscars 2023
    Who Are You Rooting Against at the Oscars This Year?The Whale, Elvis, and To Leslie are case studies in three different ways a film can be an Oscar villain. Will any of them come out on top?
  37. oscar futures
    Can Anyone Predict Who’s Going to Win Best Supporting Actress?Breaking down the contenders in the season’s most unpredictable Oscar race.
  38. oscar futures
    Everything Everywhere All at Once Is the Undeniable Oscars Front-runnerAfter its triple crown of precursor victories, the question is not whether EEAAO will win Best Picture but how many trophies it’ll nab along the way.
  39. for your consideration
    A Timeline of Andrea Riseborough’s Controversial Oscar NominationWithin seven days, Andrea Riseborough’s performance in To Leslie went from obscurity to the toast of Twitter. And all it took was a few famous fans.
  40. pretty statues
    Cheese: An Annotated History of the Oscar Class PhotoThe group portraits are back this year — and one nominee is noticeably absent.
  41. award hoarders
    EGOT Watch: Who Will Be Next to Complete the Awards-Show Grand Slam?All Trent Reznor needs is a Tony.
  42. fancasts
    Dave Bautista Can Play Anything, So What Should He Play Next?How should this extremely intentional actor make use of his newfound clout? We have some suggestions.
  43. encounter
    Myles von Trapp Derbyshire Has a Story to SellThe Sound of Music scion says there will be no singing nuns in Baroness.
  44. january movies
    Which January at the Movies Was the Most January?We examined the 124 films to open wide in January over the past 15 years to find out which year was the most January of them all.
  45. oscars 2023
    The Snubs and Surprises of the 2023 Oscar NominationsThose crazy celebs actually got Andrea Riseborough an Oscar nomination.
  46. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Our Final Predictions for the NomineesAhead of Tuesday’s nominations, enjoy Vulture’s official predictions for the eight biggest Oscar races.
  47. vulture lists
    The 53 Best Movies Under 90 MinutesSometimes you just want a good story, capably told with no time to waste.
  48. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Who Will Be Our Nomination-Morning Surprise?All Quiet on the Western Front and Paul Mescal once seemed like long shots but have proved their strength. Who can follow in their footsteps?
  49. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Who Got a Boost From the Globes and the Guilds?Who’s on top as Oscars voting begins?
  50. golden globes 2023
    Why Hollywood Gave the Golden Globes a Second ChanceWe asked stars on the red carpet about what brought them back to the Beverly Hilton one year after the Globes’ cancellation.
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