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    You Know a Julia Michaels Song When You Hear One — Call It Her Superpower“I’m always trying to push boundaries and see what we can get away with that’s fun and interesting.”
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    Only Lil Nas X Predicted How Much ‘Montero’ Would Outrage the Machine“Nas would always be like, ‘This is going to be a moment. Like you guys literally do not understand.’ And we didn’t.”
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    Can Listening to Music Ever Really Be Sustainable?“I think it may be one small place where we could really fundamentally ask: What do we want to sustain in the first place?”
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    5 Rules of Great Songwriting Collabs, According to Teddy Geiger and Dan Wilson“I don’t want to just make another one of ‘those.’”
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    The Secret to Silk Sonic’s SauceSinger-songwriter Tayla Parx breaks down Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s retro hit “Leave the Door Open.”
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    How AJR’s Broadway-Inspired Banger Took Over the Pop Charts“We absolutely try to write what we think will be a hit.”
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    Nile Rodgers’s Signature Sound Is Taking Over Pop Again — Cory Wong Knows WhyAllow funk musician Cory Wong to take you on a tour through the history of rhythm guitar, as forever innovated by the Chic legend.
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    The Most Striking 2021 Grammy Performances Were Bigger Than the MusicMany of them had something to add to the major stories of the last year: pandemic escapism and racial injustice.
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    Kimbra Reflects on Her and Gotye’s Song That We All Used to Know, 10 Years Later“It’s funny when record label people tell me, ‘I always saw it coming,’ and I’m like, ‘Well damn, you knew more than me ’cause I didn’t.’
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    Kaytranada’s Decade-Long Journey to Best New ArtistThe Canadian producer on his unexpected career, from his mom’s basement to the Grammys.
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    JP Saxe Didn’t Mean for Grammy Hit ‘If the World Was Ending’ to Be So Literal“[Julia Michaels and I] started getting a lot of messages on Twitter accusing us of insider information.”
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    In Adrian Younge’s Ambitious New Project, James Baldwin Meets Marvin Gaye“I wanted to make a What’s Going On, but as if a black scholar hooked up with Marvin Gaye and [it was] produced by David Axelrod.”
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    The Story Behind Bridgerton’s Sexy Classical Pop Covers“It’s not your mother’s Regency television show.”
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    How ‘Blinding Lights’ Used Retro Sounds and Modern Bass to Break RecordsA spirited deconstruction of the Weeknd’s ubiquitous, Super Bowl halftime show-closing hit.
  15. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Hits BroadwayI bought tickets to The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway as soon they went on sale back in May. I knew it was a bit risky, considering the […]